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Friday, August 2, 2019

How To Easily Create Paypal Payment Custom Link

You just recently created a paypal account and you are wondering what your paypal account number Is, well I will show you two ways In which you can receive money with your newly opened paypal account. As a newbie In paypal, some asked for your paypal account number and you are confused, this Is what you must know. You can receive paypal payments In two easy ways.

  1. You can receive payments with your email. The email you used to register for your paypal account Is your paypal account number. It can only be used on one account.
  2. Secondly, you can receive payments with your paypal custom link. Creating a custom paypal payment link Is very easy. My own paypal custom payment link Is You can use both your email and your custom link to receive payments.

Now let me teach you how to create paypal payment custom link In few steps.

Login to generate your paypal payment custom link by using this link. Having loged In, follow this steps.

Easy Way To Create Paypal Payment Custom Link

  1. Paypal will ask you to upload a profile picture. This Is to ensure that you see the person you are sending money to and also make It obvious to people that you have paypal account.
  2. After uploading a unique photo, Go ahead to generate your paypal link. You can use any name you want but make It understandable and easy to remember. After choosing your link, click on Next button to check If the name you have chosen Is available.
  3. .
  4. After confirming your link availability, accept paypal Terms & Conditions Then Click on Create button boom you are done.

Paypal Payment Link Vs Email Address

To be candid, both paypal custom payment link and email address are actually okay by design. It all depends on your choice. Having a custom paypal payment link makes your sender recognize you and It somehow looks professional.

I've seen many cases where people type In your email wrongly or vice vasa. When such error occure, It makes you loose money. When you give people your custom payment link, they do not need to type your email address again. They only need to choose the amount they want to send to you and they complete their payment without stress.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Easily Create Lesotho Paypal Account That Can Receive And Send Money

Honestly speaking, I created three(3) UAE paypal accounts for different people today. Eventually, almost all the online businesses and paid survey panels now reward their workers and customers with paypal funds. Creating a paypal account that can receive and send funds Is not tasking as you may think. You can easily create a lesotho paypal account which can receive and send funds In Nigeria and any other country...

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Getting Started With Lesotho Paypal Account

After creating your UAE paypal Account with this URL (, you must use this same URL when logging Into your UAE paypal account.

To successfully create your Lesotho Paypal Account, you must use this URL ( . And also after creating your account, you must use this same URL so that your Identity won't display as Nigeria.

Having known all this, you are fully set to get your lesotho paypal account working In a minute.

STEP1: Having visited paypal website with that link, click on Get Started to create a business account.

STEP2: Enter your valid email address. Make sure you use gmail or a custom email and not a yahoo mail. A custom email may look like this which Is usually gotten from domain name providers.

STEP3: From the next page of registration, you will enter all the Informations about you or your business.

Enter your valid email address. eg

. Enter any password of your choice and enter your business name.

PHONE NUMBER: Change the country to Nigeria and Input your phone number. Do not add +234 and omit 0. Just like this, 9070830919 Instead of 09070830919.

Input your business address and your city/town. For your city, you can add any city name you want. eg Kubwa.

After that, leave other boxes empty perhaps you will leave your primary currency as USD Dollar and simply agree to Paypal terms and conditions.

From the next page, paypal will ask you more about your business. Simply select INDIVIDUAL and select Nigeria as your Nationality. Choose your Identity option, eg National ID card number or any other option that will work for you. When creating UAE paypal account, you can use any six(6) digits number as your ID number. eg 424809. After that, enter your Date Of Birth and click submit.

Paypal will send your an email, that email will contain a verification link, click the link to verify your lesotho paypal account.

Congrats, you have now successfully created a Lesotho Paypal Account that can send and receive funds In Nigeria...

At this moment, your paypal account Is still limited. It can only receive funds but cannot withdraw to your Nigeria bank account. Perhaps you can sell paypal funds to those who may want to buy and collect cash In return.

How To Link A Card To My Lesotho Paypal Account

You cannot just link any Nigeria bank card with lesotho paypal account, even UAE paypal account. For some reasons my GTBANK card never worked. Just try linking your card with lesotho paypal account and see If It will work. Normally some banks card do work for paypal. GTbank, Firstbank, FCMB just to mention a few.

If you use UBA, kindly work to your bank and request for AFRICARD. Make sure to tell UBA you want your AFRICARD to be Internationally high. For those who use GTbank like me, just walk to your bank with your National ID Card. You can Use NIMS (National Identity Management System). GTbank will upgrade your account so that It will work with paypal without getting any error. You can easily enroll for NIMS. Locate any center In your Area. Its actually free beacuse Its a government programme. Go with N100 so you can pay for Lamination.

It looks like this..

Having gotten any of this, you can now go back to your paypal account and link your card.

NOTE: When linking a debit card to your paypal account, paypal will deduct $1 from your account. This is just for verification and for the code paypal will send to you. After three(3) business days, paypal will refund your money back to your account.

I hope you have learnt how to create a lesotho paypal account which can send and receive money In Nigeria. For more updates like this, kindly subscribe to our blog.

Monday, June 3, 2019

How To Earn Money Reading News And Watching Videos On BuzzBreak App

Thousands of people from around the world have flooded this money making application. The awesome application Is known as BUZZBREAK. BuzzBreak Is an application In which users can read articles and news. This application features her news from popular websites such as FORBES, BBC , Al Jazeera and many more.

How Does BuzzBreak Work!

BuzzBreak Is a news delivering application that has gone viral. This application Is trending In so many countris. I recently discovered this application and It has a lot of benefits.

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Can I Earn Money From BuzzBreake

BuzzBreak application pays you to read news and also watch videos directly on the app. I'm pretty you will love this app.

BuzzBreake application automatically gives $0.015 when you download the application. 200 points Is equall to $0.015. Claiming of points Is very easy and fast on the application. BUZZBREAK has a referal system In which you can earn extra 100 points when you use someone else referal code. So to get 100 points for free, use my referal code which Is B00541617 on your buzzbreake application and 100 points would be added to your account dashboard.

There Is an awesome way to earn over 1000 points. You can achieve that by Inviting your friends to buzzbreake and you receive 1000 points when your friend(s) joins.

How Can I Claim My Money On BuzzBreake

BuzzBreake Is hundred percent legit and safe. You can withdraw your money directly to your paypal account Once you reach the minimum withdraw limit of $0.02 which Is equall to 1000 points.

Wrapping Up

If you are looking for an app that pays to watch fun videos and read articles, Then BuzzBreake application Is what I recommend.


click here to download buzzbreak app from google playstore

Friday, May 24, 2019

Smart Way To Create UAE Paypal Account In Nigeria For Sending And Receiving Funds

Welcome to, a tech driven blog Indeed. In this my article, hopefully you will learn an easy way to create paypal account In Nigeria. which can allow you to send and receive money/funds worldwide.

I could remember when I created my first paypal account way back In 2018. I was proud of my paypal account and myself equally, not realising that my effort was of little avail and my account was a limited account.

Did I just say my paypal account Is limited? yes because I can only receive funds/money with my account and I cannot send funds. The reason why my paypal account Is limited Is because I created USA paypal account which can only receive funds In Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa (SA).

How To Create Paypal Account In Nigeria

If you have created a paypal account In the past with, your account will be limited If you reside In Nigeria.

  1. To create a paypal account In nigeria ,that can receive and send funds, you will use which Is the UAE (United Arab Emirates) paypal account.
  2. Before I further my writimg, I would like to share this article with you.

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    UAE paypal account Is very easy to open. You do not require any VPN to bypass restrictions. One good thing about UAE paypal account Is that they are not very strict with their policies unlike USA paypal account.

  3. Having known the right URL to use, go ahead and click signup. After that, paypal will ask you to choose an account type. Your account type could either be a Business Account or Personal Account.
    I go for business account because buying items online, sending and receiving of funds Is a form of business.

    Both account's type has the same function and features. However you can switch to any account type of your choice later. It Is very easy.

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  5. After selecting your account type, make sure you select United Arab Emirates as your country. After that type In your first name, last name, your valid email and any password you want to use.
  6. Continue with your registration from the next page. Fill In your date of birth. (Must be real).Select passport number and add any six digits number there. In the PO BOX section, put In 18004 and select your city as Abu hail and your state as Abu Dubai. Input any UAE phone number. Just Incase you don't know how to get UAE phone number, search Google for UAE phone numbers and use any one.
  7. After that, you can now complete your account registration by clicking on the verification link which will be sent to your email address. Having done this, you are done creating your UAE paypal account In Nigeria which can send and receive funds/momey.

how do I get my paypal account number

Your paypal account number Is what you will use to send and receive funds/money online. Your paypal account number Is the valid email address you used to open your paypal account.

how to link a card with paypal account In nigeria

After your registration Is completed, you need to verify you paypal account by linking a credit or debit card with your paypal account. Perhaps not all cards work. Some bank credit card may not work for some reasons. For some reasons my GTbank mastercard never worked. The reason was because my account was not registered for online banking and also It was not upgraded.

To link a card for verification, login to your newly created paypal account. Having logged In, goto wallet then select link a card. Put In your card details as you normally would. Then link your card.

After linking your card. Paypal will redirect you to your card page. Verify your card by clicking on the card you recently added.

Finally, your bank will send a Four(4) digits code. Most times, It may take upto 24 hours for the code to arrive. Whenever your bank sends It, use It to complete your verification. After that, your bank will deduct $1.98 from your account. This will happen so as to comfirm you are the owner of the account.

After your account Is verified, this Is what you will see.

If you do not get this message, It means your account has not been verified.

Having a paypal account Is a good thing to do. To be specific, Almost every business and shops online now require paypal for making purchases and receiving funds. If how to create a UAE Paypal Account In Nigeria was a useful article, kindy share with friends.

Monday, April 15, 2019

How to buy data and airtime with your PayPal fund

Have you ever thought of buying Airtime or data online? Well your thoughts may be right. I'm going to show you a simple way to buy airtime and data with your paypal fund.

If you do not have a paypal account then you should go and open an account "".

  1. Because paypal enables you to receive and send money from any location In the world.
  2. With paypal accpunt, you can buy Items online from big online store's of the world.
  3. You can pay your bills with paypal and also buy domain names.
  4. With paypal account, you buy data and airtime, that's exactly what I going to show you below.

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Having known the usefulness of paypal account, lets now see how you can buy data and airtime with paypal fund

Using the same method which will be provided below, you can topup your friends In Overseas country and you can also pay their bills with your paypal fund.

how to buy data and airtime with paypal fund?

  • OVERSEAS Topup:
This website Is aimed at both local and International top up. You can topup your friends In other countries. To use this service, you should signup at
  • Aftet you have registered, from your home page, click on get started.
  • Type In your phone number or any number you wish to send the airtime to, then click on GO
  • From the next page, select the network type either MTN, Airtel, GLO or 9mobile.
  • Having done that, choose the amount at which you want to purchase.
  • To pay for the airtime, choose paypal as the payment method and you will automatically be redirected to paypal website. Immediately your paypal fund Is deducted, you will get your recharge card.
  • This same method Is also used to buy data subcription from overseastopup

JUST In case you encounter any error In, you can use

I hope you like my article on how to buy data and airtime with paypal fund. If so, comment below If you have any question to ask.