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Friday, August 2, 2019

How To Easily Create Paypal Payment Custom Link

You just recently created a paypal account and you are wondering what your paypal account number Is, well I will show you two ways In which you can receive money with your newly opened paypal account. As a newbie In paypal, some asked for your paypal account number and you are confused, this Is what you must know. You can receive paypal payments In two easy ways.

  1. You can receive payments with your email. The email you used to register for your paypal account Is your paypal account number. It can only be used on one account.
  2. Secondly, you can receive payments with your paypal custom link. Creating a custom paypal payment link Is very easy. My own paypal custom payment link Is You can use both your email and your custom link to receive payments.

Now let me teach you how to create paypal payment custom link In few steps.

Login to generate your paypal payment custom link by using this link. Having loged In, follow this steps.

Easy Way To Create Paypal Payment Custom Link

  1. Paypal will ask you to upload a profile picture. This Is to ensure that you see the person you are sending money to and also make It obvious to people that you have paypal account.
  2. After uploading a unique photo, Go ahead to generate your paypal link. You can use any name you want but make It understandable and easy to remember. After choosing your link, click on Next button to check If the name you have chosen Is available.
  3. .
  4. After confirming your link availability, accept paypal Terms & Conditions Then Click on Create button boom you are done.

Paypal Payment Link Vs Email Address

To be candid, both paypal custom payment link and email address are actually okay by design. It all depends on your choice. Having a custom paypal payment link makes your sender recognize you and It somehow looks professional.

I've seen many cases where people type In your email wrongly or vice vasa. When such error occure, It makes you loose money. When you give people your custom payment link, they do not need to type your email address again. They only need to choose the amount they want to send to you and they complete their payment without stress.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

How To Install Chat Flow Widget On Your Website - Messaging

Bloggers, webmasters and website owners who wish to Increase user experience on their website or blog can Install chat flow widget on their web page.

chat flow widget allows website visitors to Interact with the website owner on messenger, whatsapp, email or through phone calls.

You should Install this widget to Increase your website or blog functionality and user experience.

Installation of chat flow widget Is pretty much simple and fast.

how to Install chat flow widget on your website

  1. Visit this URL That Is the home page for chat flow widget generation.
  2. You will see the messaging apps select your choice. You can only select two(2) chat apps If you are using the free button. To select more than two(2), you would go pro by simply paying $0.99 .Also you can add Image/Icon on your chat flow widget when you go pro.
  3. Customise your chat flow widget by entering an Agent Name. Ageny Name Is a name your visitors would see, Including you. As you can see mine, Its Frank Chuks.
  4. The next step to follow Is to choose your widget color and widget position. If you want chat flow widget to display on the left or right hand side of your webpage, then select Its position.
  5. Input other necessary Information and click the Get Button Code.

Having clicked get button code, chat flow will send you an email on the valid email address you used. The email message would contain the chat flow script code. Copy It.

placing chat flow code on your website

I'll simply use to explain this process.

Login to your account and go to theme, EDIT HTML

Once your theme section opens, place your mouse pointer anywhere In the HTML, On your pc or laptop press (ctrl + f) A search box will appear. Now use the theme search box to search for (/body). Get your chat flow widget script code and Place this code right before the closing tag of your website.

Then save. Boom you have successfully Installed chat flow widget on your website.

Monday, June 3, 2019

How To Enable Dark Mode On Google Chrome For Android And Windows 10

Did you know that you can enable dark mode on Google Chrome? well It's very possible. Google chrome has a dark mode feature, this feature helps to turn off light mode on chrome.

Google chrome's dark mode feature will help from straining your eyes at night. My article will teach you a simple way to enable Google chrome's dark mode on both Andriod and Window 7.

how to enable dark mode on google chrome (mobile)

  1. Open Google chrome on your android device. To know If you can enable dark on google chrome, make sure you have the latest version of chrome Installed on your mobile device.

    Just Incase your chrome's version Is not (74), visit google playstore to download or update.

    Having downloaded the latest version of google chrome, click on the three(3) column dots at the top right hand side. My Image below will explain better.
  2. Now scroll down to settings. Its the second-last option from the list.
  3. Locate Dark Mode option, this Is just before the Advanced label.
  4. From there you can now turn on dark mode feature. Your Google chrome Interface will change automatically.

how to enable dark mode on google chrome on windows 10

  1. Update your google chrome browser If It's not up to date. Dark mode feature Is only available for chrome (74)
  2. Locate setting on your windows. By clicking the start button, you will see the gear Icon.
  3. From here, click on the personalisation option from the system settings
  4. Now select the dark mode option. Chrome will automatically change your browser to dark mode. You can now explore the Internet.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

How To Block Pornography Sites On Google Search Results

Google can search almost any Information all round the world wide web (www). Even when you make a search on something that seems meaningless, a result must surely come up. This results found by google on the web may Include Informations that are not suitable for younger ones (teens) In the household. My article will teach you how to block pornography sites on google search result. Most likely, you do not need any porn blocking application to do this.

If you have been having problem with porn, this article will show you how to permanently block sexually explicit websites on your android smartphone, laptop and desktop.

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how to block pornography sites on google search (mobile)

  1. Open Any Web Browser: Open any web browser you have Installed on your smartphone, desktop or laptop any device you are using will do.
  2. Visit Google: On your Installed web browser, visit google website by using Once the page loads, goto (search settings) just below the search box. This will show you all google's setting.
  3. .
  4. Turn SafeSearch On: Scroll down to where you see SafeSearch, click on it and select Filter Explicit Results. Having selected filter explicit results scroll down and save settings. Booom You are done.
  5. Now go to Google website and search anything that Is pornography related, you will not find any result. Both porn Images and porn Videos will be blocked.

If you have more than one web browser Installed on your device and you want to block pornography , use the same procedure for all of them and you will be successful.

I know a lot of people are struggling to get rid of porn, you can help by sharing this article on social media.

Monday, May 6, 2019

How To Install keywords everywhere chrome extension on yandex browser

Recently I have been getting a lot of messages on facebook. Most of the messages are mostly from newbie bloggers. They tell me to explain a lot of things to them which I can't compose on facebook. Most times I end up saying "search google for better results". In this article you will learn about keyword research, how to use It and most Importantly, you will learn how to Install keywords everywhere chrome extension on your android phone.
Before you can Install keywords everywhere chrome extension on your android device, you should download this application called Yandex Browser from google playstore. Just incase your phone does not support playstore, you can download yandex browser from another source here.
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Having downloaded and Installed yandex browser on your phone, you can now follow the steps below.

This is how to Install keywords everywhere chrome extension

  1. Lauch your newly Installed yandex browser and type this URL
  2. A search box will appear, you only have to type and hit the search button.
  3. A new page comes up then click on (Add To Chrome).
  4. Having clicked on Add To Chrome, wait for It to Install. After The Installation of Add-On, click on (Add To Chrome).
  5. From the next page, you will see get your API Key.
  6. Add your valid email address to get your API key. Then check Inbox or Spam folder you will see It there.
  7. Once your API key Is sent to you, click on the link attachment to access to your API KEY.
  8. Copy your API key.
  9. Having copied your API key, goto yandex browser type anything you want. example, how to make money online and search It via google.
  10. After google open, click on the 3 column dots which you see below the menu of your yandex browser.

  • A list of options will appear In a dropdown menu, click on extention then select keywordseverywhere.
  • From the next page, click on update sattings
  • Now paste the API key of your yandex browser and then click on (Validate).

  • You have successfully Install keywords everywhere chrome extension on your android device.

    How To Get Keywords On Yandex Browser

    Now that you have successfully Installed Keywords everywhere chrome extension on your android device, you can now find relevant keywords for your blog article. With this yandex browser, I was able to rank google second page.
    To get relevant keywords for your blog articles, open your yandex browser and type anything eg cruise tv app with mtn 0.0kb and search via google then click on the 3 column dots below the menu of your yandex browser and select extension. From the the dropdown menu which will show up In the next page, click keywordseverywhere which you Installed earlier then select Analyse Page. Once you analyse the page, you will see all keywords that are related to what you have searched for.

    How Do I Know If A Keyword Is Easy To Rank?

    I look for a keyword that has a low search volume of about 880. Copy and paste It on google to see If many websites have talked about It or not.
    If a keyword Is easy to rank It means that very few or little websites have talked about It, But If It Is difficult to rank, It means many websites have talked about It.
    If I want to write about how to make money online, I will not use that keyword because so many websites have used It. I will have to use online money tips, online wealth tips e.t.c untill I find an easy to rank keywords.


    You should focus on long tail keywords .example keywords everywhere chrome extension. A keyword should Ideally be 1-6 words.
    Use keywords that are frequently searched but not used by many websites.

    Use a keyword that has above 300 searches a month. Avoid keywords that have less than 14 searches a day.

    How to use keywords everywhere chrome extension for your blog articles

    I use keywords In the first and last paragraph of my post . The keyword must be In bold or Italic. cruise tv app with mtn 0.0kb.
    Use keyword In your post description/title.
    Use keywords In 2 or more subheads wrapped with h2 tag.
    I hope you have learnt how to Install keywords everywhere chrome extension on your android device. Always remember this keyword tips, do not over use keywords. Use It where It makes the most sense .

    Friday, April 19, 2019

    create multiple gmail accounts without verifying your number

    For many years I never had the Idea of how to create multiple gmail accounts without verifying your number. I just discovered this trick recently. Sometimes when I want to signup for an account online, I do encounter network failure during my registration. And when I try to continue my registration which was disturbed by network failure, It will say something like your mail has been used on another account, enter new mail. It Is during this point I end up giving up. If you have faced this kind of problem, you should worry no more because you are about to read a simple trick on how to create multilpe gmail accounts without verifying your number.

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    The first step you should take Is to download and Install Gmail Application Here. If you do not have It on your Android device. Perhaps If you already have It downloaded and Installed, you are good to go.

    how to create multiple gmail accounts without verifying your number

    1. Launch your gmail application. Having launched It, you will see (Add Account).
    2. From the next page, select Google from the option as shown below.
    3. Enter your first and last name as you normally would.
    4. Input your date of birth and gender.
    5. Select your username and proceed to the next page.
    6. Select a password as usaull
    7. The next will request for mobile number verification, just click on Skip button to bypass mobile number verification.
    8. Accept their terms and policies, booom your new gmail account Is ready without mobile verification.

    If how to create multiple gmail accounts without verifying your number was a usefull article? kindly use the share buttons below to share on other social platforms.

    Sunday, April 7, 2019

    how to customize whatsapp with different themes

    Few months ago, I watched so many youtube videos on how to customize whatsapp which different themes. I spent hours every night on these video tutorials but all to no avail. All the video tutorials were In Hindi language and I hardly understood what the youtubers were saying.

    Perhaps I have found what I was looking for anyway. Few days ago to be precise, I wrote about easy way to get a usa number in nigeria for free. If you read the article, I talked about GBWhatsapp which Is also known as (Whatsapp Business). It seems to be the only whatsapp application your usa number can work on.

    In these tutorial on how to customize whatsapp with different themes, you will need GBWhatsapp. Just I case you have uninstalled It, you will need to Install It again. Before I proceed, I'll like you to know some of the amazing features GBWhatsapp Is embeded with, but unfortunately, the nornal whatsapp does not have them.

    Amazing Features Of GBWhatsapp

    • GBWhatsapp whatsapp has this cool feature which Is called DND Mod. DND simply means "do not disturb" and this feature Is very helpful especially when you do not want people to see your messages with double blue ticks. DND mod Is also useful when you are playing your favorite games on your phone or watching videos and you do not want to get disturbed with messages. After you enable DND, whatsapp will not consume your data. It would behave as If you have disabled your Internet connection.
    • Another good thing about GBWhatsapp Is that It has the ability to download whatsapp Status In just a click. To download any status, click on the 3 column dots then click download. But unfortunately, In normal whatsapp, you will go through a lot of steps just to have a status downloaded.
    • Since the Inception of whatsapp, her users have been using It to send files like Videos, Music and what have you. It seem very unfair when you cannot send a particular video to a friend on whatsapp Only because of Its size. Whatsapp allows her user to send files with maximum of 16MB but GBwhatsapp can send files that are up 50MB In size. cool right?
    • Message Scheduler: This feature Is useful to those who want to send a message to a particular person, at a particular date and time. Just like Birthday wishes and event days. You only need to write the message you want to send, set time and date and It would be delivered to the person just In time.


    • Able to send APK and ZIP files directly
    • Enables you to copy text on Images
    • Custom Chat
    • Anti Revoke
    • Able to secure chat with a paasword
    • Ability to hide Online status, Double blue ticks and Status Online

    how to customize whatsapp with different themes

    1. Firstly, Download the latest version of GBWhatsapp apllication Here
    2. Create your account by using your phone number as you normally would.
    3. You will notice that GBWhatsapp Interface Is quite different from normal whatsapp.
    4. Having Installed GBWhatsapp, launch the application. When It finally opens, click on the 3 column dots at the top right hand side As you can see snap shot below, then select >>OG Setting then >>Theme
    5. There are over 50 themes there select any of your choice and Apply it.
    6. Below is an examples of different themes.

    Conclusion: I hope how to customize whatsapp with different theme was helpful? kindly Invite your friends here.

    Tuesday, April 2, 2019

    Easy Way To Get a USA number In Nigeria For Free

    My beloved blog readers, happy new month indeed. Today I decided to share this wonderful article on easy way to get a usa number in nigeria for free without paying a penny. This sounds cool right?.

    You might need to get a usa number in nigeria for your international calls and messages. To be realistic, most of us have siblings in overseas and there is need to communicate with them more often.

    Did you know? that with this usa number you are about to create, you can use the number to open a whatsapp account?.

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    Kindly take your time to read carefully so you won't miss any step. You would also read about how you can use the usa number to open a whatsapp account.

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    easy way to get a usa number in nigeria for free on Groove IP

    1. Groove Ip application gives free usa number from any location. Follow this steps and you would be successful.
    2. Download Groove IP application here
    3. Download a VPN application to bypass restrictions and detections. preferably, I'll sugestest tunnelbear or gecko vpn
    4. Do not launch the groove ip until you connect any of the vpn to usa.
    5. Having connected to usa, launch your groove ip app and signup with your email account of any type (gmail, yahoo or hotmail)
    6. Once your account Is verified, you will be prompted to put any Area Code so as to get a number from that state. I do use 205 to get numbers from Alabama, USA
    7. Select any number of your choice and you are done. Congratulations, your number Is ready to use.


    Make sure you use your usa number for calling or logging onto the app on daily basis or once In a week. Failure to do so will make your usa number reassigned to another person.

    easy way to get a usa number in nigeria for free with Textnow application

    With this awesome application called Textnow, you can get a usa number that Is highly secured and private.

    1. Download tunnelbear vpn or gecko vpn application. Having downloaded it, download Textnow application here
    2. Launch the Textnow application and tap "GET A FREE PHONE NUMBER" and signup with your registration details and proceed.
    3. This application requires your location so your number can be granted, so your area code should be 205 or 251 which is the Area Code for Alabsma, USA.
    4. You can get other area codes by searching google
    5. Once you Input an Area Code, a list of numbers will be listed for you. Choose the one of your choice and that's all.
    6. Make sure you keep the number active by calling or log onto the app daily to prevent your usa number been reassigned to another person.

    How to use your usa number to create a whatsapp account

    I have seen a lot of comments on other blog, people complain a lot about their usa number not working on whatsapp. well I have solution to this.

    What you only need Is GB whatsapp(Whatsapp business). This Is because the usa number doesn't seem to be working for whatsapp messenger.

    Download your whatsapp business app here

    Having download whatsapp business application, switch your phone to PLANE MODE so that you won't use your sim card. Then finally connect Wifi to your phone then create your whatsapp account.

    For some reasons mine never worked with my normal data connection so I uesd wifi all the way.

    I hope you love my article on easy way to get a usa number In Nigeria without a penny. Kindly share this article with your friends. Thank you.

    Saturday, March 9, 2019

    Steps to embed YouTube Videos On Android

    After a very long research plus watching of videos, you can now Find and Embed Youtube video with your Andriod(Mobile Device).

    To be specific, I have been making researches on How To Embed Youtube Video On Website. However, I have also watched couple of video tutorials for about four(4) months.

    All the video tutorials I watched, were about Embeding Youtube Videos with Pc(Personal Computer).

    To be realistic, A lot of bloggers especially newbies, they do not have access to Pc(Personal Computer). Most of them make use of their mobile phone to carry out their blogging activities.

    In this tutorial, you will learn how to find youtube embed code with your Andriod phone. Just follow the steps below and you will be successful.

    1. You have to visit You can do this my using your prefered browser like Google Chrome
    2. Having logged on to, click on the 3 column dots at the right hand side of your browser just after the search bar.
    3. A list of options will appear. It includes Histoty, Download, Settings, Desktop site. Select (Desktop site)
    4. Having selected desktop site, your phone will display all the videos as if it were a Pc. As you can see in the screenshot below.
    5. Now select any video you would like to embed in your website or blog. Under the selected video, click on SHARE then select EMBEB. Finally copy the Embed code and paste it anywhere in your website/blog.

    Sunday, February 24, 2019

    Steps To Embed Instagram Photo Or Video To Your Website Or Blog

    Hello guys, it been a while. Today i will be sharing a tutorial on how to embed an instagram photo or video in your website or blog and i hope it will be useful to you in person.

    Ealier today, i embeded a photo from instagram unto my blog and i discovered the Embed code didn't work as expected. Unlike Twitter Embed Code. When i embeded the photo, it was not displayed. i only saw a link on the blank photo. Something like View this post on intagram

    Using the steps provided below, you can as well embed an instagram video unto your blog or website. This is fun right?


    1. Firstly,visit i.e This will take you to your instagram profile.
    2. When the page loads completely, you will see a list of all your instagram photos and videos alike. As you can see in the screenshot below.
      Seclect the Photo or Video you intend to embed.
    3. Having selected the video or photo, you will see a three(3) column dots, click on it, having done that, you will see a list of options which includes Embed, Share, Link etc. Select Embed then copy the Embed code.
    4. Paste the embed code anywhere in your blog and you are done.
    Kindly share this post with also drop a comment. THANKS

    Wednesday, January 16, 2019

    How To Create GIF Images On Picsart

    Here on, we always try our possible best in giving helpful articles. Today I will be introducing an App named PicsArt which most of our readers would have heard of. Incase you are not familiar with it, there is no need to worry because you are about to know PicsArt plus its amazing functions and features embeded within it.

    I want to give tutorial on how to create GIF images on picsart . With this awesome app known as PicsArt you can achieve it.

    Steps To Create GIF On Picsart

    • Firstly, download and install PicsArt from google playstore CLICK HERE
    • This app function without data, perhaps you may not be able to see or make use of some features embebed within the App. To get started, lanch the PicsArt App, having launched the App, you will notice some icon menus which are Edit, Collage, Draw plus Camera.
    • Edit: Edit enables you to make new images or to edit the one you have.
    • While Collage helps you add multiple images as much as four/(4) together.
    • Draw: The draw section enables you to make sketch or to draw diagrams.
    • Having known this, as you can see in the screenshot below , click on Edit . A new window opens. You will notice "Free Image" ,"camera" and "background", scroll down to select the image which you intend to edit.
    • After selecting the particular image you want to edit, a new window opens as you can see below in the screenshot. Within this section, you add text, images, stickers to the image which you want to edit.
    • Click on the arrow above the image you have generated.
    • Next step is to click on GIF which is next to the image you generated few moments ago. Having done that, your GiF image has already been created successfully .
    • Click on share button to save the image on your phone or you can as well share with your friends on social media and you are done.

    We hope you found this article helpful. Kindly follow this step and you would be successful in creating GIF images on picsart.

    Thursday, January 10, 2019

    3 Ways To Embed Twitter Feed To Your Website Or Blog

    In this tutorial, I want to show webmaster and wapmasters as well as bloggers who manage or own a website or blog, how to embed twitter Feed To your website or blog

    How To Embed Twitter Feed To Your Website Or Blog

    Now , to embed this twitter feed to your website or blog
    • You should visit When the webpage open's, you will see a box where you are going to enter the twitter URL of what you would like to embed in your website/blog. As you can see in the screenshot below!
    • For example, lets say you want to embed your twitter profile in your website, you will get your frofile URL. Something like

    Having gotten your desired URL, a new page opens. You will choose the customised design by specifying the height and theme (dark or light) and link color which maches your website. With these twitter embed features, you can also add Share buttons, follow button, mention button and also message button to your website.

    Having selected your customised design, you will have to copy the HTML code given to you. You will paste the HTML code in your HTML section. And you are done..

    This is how your embeded twitter feed will be displayed on your website. Try it now

    With this tutorial I hope you can now learn how to embed twitter feed to a Website or blog.