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Sunday, June 23, 2019

Why I Got Google AdSense Approval In 19 Days

Let me be frank, I joined on 2nd April, 2018. Way back In 2018, I have always wanted to make money online. Anytime I search for keyword like how to make money online, Blogging Is always among the search result pages (SRPs).

Precisely on 27th October, 2018, I started blogging full time. Although I'm still a secondary school student. It Is not easy to combine education with another job entirely. FansnikBlog Is eight(8) months old and within this period, I have written about sixty(60) blog articles. I just recently got approved by Google Adsense yesterday 22 June, 2019. In my article I want to talk about why I got google adsense approval In 19 days.

Before your Google Adsense Application can be approved, you must follow adsense policy. If you have not applied for adsense before, and you applied for the first time, your application will be fast and very easy.

I have a friend who Is also a blogger. He got his own Google Adsense approval In 24 hours.

Before I applied for Google Adsense, I removed some Images from my blog. I took the Images from google just to support by blog post. And obviously, Adsense will not accept you If you use Copywrite Images on your blog.

I made my first google adsense application on 3rd June, 2019 by 5:00pm. After my application I started praying to my God because I know Adsense are very strict with their policies and there Is no way you can get approved If your website or blog violate any of their policies.

That same day, I got a message from Google Adsense late at night. They said (Site Down or Unavailable). My Image will explain better.

When I got this message, I was confused. So I went to Google and search for solution to site down or unavailable In adsense. I came across a blog, where the writer mentioned custom robots.txt file. He said site down or unavailable Is as a result of wrong use of robots.txt file. This feature will make your blog visible to search engines like google and wrong use of this feature will result to your blog being Ignored by search engines.

To access this feaure In your blogger website, login to your dashboard. Goto setting then seach preference. Locate custom robots.txt.

When I checked mine, I discovered my robots.txt file was totally wrong. So I had to create a new one.

Every blogger website have a custom robots.txt file but sometimes It vanishes. You can create a new robots.txt file for your blog.

Click this URL: to generate your own robots.txt file. Make sure you enable every box to (Allowed) as you can see In the screenshot below.

In the sitemap section, add your sitemap. If you don't have a sitemap, leave that space empty and go ahead and generate your robots.txt file. To see If you have a sitemap for your blog, Use this URL:

Replace site name with yours. After generating your file, add It In custom robots.txt section of your blog.

After I fixed the robot.txt file on my blog, I was happy and ready to reapply for adsense. Before I fixed robots.txt file issue on my blog, I already asked a lot of blogger how to fix site down or unavailable In adsense. I went to Youtube to watch some videos but all the videos I saw were In Hindi Language. None of the videos were English Language. Apart from that, I sent the screenshot adsense sent to me concerning site down or unavailable to an Indian blogger. He was the one that really gave me the answer to my adsense account.

He got my message and decided to visit my blog. After some minutes he said he could'nt access my blog with http://. I tried visiting my blog with, unfortunately google said Site Can't Be Reached (404) ERROR.

When I saw this, I realised where the problem Is. This happened because my domain was not redirected. After you buy domain name, you should click the redirect box In the edit section of your Third party URL. I will use blogger to explain this.

solution to site down or unavailable In adsense

If you use blogger, login to your dashboard.Settings then Basic. Navigate to the right hand side where you see your third party URL. click edit and thick the redirect box and Save.

After I fixed this I visited my blog with and I didn't face any error like site not found or 404 error. This Is the AUTHENTIC solution to site down or unavailable In adsense.

After I fixed this problems, I reapplied and I got approved after 19 days.

why I got google adsense approval In 19 days

  1. Wrong robots.txt file:Because of this, eight(8) pages on my blog were Indexed, but blocked by robots.txt The wrong robots.txt file I used, blocked 8 pages In google search.
  2. My domain was not redirected as you can see In my screenshot above.

After I was approved yesterday, I shared It on facebook. I got a lot of questions from people. So I decided to share this article.

Tips For Fast Adsense Approval

  1. Make sure you do not use any copywrite Image(s) from google because It Is againt adsense policy. I removed the ones I used before applying.
  2. Make sure you remove any form of ads on your blog. Adsense hates pop ads. I removed all my affiliate marketing banners before I applied.
  3. Content Is key. Write relevant blog posts to get approval. A friend of mine was rejected because he writes posts that are not adsense friendly. (not relevant).
  4. Make sure you have important pages on your blog such as About page, Contact us. Privacy policy is the most important page. Make sure you have contents Inside each page(s). It must not be left rmpty.
  5. Make sure you place the review code In the Head section of your blog or In a page(s) that gets high tragfic.

Wrapping Up Why I Got Adsense Approval In 19 Days

If you got rejected at your first application, you should fix the issue and reapply again. After you reapply, your next approval will be In the next four(4) days, If you didn't get a message from adsense after four days, wait till seven(7) days. If after seven(7) days adsense did not reply you, don't loose hope. You are probably In a queue. Queuing can take upto six(6) weeks. But In my own case, I got approved, after 19 days...

I will love to see your complaints here, I already answered a lot on facebook. Drop your questions below..