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Monday, October 28, 2019

Easy Ways To Make Money Blogging As A Beginner

First things first...I really want to say all the words Inside my head. I apologies for my late updates here, to be frank I've been very busy with work. I've prepared a post titled make money blogging as a beginner..

My content features 5 (five) things you must do before you can make money from your blog. Most people often get confused about blogs. My tutorial would explain the key things you should know.

What Is A Blog !

A blog In a simple term, Is a web page where written contents are published.

As a blogger, I know your goal Is to see your blog doing well like other popular blogs are, you must work hard In Increasing your traffic. A blog that has good traffic Is sure to make huge Income.

how to make money blogging as a beginner.

Just recently, a friend of mine was asking me what he can blog about, I told him to follow his heart..

To be a successful blogger, there Is just one requirement you need. Honestly, Its just a passion for your topic. You can make money from any Niche at all.

Blogging Is when you write about a topic you are passionate about, there Is no need to copy others. You blog may fail along the line.

Before you can make money with your blog, You:

  1. Create A Contact Page On Your Blog:

  2. As a beginner blogger who wants to monetize his or her blog with Google Adsense, this page Is very vital.

    Your contact page should equally contain your E-mail address, phone number and possibly your social media profile links.

    As you can see, In my home page, i've added my social media Icons. Contact page should not be neglected, a blog without this feature Is really going to loose a big time.

  3. Check Your Mobile Site:

  4. This Is one thing you should look out for If you really want to make money blogging as a beginner.

    A lot of people visit the web with their mobile phones, this Is the main reason why your blog should be readable/visible on mobile devices.

    Pick a theme/template that Is (Mobile Responsive).

  5. Write about products that you love, even if you’re not being compensated to mention them.

  6. You can tell the world/audience how much you love the new product(s) you just boughth newly. When next the company makes a new brand of the product, you can ask them If you can review the product and don't forget to send the preview link of the review you made.

    You can get In touch with the company like this:

    Dear, Large Headphone Manufacturer,,, I would love to review your new headphone on my blog. (click here to see the products I reviewed recently / post link)...

    With time, the company may consider you and they will begin to pay you to review their products. This Is also called (Sponsored Post) or paid post.

    This Is one of the easy ways to make money blogging as a beginner..
  7. Write Killer Contents:

  8. As a beginner blogger who wants to monetize with companies likes Adsense. Your contents must be genuine, no copy and paste from other blogs. Write long contents and hit the main point. Blogging Is very lucrative and profitable If done correctly. Top bloggers around the world make decent Income from their blogs and even a part-time blog can generate little Income If everything Is put In place.

    A blogger Is called an expert because of the popular contents they have written over time. Quality contents will bring recognition. Some expert bloggers has even gotten books and also movie deals based on their blogs..

    Up: make money blogging as a beginner

    I believe my little efforts on this topic Is sufficient to solve your problem as a beginner.

    As a beginner blogger, you should never stop learning. Make friends with succrssful bloggers around your niche and try to study they way they write. Learn from their mistakes and look for ways to solve them so you won't fall In the same part like they did Initially...

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

KUDA Referral Program | Earn N200 When You Refer A Friend

I'm very sorry for my late updates here. I'm a little bit busy because of work. I want to share this tutorial on KUDA Referral Program. You can earn upto N200 naira when you refer a friend to the kuda app.

Earning with KUDA app Is quite different from other referral programs. I'll quickly explain what KUDA Is, how to earn and other Important features to be awear of.

What Is Kuda ?..

Kuda Is simply a mobile banking app for Nigerians. It gives you an account you can spend on, plus a debit card accepted worldwide and the option of saving every time you spend.

How To Sign Up On Kuda App

  1. Firstly, Click here to download kuda mobile app.
  2. Signup with your phone number and e-mail, then verify It.
  3. Leave the BVN option.
  4. Take a selfie of yourself, upload It and move to the next step.
  5. Once your registration Is successful, you can now start referring friends and earning money through them.

How To Refer Friends On Kuda

Login to your kuda account, locate the more button which Is found just below the buttom right. Having done that, click on Refer & Earn, there you can copy your referral code.

How Does Kuda Referral Program Work ?..

  1. Unlike other referral programs, Kuda does not require ID verifiacation before you can refer any one. It's not compulsory on kuda.
  2. Kuda gives you N200 for every person you refer/bring to the app.
  3. Your earnings will be credited to your kuda account only on Mondays.
  4. You can withdraw your cash anytime you want, and you can either get your kuda cash as recharge card or straight to your bank account.
  5. No signup bonus on kuda and your earning Is only through referral..😃

Monday, October 14, 2019

How To Make Money As A Teenager

Hello my beloved blog readers, today I present this article titled how to make money as a teenager. Obviously, human wants are unlimited, meaning that there Is no limit to what a person can take. My purpose of building this blog Is to Inform and educate my fellow teenagers on lifestyle tips. As a teen, you wouldn't want to be bothering your parents for money all the time. You can make money In several ways, this could either be online or offline. My dad always tell me that an Idle mind Is the devils workshop. In this age we are In, most teenagers are able to boast of money only because they go to school. This Is very common among students In high school. Perhaps, when you complete high school, what happens next ?... Your source of Income will be automatically cut short.

The Internet Is a very goog source of Income. People over the years have made millions through online businesses, people may deside to take It as a full-time or part-time jobs. It all depends on you and the amount of money you are are actually making. But here, passion Is very Important In what ever you are doing.

Instead of wasting quality time chatting with friends on social media, convert that time to money. Its high time teenagers wake up to face reality.

how to make money as a teenager

  1. Make Money Blogging:

  2. What Is a blog ?. I know some people may not know what It Is. A blog Is a journal website where articles are published and they are to be read by some audience. You are not convienced yet, fansnik Is a typical example.

    Blogging Is one of the best ways to make decent money online. Blogger all over the world have different tactics which they use to make money from their blogs. As for me, I have made some money with Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing. So far, these two are the best sure method and I recommend It.

    I won't go Into full details of blogging, but mean while, I have already written a full detailed article titled what Is a blog | how to start and earn money blogging as a teenager.

    Blogging Is all about picking the right Niche, then you write on It and you monetize.

    Also Read: Best Blog Niches And How To Monetize Them

  3. Make Money Through Affiliate Marketing:

  4. Affiliate Marketing Is one of the best ways to make money online and offline. An affiliate marketer Is a person who will sell other people or brands product and when a buyer purchase through him or her, they are paid some commissions/money.

    For Instance, I am an affiliate marketer of Amazon products, when I share my affiliate links and a person purchase any product, I get paid some percentage of money.

    Also Read: Top 5 Killer Affiliate Marketing Tips You Should Try In 2019

    When choosing the best product to sell, be very creative. Make sure you choose a product that pays high commission. For example, most people prefare to Amazon Associates. But the bad side of ClickBank Is that, It's only available In few countries. Thats not fair actually.

    When you have a blog or website, your affiliate marketing will be so easy. You can place affiliate banners so your visitors can see Instead of sharing only links.

    Also Read: How To Increase Your Affiliate Marketing Sales And Make More Money

  5. Make Money Through Youtube:

  6. According to my research, youtube Is the second most used social media platform after facebook.

    If you have any talent that Is worth sharing you can start making money from youtube. You might know how to dance or sing, If you can make people laugh obviously, youtube Is the best play for you.

    Way back when, a young youtuber named Ryan, made millions on youtube where he gives toy reviews.

    You can make money from youtube In several ways, by placing Google Adsense, you can advertise people's products, plus you can also advertise your fellow youyuber's channel on yours.

    Wrapping up how to make money as a teenager

    So far, these are some of the best online businesses a teenager can do to make decent Income. As a teenager, you should never underestimate yourself, believe that you can do anything. Give any of the businesses a try and soon you would realise that Its not a waste.

    Thank you for being a fan of this blog and kindly share on social media.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

How To Make Money From Whatsapp Status With 3 Easy Ways

Do you know that you can actually make money from your whatsapp status ?.. Most people have been using whatsapp since It's Inception perhaps they have no Idea of how to make money through whatsapp status. Honestly speaking, I know making money from whatsapp sounds very ridiculous but It's 101% possible. Social media platforms where not made for Interacting with friends and family only, but behind the seen, they are great tools that can fetch you cool money. Whatsapp, having over a billion daily active users Is capable of bringing some money to your pocket. On our whatsapp status, we can actually post our thoughts, jokes, funny video clips, memes and many more Items that can entertain our contacts

Whatsapp Status feature was recently Integrated, as the feature was gotten from SnapChat. Over the years, the status feature was Integrated on the facebook app, facebook messenger as well as Instagram. Our statuses are visible for only 24 hours after which It will be automatically deleted. Making money from your whatsapp status Is not day task. You have to build a solid fanbase and you will work hard so that your subscriber's list will grow. More subscribers tends to Increase your status views.

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how to make money from whatsapp status

  1. Find A Profitable Niche:
  2. What do I mean by that?..I mean you should look for a specific topic for your whatsapp channel. Find out what you can offer to your channel subscriber's before you begin anything. You may be Interested In jokes, Memes, Fashions, Politics, Food, Health, Gossips, Entertainment or any thing but just make that topic your standard. Choose a niche/topic you can talk on all day without getting bored.

    A niche Is very Important. You can't just post randomly on your whatsapp channel because all human beings have their various Interest. I love Fashion a lot but that might not be your Interest.

    Just like here on fansnik blog, our visitors come here for Monetization tips, SEO, Blogging tips, Tutorials and Browsing tweaks, this has always been our standard. If we begin to published contents on politics, we might just loose our visitors. This same thing applies to your whatsapp channel niche.

  3. Start Building Your Whatsapp Channel:
  4. Havig known what a Niche Is, and the Importance of choosing a very good channel niche, It's now time to build your whatsapp channel. In other to make money from whatsapp status, you need to have two different whatsapp apps Installed on your phone.

    Also Read: How To Download Whatsapp Statuses, Pictures And Videos Without Any App.

    Firstly, you shoud download (Whatsapp Business) and also (Whatsapp Messenger) which are eqally two (2) different apps. You will use Whatsapp Messenger to run your whatsapp account and to secure your data. Then you will use Whatsapp Business app to run your Whatsapp Channel.

    Try to gather a lot of whatsapp contacts. I recommend you save new contacts In a seperate phone book or group, It shouldn't be among your main contants so that when you need to call, It wouldn't be a stress to you.

  5. Choose Your Unique Brand Name:
  6. Now that you have gotten your two (2) whatsapp accounts, It's now time to give It a name. Choose a unique name for your whatsapp channel. Your brand name should relate to your channel niche.

    For example, If your channel niche Is about Jokes, Your brand name can simply be called Joke Camp or Entertainment hub. Just anything related. Your brand name should not be too long and clumsy. You can make a logo of your brand and write a description about your channel so that people will known what your channel Is about even with a glance..

  7. Grow Your Whatsapp Channel By Getting Subscribers:
  8. What do you need to grow your whatsapp channel subscribers?.. You will create a BoardCast Message then you Include your phone number as you can see In the Image below. By doing this, people can send you their phone numbers and tell your subscribers to save your number with your channel name and you are good to go.

    Sometimes, subscribers might forget what they suppossed to do when the message you, so you can customize In a way that will remind them. Just like this will do:,+I+want+to+be+a+part+of+the+Family

    As you can see, the link says

    I want to be a part of the family.

    You can change the text to anything you want just make sure you use plus (+) sign to seperate each words.

  9. Start Creating Awearness On Your Channel:
  10. Now that your whatsapp channel Is fully set, It's high time you begin to create awearness to your subscribers so that they will keep coming back for more. Giving out Gifts Is a good Idea as this would drive more people to your channel. You can as well organise a special event for your channel subscribers. You should be very creative, know how to post, what to post and when to post. This tactics are very critical.

  11. SetUp Whatsapp Auto Responder:
  12. Goto your whatsapp business settings, set Away Message, Greeting Message and Quick Replies. All this settings will save you the stress of replying to every new user who want to join your channel. Anytime your subscribers message you, they will get a message automatically even If you are not available at that moment.

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how to make money from whatsapp status

Right now there are mainly three (3) proven ways by which you can make money from your whatsapp status perhaps If you are creative enough, you might find some other lucrative ways to earn.

  1. Through Asvertisements:
  2. When your whatsapp status Is already having about 500 to 1000 views, you can now place people's adverts on your status. Advertisement Is one Important aspect of marketing when It comes to creating awearness. Your whatsapp status can be a good place to show-case ads. You can take photos of the products you want to advertise then you upload them to your status.

    Ads placement Is one of the quickest ways of how to make money from whatsapp status. You can make as much as N15,000 or more every single week only If you utilize this method In the right way.

  3. Start Selling People's Product:
  4. Find companies and take part In their Affiliate Programs. Use your whatsapp status to showcase the company products as they will pay you some commisions for each sale you make. Source for companies that pay high commissions and utilize them well.

    The more views you get and the higher the company commissions rates are, the higher your chances of earning more money.

  5. You Can Start Selling Your Own Products:
  6. Lets say you have a business or product you want people to know about, your whaysapp status Is the right place to showcase It. Perhaps, do not Spam your channel with s lot of business opportunities. You know why they joined your channel so don't miss your standard and also give your viewsers what they want..

    Concluding- how to make money from whatsapp status

    I hope you find my content relevant to you, If only you can follow every step above, you will see yourself making money In no time. Today I challenge you, stop wasting your precious time on things that are not relevant, make whatsapp a source of Income for yourself. Please kindly share this article and comment below If you have any contribution to make. Thank you...

Monday, September 9, 2019

How To Increase Your Affiliate Sales And Make More Income | Fansnik

Before I say anything about Affiliate Marketing or ow to Increase your affiliate marketing sales, kindly take a good look at the screenshot below.

I'm not trying to keep you In the dark, perhaps to be honest, that Is not my clickbank affiliate marketing Income sales. The Image above Is only a proof that you can crush your dreams with affiliate marketing. Having said that, If you have been an affiliate marketer for a long time or perhaps you are thinking of how to become an affiliate marketer, I know you would probably be thinking about some strategies to help you Increase your affiliate sales...Isn't It?...

Before I talk about how to Increase your affiliate marketing sales, I highly recommend you to read my article on how to start affiliate marketing If you are new to this business. I'm not here to speculate, rather I am here to give you legit strategies used by successful affiliate marketers from all walks of life. I know affiliate marketing seems formidable, yes. That was how I felt It when I started newly. I have realized my mistakes now and there Is need to Improve on them.

tips to Increase your affiliate marketing sales

  1. Find High Commission Affiliate Programs-

  2. Let us do little mathematics here. For Instance, If your target Is to hit around $1000 this month, what would be your best approach to this ?..

    There are absolutely two (2) ways by which you can achieve this. If you have to sell a product worth $10, It means you must have 100 buyers. But If you have a product worth $100, you only need to sell to ten (10) people to hit your $1000.

    Obviously, It Is very easy to find ten (10) people who would purchase a product rather than hundred (100). The possibility of getting ten people Is far higher than your chances of getting a hundred.

    For this reason, you should find an affiliate program that pays high commission rates for products sold. There are hundreds and thousands of affiliate programs that are ready to give out commissions to an affiliate. The best places to head over to, Is ClickBank or ShareAsale.

    This two (2) companies have thousands of products, plus merchants are given to affiliates at 30% - 50%. This websites have products for any blog niche you can ever think of. In fact, ClickBank wins here because they paid as high as 75% commission for each sale.

    Both ClickBank and ShareAsale are capable of Increasing your affiliate sales. The bad side of ClickBank Affiliate Is that ClickBank Is only available to some countries. That Is very unfortunate.

  3. Remember To Brand Yourself-

  4. One of the best ways to Increase your affiliate sales, Is to brand youself.

    What does this mean ?..

    The chances of getting more affiliate sales will highly Increase If people can see you as a real person. Branding Is one of the primary key to every successful affiliate marketing business.

    For Instance, someone who you haven't meet before tells you to buy a product, maybe using a Link privided, this looks like a scam. You would be curious to know who the person really Is.

    Ins't It ?..

    So, to give your audience a good Impression, you must show yourself and an authority or a brand. I have prepared some legit branding tips that would help you:

    1. You should start a blog or run a Youtube channel. This platforms will Increase your audience trust.
    2. Show your earning history so far as an affiliate
    3. Try your possible best to always stay consistent and active on social media.
    4. Place an attractive photo of yourself.
    5. Relate your cintent with your own life experiences.
    6. Solve the problems of your audience.
    7. Add your blog or channel URL to your social media bios and profile.

    Learn more about branding with the video tutorial below !.

    Having known all this branding tips, soon you will begin to build trust between your audience and this automatically fetch you more sales.

  5. Start Building Relationship-

  6. Building relationships Is the most essential part of affiliate marketing business. You should build relationships If you really what to Increase your affiliate sales by far. The relationship foundation should be solid because It's going to last for a longer period.

    Descover your audience problems. By using Email list, you can achieve this. Find out the best solutions that can help to solve their problems. You could offer them free E-Books, resources or abything that would add value to the life of your subscriber's.

    Try to build }relationships with other affiliate marketers. You both can share marketing tips and tactics. Approach other affiliate marketers as a source of learning and not as a competition.

  7. Place Affiliate Banners On Your Webpages-

  8. You whitespace on your blog or website. Place the affiliate marketing banner of the product you want to promote.

    A research says that visual Images leaves great Impact on the mind of your audience. Once you place attractive banners, they will surely want to find out more about the product.

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  9. Write A Detailed Review Or Tutorial-

  10. Experts has proven that a detailed review or tutorial brings more sales. Write an In-depth review or tutorial about the product you are using. In your review, Include the beneficial aspect. Tell your audience how the product(s) will help them In their daily life.

    I highly recommend you to write a detailed review of the product If you have not done that. Tell your audience how the product has helped you to solve your problems, by doing this, you are gradually Increasing your readers attachment to the product.

    Wrapping Up: how to Increase your affiliate sales

    With all the tips have provided above, you should have no excuse. This are the best tactics In the affiliate market. If you have tried all this and things aren't working as expected, I'll advice you to seek for help from an expert In affiliate marketing field. Perhaps, you may find It very difficult to find them because they are always busy with their business and thousands of newbies/beginners approach them every single day.

    So, what Is the best approach to this !..

    The best way to approach this Is to buy their affiliate marketing courses or anything they can offer. I'm not trying to say you should spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on their courses. I did not purchase any course, but one (1) surefire thing Is that you have offered yourself a biggest favour. Their course will be detailed enough to see you throughout your markering journey because they have been doing this business for many years and they know In and out of affiliate marketing. I just hope my article on how to Increase your affiliate sales Is detailed enough to help you Increase your affiliate marketing Income rapidly.

Having known all this, I'll love to show you some affiliate program product to promote even without a website or blog. You can promote them on forum websites but be sure that such forum allows affiliate link sharing so that on the long run, you won't get suspended or banned by the forum site.

You can promote your affiliate products on social media websites. Pinterest Is a good example.

Top Affiliate Program Products To Promote

  1. CashSuperStar.Com
  2. If you are very active on Pinterest and you have gathered some huge about of followers, you can start pay per lead (PPL) Income program. Cash Super Star Is a platform that will pay you about $3.0 for every unique signup you get from countries like Canada, USA, UK, New Zealand and Australia..

  3. ShareASale.Com
  4. This Is one of the best affiliate companies you shoud try. They pay very high commission and no matter your blog niche, you surely will find product to promote. It could also promote your products on Pinterest.

  5. TailWind.Com
  6. Tailwind will automatically Increase your affiliate sales.through Pinterest. If you haven't heard of tailwind, then you should try It out now. Tailwind Is a must and best scheduler for people using Pinterest.

    You can start a 30 days free trial then schedule your first 400 Pins. After you create your PIN, add your tailwind affiliate link then start pinning to the most relevant Pinterest boards. Anytime a person signup using the free trial In the PIN, you will be rewarded handsomely with $0.50, and when they ungrade their plan, you get about 15% affiliate commission.

    The Best Survey And Cash Back Sites To Make Money.

    By using this sites, you can earn In two sure ways. You can take part In paid surveys and you can also promote your affiliate links on pinterest.

  7. UniqueRewards.Com
  8. Unique Rewards Is an Internet marketing website that will pay you when you watch videos and read Emails.

  9. UniquePaid.Com
  10. This website Is similar to Unique Rewards. You get paid when you shop online, when you read emas and when you visit other websites.

Start your affiliate marketing journey with any of the websites above. I hope you achieve your dreams soon.. Have a nice day and kindly share this post using the share buttons below.