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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Things You Should Never Post On Social Media Network

Social media has made the world a more open and Interactive place for most people. You can share your thoughts and experiences on social media. But there are some specific things you shold never post on social media. Social media platforms like facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn has made It very easy and possible for people to share their thoughts with thousands of virtual strangers across the world literally within seconds. Before you publish anything on social media platforms, you should think of the hurt or embarrassment It would bring to yourself and others. Kindly read through my article, you would equally gain something new plus do well to share and comment below..

5 things you should never post on social media

  1. Using Other People's Contents Without Giving Credits:
Most of us use other people's Images, quotes and original Ideas without even giving credits to the real owner. Claiming other people's content as yours Is a seeious copyright Infrigement and this could damage oneself or brand. Although, sometimes we end up not being penalized but honestly It does not worth It. To be realistic..

  • Do Not Speak Negative About An Employee, Boss Or Co-worker:
  • We should understand that social media Is a place where you can share your experiences and not a place to talk about how your boss treats you. Social media Isn't a place air grievances against employees or co-workers, Or a place to talk about the mistakes of an employee or co-worker.

  • Do Not Share/Post Too Much Links:
  • This was the mistake I was making way back when I started blogging. I wanted my post to have a lot of recognitions, so I was sharing my post on different groups. Untill unfortunately, my blog link was blocked by facebook. Once facebook blocks your link, there Is nothing anyone can do. The only solution Is to get a fresh domain name.

    Even If you want to share your links, make sure you add a little description so that It won't look like spam.

  • Sharing Experiences Of A Business Or Holiday Trip:
  • Sharing videos and Images Is a good thing to post on social media because they make our timeline active and It could be a form entertainment to our followers.

    But we should be mindful of what we share, because we don't know who Is watching.

    Just like a girl posted a screenshot of her high school exam result In a group and a guy said:
    Why did you share your result here, I highly recommend you delete It as soon as possible.

  • Do Not Publish Anything That Can Ruin Yourname Or Brand:
  • At some stage In our life, we are supposed to know the differents between good and bad. Anything that Is not worth posting, do not hit the "publish" button, just save yourself from embarrassments.

    Sunday, September 15, 2019

    How To Make Money From Whatsapp Status With 3 Easy Ways

    Do you know that you can actually make money from your whatsapp status ?.. Most people have been using whatsapp since It's Inception perhaps they have no Idea of how to make money through whatsapp status. Honestly speaking, I know making money from whatsapp sounds very ridiculous but It's 101% possible. Social media platforms where not made for Interacting with friends and family only, but behind the seen, they are great tools that can fetch you cool money. Whatsapp, having over a billion daily active users Is capable of bringing some money to your pocket. On our whatsapp status, we can actually post our thoughts, jokes, funny video clips, memes and many more Items that can entertain our contacts

    Whatsapp Status feature was recently Integrated, as the feature was gotten from SnapChat. Over the years, the status feature was Integrated on the facebook app, facebook messenger as well as Instagram. Our statuses are visible for only 24 hours after which It will be automatically deleted. Making money from your whatsapp status Is not day task. You have to build a solid fanbase and you will work hard so that your subscriber's list will grow. More subscribers tends to Increase your status views.

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    how to make money from whatsapp status

    1. Find A Profitable Niche:
    2. What do I mean by that?..I mean you should look for a specific topic for your whatsapp channel. Find out what you can offer to your channel subscriber's before you begin anything. You may be Interested In jokes, Memes, Fashions, Politics, Food, Health, Gossips, Entertainment or any thing but just make that topic your standard. Choose a niche/topic you can talk on all day without getting bored.

      A niche Is very Important. You can't just post randomly on your whatsapp channel because all human beings have their various Interest. I love Fashion a lot but that might not be your Interest.

      Just like here on fansnik blog, our visitors come here for Monetization tips, SEO, Blogging tips, Tutorials and Browsing tweaks, this has always been our standard. If we begin to published contents on politics, we might just loose our visitors. This same thing applies to your whatsapp channel niche.

    3. Start Building Your Whatsapp Channel:
    4. Havig known what a Niche Is, and the Importance of choosing a very good channel niche, It's now time to build your whatsapp channel. In other to make money from whatsapp status, you need to have two different whatsapp apps Installed on your phone.

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      Firstly, you shoud download (Whatsapp Business) and also (Whatsapp Messenger) which are eqally two (2) different apps. You will use Whatsapp Messenger to run your whatsapp account and to secure your data. Then you will use Whatsapp Business app to run your Whatsapp Channel.

      Try to gather a lot of whatsapp contacts. I recommend you save new contacts In a seperate phone book or group, It shouldn't be among your main contants so that when you need to call, It wouldn't be a stress to you.

    5. Choose Your Unique Brand Name:
    6. Now that you have gotten your two (2) whatsapp accounts, It's now time to give It a name. Choose a unique name for your whatsapp channel. Your brand name should relate to your channel niche.

      For example, If your channel niche Is about Jokes, Your brand name can simply be called Joke Camp or Entertainment hub. Just anything related. Your brand name should not be too long and clumsy. You can make a logo of your brand and write a description about your channel so that people will known what your channel Is about even with a glance..

    7. Grow Your Whatsapp Channel By Getting Subscribers:
    8. What do you need to grow your whatsapp channel subscribers?.. You will create a BoardCast Message then you Include your phone number as you can see In the Image below. By doing this, people can send you their phone numbers and tell your subscribers to save your number with your channel name and you are good to go.

      Sometimes, subscribers might forget what they suppossed to do when the message you, so you can customize In a way that will remind them. Just like this will do:,+I+want+to+be+a+part+of+the+Family

      As you can see, the link says

      I want to be a part of the family.

      You can change the text to anything you want just make sure you use plus (+) sign to seperate each words.

    9. Start Creating Awearness On Your Channel:
    10. Now that your whatsapp channel Is fully set, It's high time you begin to create awearness to your subscribers so that they will keep coming back for more. Giving out Gifts Is a good Idea as this would drive more people to your channel. You can as well organise a special event for your channel subscribers. You should be very creative, know how to post, what to post and when to post. This tactics are very critical.

    11. SetUp Whatsapp Auto Responder:
    12. Goto your whatsapp business settings, set Away Message, Greeting Message and Quick Replies. All this settings will save you the stress of replying to every new user who want to join your channel. Anytime your subscribers message you, they will get a message automatically even If you are not available at that moment.

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    how to make money from whatsapp status

    Right now there are mainly three (3) proven ways by which you can make money from your whatsapp status perhaps If you are creative enough, you might find some other lucrative ways to earn.

    1. Through Asvertisements:
    2. When your whatsapp status Is already having about 500 to 1000 views, you can now place people's adverts on your status. Advertisement Is one Important aspect of marketing when It comes to creating awearness. Your whatsapp status can be a good place to show-case ads. You can take photos of the products you want to advertise then you upload them to your status.

      Ads placement Is one of the quickest ways of how to make money from whatsapp status. You can make as much as N15,000 or more every single week only If you utilize this method In the right way.

    3. Start Selling People's Product:
    4. Find companies and take part In their Affiliate Programs. Use your whatsapp status to showcase the company products as they will pay you some commisions for each sale you make. Source for companies that pay high commissions and utilize them well.

      The more views you get and the higher the company commissions rates are, the higher your chances of earning more money.

    5. You Can Start Selling Your Own Products:
    6. Lets say you have a business or product you want people to know about, your whaysapp status Is the right place to showcase It. Perhaps, do not Spam your channel with s lot of business opportunities. You know why they joined your channel so don't miss your standard and also give your viewsers what they want..

      Concluding- how to make money from whatsapp status

      I hope you find my content relevant to you, If only you can follow every step above, you will see yourself making money In no time. Today I challenge you, stop wasting your precious time on things that are not relevant, make whatsapp a source of Income for yourself. Please kindly share this article and comment below If you have any contribution to make. Thank you...

    Wednesday, September 11, 2019

    How To Download Whatsapp Status Pictures And Videos Without Any App

    Whatsapp, one of the worlds largest text messaging app. Way back In 2017, Whatsapp Introduced a stutus feature which was copied from Snapchat. They later Integrated the status feature on facebook app, facebook messenger and Instagram. There are many scenarios where you might have Intention of downloading someone else's whatsapp status, photos or videos. Speaking realistically, you can now download whatsapp status pictures and videos of anyone since there Is no limit. Whatsapp live status allows you to download your whatsapp contacts short videos, pictures and animated GIF Images.

    Newly updated statuses are seen for only 24 hours after which they will no longer exist. Perhaps, a status might look so funny or Interesting to you and you would love to save It on your phone but It Isn't possible !. Oh really, Its annoying sometimes. This same thing Is a problem on Instagram. People can't download Instagram videos and photos. Nevertheless, I have written a detailed article on how to download Instagram videos and photos on android using some specific apps. But as for whatsapp status pictures and video download, you do not require any mobile app to do It for you..

    how to download a whatsapp status pictures and videos

    1. Open your whatsapp app, goto the status page, locate the status you wish to download, then view It completely. If It Is a video clip you wish to download, make sure you watch the video clip to the end. Having done that:
    2. Close your whatsapp app, then you locate File Manager on your phone. Having seen It, tap on If for It to open. Once It open, access your phone storage, If you don't have an SD Card.
    3. Now locate your Whatsapp Folder. Either whatsapp messenger or whatsapp business.
    4. On the whatsapp folder, locate Media. That Is SD Card/Phone Storage >> Whatsapp >> Media.
    5. Once you tap on Media, click on the three (3) column dots or you tap your phone minimize button. It all depends on your phone type. You will see (show hidden files), tap on It and you will see whatsapp status folder, photos and videos.
    6. The whatsapp status folder Is where all media's are stored for only 24 hours after which they will later disappear.
    7. From there, select the files you wish to save on your phone then copy them (to} your phone photos or video folder or your SD Card)..
    8. Once this Is done, all the files you copied will automatically appear on your Gallery and they won't disappear only If you delete them yourself.

    Concluding: how to download whatsapp status pictures and videos without any app

    I hope my article has taught you something new today. This Is the best way to download your contact's statuses without any app. That Is all friends. Caring Is sharing. Please share and kindly comment.

    Monday, August 26, 2019

    How To Connect Whatsapp To PC From Android Phone | Fansnik

    Whatsapp, one of worlds largest text messaging app. It allows you to chat with friends and families no matter your location. I would like to share this article on how to connect whatsapp to pc from android. I went to a cyber cafe to browse few days ago, a young lady came In, she said she want's to print a document from her mail box. But unfortunately, the network connection was fluctuating because of the rain that fell that day. At that moment the cafe manager could not access the Internet. The young lady was confused and restless because of the child she was carrying at her back. Then the cafe manager asked her If she had data on her android phone, she said yes and they linked her whatsapp to the Pc and she got her documents printed out.

    Chatting with your friends on whatsapp with your android phone Is very easy and fast. By using whatapp on android phone, You have access to all the features but If connected to pc, you will only have access to limited features.

    Requirements to connect whatsapp to pc from android

    1. You need a good working smart phone that can Install whatsapp and the smart phone must have a working back camera.
    2. Install the latest version of whatsapp or any one you are using now will do
    3. You need an Internet connection on both your pc and your android phone. Sharing mobile hotspot Is very easy If you have data on your smart phone to enable you to connect to your pc.
    4. Install a web browser preferably Google Chrome.

    Having gotten all this things set for use, then lets get started on how to connect whatsapp to pc from your smart phone. This Is simply how It goes,

    how to connect whatsapp to pc from android phone

    1. Launch the browser you have Installed on your personal computer then type this URL In the search box
    2. Having done that, Launch your whatsapp then locate whatsapp web from the menu option In your mobile device.
    3. Let whatsapp scan your QR code so you can get connected to your personal computer from your smart phone. Once the connection Is successful, all your chats on your whatsapp will be loaded on your pc Instantly.

    Available options when you connect whatsapp to pc from android phone

    Like I said earlier, there are limited options available for you when you connect whatsapp to pc from android phone. Let's take a look at them,
    1. You can share documents (photos, videos and audios) with your contacts.
    2. You can dowloads files directly to your pc.
    3. whatsapp web can allow you to start new conversations and you can also follow up existing conversations.
    4. Chats, contacts and messages are searchable on whatsapp web.
    5. You can start a new grop chat on whatsapp web, you can view group Info and you can as well view your own profile Info.
    6. Messages can be forwarded and also deleted on whatsapp web. It also allows you to disable or enable Desktop alerts. And you can connect to multiple pc's.

    Unavailable options when you connect whatsapp to pc from android phone

    1. Broadcast message option Is not available on whatsapp web.
    2. Your status cannot be shared while using whatsapp web and your map and location cannot be share.
    3. No video calling on whatsapp web.
    4. Once you scroll on any file (photos, videos, audios) sent to you, It will start downloading automatically.

    Friday, August 23, 2019

    How To Download Instagram Videos And Photos On Android Phone

    Instagram, one of the worlds largest social media site on the Internet. Instagram has been chosen by many because of her great features Indeed. Instagram Is a platform that allows you to share your most favourite moments with your family and friends but Instagram doesn't allow you to download people's stories, vidoes and photos. Obviously, other big social media platforms allows you to download other people's Item but Instagram does not have a download button In the options. My article will teach you how to download instagram videos and photos on android phone. With the apps listed below, Instagram stories are also downloadable. So lets get started with this tutorial..

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    how to download instagram videos and photos on android

    You won't be able to download any Instagram story, videos or photos If you don't Install any of the apps below. Having known that, the very first app I would like to mention Is,
    1. Video And Photo Downloader For Instagram: click here to download Instagram video and photo downloader, once you have downloaded and Installed this app, goto your Instagram account and locate the video or photo you wish to download.
    2. Click on the three (3) column dots as you can see In the Image below.

      From there select Copy Link.

      Having copied the photo or video link, Launch your Instagram Video And Photo Downloader then locate the Paste button, paste the link you copied earlier. Thats all, you can now download your video or photo from there.

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    3. FastSave: FastSave allows to download multiple pictures and videos from Imstagram. click here to download fastsave app for Instagram

    After you have successfully downloaded and Installed FastSave app on your Android device, Lauch the app and once It opens, locate FastSave Services.

    Open your Instagram app then you locate the photo or video you wish to download. Click on the three (3) column dots to access the menu options, from there, select copy link.

    Once that Is selected, InstaSave will automatically start downloading the video or photo you have selected earlier.

    Wrapping Up: how to download Instagram videos and photos on android

    Obviously my article on how to download Instagram videos and photos on android phones Is very straight forward !

    Kindly share this on social media because a lot of people are facing this same problem on Instagram. I have been wondering how to do this since last year but I finally found a solution to this.

    Tuesday, August 6, 2019

    Facebook Promotion | How To Use Facebook To Market Your Business Or Products (August 2019)

    Facebook, one of the world's largest social media platform. Facebook Is popularly known as a social site. Where you can meet people from all walks of life and also to chat with our loved ones across the globe. Aside that, Facebook has grown drastically ever since Its Inception way back In 2004. This platform Is widely used by business owners, marketer's, web masters as a greate markeing tool. Having known this, FACEBOOK PROMOTION will help your business and product(s) get to where you can't reach physically!..

    Facebook has some embeded features such as facebook business page, facebook community and facebook ads program. This features will take your business and products to the next level.

    In this era we are In, facebook cannot be underestimated at all, Wisely use facebook so that hopefully, your marketing business will grow plus It would also help your customers to be more engaged.

    I saw a post on facebook some couple of months ago. The guy said:

    I got a friend request from an eight (8) year old girl, did she think I stole her
    What does this Implies?. Meaning that facebook Is used by all age grades and this Is obviously a great advantage of facebook promotion.

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    Copied Content: Convert a copied content to Unique Content

    Take advantage of this social media platform and you will see positive results. Earlier Today: I visited my facebook page and behold, for the first time, I had over 1.7k views on the product I'm trying to promote. The banner you see Is about a skill aquisition program. I currently work there, and our target Is to get at least 500 people and facebook promotion has given us positive results. (See Image Below).

    I'm Interested, What Can I Do?

    You are wondering how you can use facebook to market/promote your product(s), I got some tactics to help you do that. Just relax and read carefully as you ought to.

    Facebook Promotion: Tips And Strategies

    1. Create A Facebook Account: You are ready for facebook marketing, you should signup for an account. It doesn't take time. Only In few minutes your account will be ready for you to use. Visit to SignUp for an account or just login If you already have one.
    2. Create A Facebook Business Page:

      (a) Select the categories that best describe your businesa or product(s).

      (b) Create your business page by adding your phone number, website or blog address, email address plus your home address or company address will do.

      (c) The next thing to do Is to add unique Information about yourself and your business so you can put trust In the mind of your audience. Setting a bio Is a key thing to do because It removes disbelieves and It makes people not to have Impression that you are trying to scam them.

      (d) Upload a photo for your page and also set a cover photo and lastly, INVITE your friends and customers to your new business page.

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    4. Use Facebook Paid Feature: By using facebook paid feature, you will reach out to millions of people. You can promote your facebook business page with any amount you have. Even with 1$
    5. Perhaps, the more money you use In facebook promotion, the more people get to see your business page. Click on

      "promote page button" to start your page promotion.

    6. Know Your Targeted Audience: It Is really Important that you know who your targeted audience or customers are. It will make you to deliver the right services and also save you from loses.

      ACCORDING to Google Analytics, the number of people that do visit my blog falls In between the age 25 - 34 years of age and that's about 33.50%. 27.50% falls under the age of 18 - 24 years old while 12.50% falls under the age of 45 - 54 years old

      It Is so Important to know who are reaching out to In other to get the best result. Facebook will ask you to choose the age limit at which you want to target, so choose your age limit and your are good to proceed

    Facebook Promotion Tips

    1. Having set up your facebook business page, make sure you update your timeline, business page and groups regularly to help you build and keep cresible audience on your page.
    2. Keep checking your notification buttons daily. Answer all your audience's queation and Inquiries regarding your business from time to time so you keep the relationship strong .
    3. If you keep making yourself absent from your facebook business community, It will make people loose Interest on your business and can also undo the trust they have on your business.
    4. Never make the mistake of uploading false Information about you business on your page all because you want to drive more people to your page, by doing this, you are gradually killing your business and It could collapse any time soon.
    5. Try to find the frequently asked questions associated with your business and give quick and brife answers to them on your facebook promotion page.

    Wrapping Up: Facebook Promotion

    You are convinced now right?.. have you ever thought of how the top blog and websites In the world are so popular. Most of them run facebook and google ads to get their targeted audience with ease.

    Kindly share this post with other groups on social media, plus comment what you think about this article.

    Wednesday, July 24, 2019

    How To Market Your Product On Instagram In 2019

    Have you ever thought of promoting your product(s) on Instagram before?... We know quite alright that Instagram Isn't for promoting stuffs. It Is a social media platform that has grown drastical since It's Inception. You may have a product you want people to know about but you don't have an Idea on how to market your product on Instagram, don't worry because I will teach you the tactics you need to know.

    Instagram marketing can help you take your product(s) to the next level entirely. You can start making some penny If you eventually become successful on the long run.

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    How To Promote Your Product On Instagram

    1. Create An Instagram Account: Before you can successfully market your product(s) on Instagram, you need to have an Instagram account. You should create a business account because marketing of product(s) Is a form of business. Having a personal Instagram account will do. You can as well switch from a peraonal account to a business account, It all depends on you.
    2. Branding: Choose a name that clearly describe your brand.Your Instagram profile photo should related to what you are willing to offer to your audience. Make your DP and bio set to remove disbelieve from your audience. Make your profile legit In such a way that people won't think you are trying to scam them. Look for Iteams In your NICHE and market them the right way. Your profile will make people trust you as a leader plus giving them Impression that you are an expert In that field. Your profile should not be deplorable, this could turn down people's Interest.
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    4. Start Building Followers: You need more people to know more about your product which Is why you need connections and trust. People won't follow you If you don't give them the servives they want. To build more followers, you can embed photos of your product(s) on your personal blog and websites. Add your Instagram profile links to other content aggregators like facebook bios, twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn profiles. Have a branded and complete profile setup If you want to Increase your followers.
    5. Link A Website Or Blog: Having built your audience to a certain level, you will soon begin to have more buyers. In some cases, people would like to have a look at your website or blog to find out more about your product(s) somehow. You website or blog should contain full details about your product(s). So linking a website or blog Is a good Idea.

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    6. Make Use Of Quality Images: Most times, Images speaks even more faster than spoken words or written text. Use quality Images that will convince and not confuse your audience. Just like my friend way back In school would say "what you see, you shall believe". Seeing Is believing, and you can achieve that by using Quality Images thag are related to your products.
    7. An Ambassador Can Do The Job: If you are familiar with an artist or In some way, you have connections with them, they can help you grow you products on Instagram. Most times you see Davido advertising moblie phones for a company or Wizkid advertising Pepsi. Once you are able to get someone famous like them, trust me your business won't remain tne same again..Perhaps, It may cost you some money.
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    9. Develop A Mobile Application: There are apps for everything. Get an app developer to help you develop an app fpr your products. You can as well use app creating software you create yours. Publish your app and more people will get to know more about the product(s) you are promoting.

    Wrapping Up: How To Market Your Product On Instagram

    Instagram Is Indeed a great marketing tool and therefore should not be underestimated. Instagram Is the 7th top social media platform on the Internet and It has the power to do extraordinary things aside chatting and video sharing. Having learnt (how to market your product on Instagram), you can equally give It a try and see how It works.

    Monday, April 22, 2019

    How To Backup Instagram Photos And Videos On Google Drive

    Whatsup readers? today's article Is on how to backup Instagram photos and videos on google drive. Obviously Instagram Is also one of the world's fastest growing online community and It has really grown drastically since It's inception. There Is need for us to backup Important files, you may still need them In the future. Google Drive Is an online storage that helps to store almost everything, like music, videos, documents/files and what have you. Kindly sit back and relax because I am about to show you how to backup Instagram photos and videos on google drive.

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    how to backup Instagram photos and videos to google drive?

    Instagram photos and videos backup works with Google Drive. Having known this, you should have google drive application Installed on your device. So you should download and Install Google Drive application here.

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    This Is how to backup Instagram photos and videos to drive

    1. You have to visit this URL: ifttt simply means if this then that.
    2. Once the website loads, signup for a new account. Otherwise bypass the signup process by using your Facebook or Google Account. as shown below In the screenshot provided.
    3. Having created your account successfully, goto your account dashboard by clicking on the user Icon on the right hand side.
    4. Once you click on the user Icon, a list of options will appear In a dropdown menu, select {New Applet}.
    5. Click on "this", and select Instagram as your trigger channel.
    6. IFTTT will ask for your permission to access your Instagram account. Type In your account username and password.
    7. From the next page, you will select a trigger"Any new photo uploaded by you", having selected your trigger, click on create trigger button.
    8. From the next page, select "that" button, "View All Channel" from here, select google drive as your channel.
    9. Activate your Google Drive channel and give IFTTT the permission to access your Google Drive Account.
    10. At the moment Google Drive Is activated, close the tab, then select Google Drive as your action channel.
    11. Now select "Add file from URL" as your action. Then click on Create Action.
    12. Finally, you should click on the "Create Recipe" button. Save your new Recipe and Turn It on. Booom you are done.

    How Do I Backup My Photos And Videos?

    Anytime you upload a new photo or video to Instagram, they will automatically backup to Google Drive

    Kindly share how to backup Instagram photos and videos with Instagrammers and on other social media platforms.

    Sunday, February 24, 2019

    Steps To Embed Instagram Photo Or Video To Your Website Or Blog

    Hello guys, it been a while. Today i will be sharing a tutorial on how to embed an instagram photo or video in your website or blog and i hope it will be useful to you in person.

    Ealier today, i embeded a photo from instagram unto my blog and i discovered the Embed code didn't work as expected. Unlike Twitter Embed Code. When i embeded the photo, it was not displayed. i only saw a link on the blank photo. Something like View this post on intagram

    Using the steps provided below, you can as well embed an instagram video unto your blog or website. This is fun right?


    1. Firstly,visit i.e This will take you to your instagram profile.
    2. When the page loads completely, you will see a list of all your instagram photos and videos alike. As you can see in the screenshot below.
      Seclect the Photo or Video you intend to embed.
    3. Having selected the video or photo, you will see a three(3) column dots, click on it, having done that, you will see a list of options which includes Embed, Share, Link etc. Select Embed then copy the Embed code.
    4. Paste the embed code anywhere in your blog and you are done.
    Kindly share this post with also drop a comment. THANKS

    Monday, February 11, 2019

    4 Smart Ways To Increase Your Instagram Likes And Followers

    Its been a while lovely readers , today i'll be talking on how to increase or boost your instagram Likes and Followers.

    We all know instagram to be one of the worlds most used social media network. Marketers and business owners across the world use Instagram along side with her great features to power their business such as "Affiliate Marketing"

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    Instagram is recorded with over 1 billion subscibers. Countries which uses Instagram the most includes United States, India, Brazil and Indonesia and what have you.


    To aquire huge likes and followers on Instagram you should follow the simple steps below.

    1. GET MORE INSTAGRAM LIKE AND FOLLOWERS WITH A BRANDED AND COMPLETE PROFILE: Few months ago, I talked talked about Instagram Marketing, In the article, I talked about Instagram profile. I said one of the tips to a successful Instagram Marketing is to have a complete and branded profile. You should have a complete and branded profile because it is the key to every successful Instagram account. Your Instagram profile defines you(the owner). It tells people about you. Having known this, you should really take your time to setup your Instagram profile so as to attract more likes and followers.
    2. EMBEB YOUR INSTAGRAM FEED INTO YOUR WEBSITE OR BLOG: If you manage or own a website or personal blog, you can boost your Instagram likes and follwers by embeding your Instagram feeds/posts into your website or blog.
    3. USING QUALITY PHOTOGRAPHY ON YOUR PROFILE: To accumulate huge Instagram Likes plus Followers, it is adviceable you use quality photos. You can make quality photos through the use of some powerful photo editors. I'll recommend PICSART. This app has unlimited features. Most of the images on my blog were created and designed with PICSART.
      PICSART is available on Google Playstore. To download PICSART kindly click here to download
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