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Monday, October 7, 2019

Top 9 Best Video Games For 2020 | Fansnik

As the year wraps up, we decided to share a list of the best video games for 2020. Game lovers across the globe, I hope my list would mean something creative and tangible. If you are stucked with thoughts of games to play In the up coming year, I've made a fascinating list for you. Presently, the game I value most Is GTA Vice City. My friends can't do without playing It In a single day. I also value MiniMilitia69 because of It's multiplayer feature embeded In It. My friends and I play this games everyday for over an hour and It seems to be more Interesting and fun as we play It more frequently. Kindly go through my list, and In the comment box below, drop a list of games which might suit the list below.

Top 10 Best Video Games For 2020

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  1. Apex Legends -
  2. Apex legends Is an action series that can be played on PC, Xbox One and PS4. It Is free to play. Apex characters are loaded with so much power plus you have access to huge collections of weapon that are capable of taking down your enemies In just a single shut. Apex was released on February 4th, 2019 and Its one game you should play In the up coming year 2020.

  3. A Plague Tale: Innocence -
  4. A Plague Tale Is brought to you by Asobo Studios, A plague Tale: Innocence simply narrates a touching story about two orphans, Amicia and Hugo, they are both running for their precious dear lifes, they are trying to escape the Black Death Terrorizing France way back In the 4th century. A plague Tale, Is more like an action-adventure of a teenager protecting her five (5) year old little brother.

    Will Amicia and Hugo survive In the battle field as they try find that place called home ?..

    Honestly, A plague Tale Is one of the best video game for 2020. A plague Tale was released on May 14th, 2019 and can be played on the following platforms: Xbox One, PC and PS4

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  5. Devil May Cry 5 -
  6. ntertainment sub-niches to blog about.
    DMC5, I can say It's one of the best Arcade video games with lots of actions. As Nero battle In Tokyo for his life. Devil May Cry 5 Is ridiculously cool, sexy and stylish. This Is what lots of people feel about the game.

    For me I feel the best part of DMC5 Is when Nero slash all enemies with motorcycle swords. The blood shed Is fun..

    Release date: March 8 and work perfectly on PS4, Xbox One and >PC.

  7. The Division 2-
  8. Obviously, you can see the guy In the Image above. He Is tag has the best shooter, always ready to destroy any soul that stands In his way. He has huge collection of sophisticated weapons that can take down enemies In just one shot.

    Division 2 Is kind of a rescue ranger residing In washington DC. This game was released on March 15th, 2019 and It works on PS4, Xbox One plus PC.

  9. Judgement -
  10. Judgement Is one of the best mind-blowing games to play In 2020. It was released June 25th, 2019 and can be played on PS4. Judgement was made by SEGA's Ryu ga Gotoku Studios. Judgement Is like a crime-solving genre.

  11. Life Is Strange 2 -
  12. Life Is Strange 2 Is Indeed one of the best video games for 2020. This video game tells a story about two adolescent brothers who saw a drastic change In their environment In one ordinary afternoon.

    Life Is Strange 2 was released On January 24th, 2019 and It's available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

    This two brothers found themselves on a strange road, and you know what? there's no going back..

  13. Rage 2 -
  14. ntertainment sub-niches to blog about.
    Rage 2 Is one video game you should play In 2020. Just with a shotgun, you can disfigure hell demons. As a player, Rage,desperately trying to revive the Orange County zine era. Have fun while playing..

    Play Rage 2 on (PS4, Xbox One and PC). Rage was released on 4th May, 2019.

  15. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
  16. Sekiro who plays the role of a shinobi, who found find himself in the late 1500s Sengoku-era of Japan. This game Is brings curiosity and hearthbreaking moments to Sekiro. As you battle, you also explore. This invitation is what makes Shadows Die Twice one of the most compelling and fascinating video games of this past decade.

    Sekiro Is a furious and rapid ninja warrior. Play Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice on PS4, PC and Xbox One. Released Date: March 22nd, 2019..

  17. Mortal kombat 11
  18. We are all familiar with Mortal Kombat. I have been playing this game for almost a decade now and sure It's among the best video games for 2020. Right from my little phone Nokia C2.

    Mk 11 Is very fun to play. MK 11 features (Liu Kang, Kitana), and our cult favorites (Frost and Noob Saibot).

    Enjoy MK 11 on PC, Xbox One, Swift and PS4. MK 11 came to reality on April 23, 2019.

I hope you had fun while reading best video games for 2020. I believe you would explore at least one game In the list. Do well to share with your friends who are game addict. Pin this post If you love and value my efforts. Warm regards...

Monday, August 26, 2019

Avengers - New Gamescom 2019 Gameplay Demo Walkthrough

Avengers New Games 2019 Gameplay Demo Walkthrough Is just a prefigure of what Marvel Games Is going to present next year. Honestly, I just love this game because of her graphics, Actions, Characters and beautiful designs embeded within. That's not all, Avengers New Games 2019 Gameplay Demo Walkthrough will allow you to play as a single-player and also as co-operative player. You can have your way through by playing as Captain Marvel, Thor, Hulk and Black Widow. This fantastic game will be released on May 15, 2020, so game lovers get ready. Talking from my experience, Marvel games are of good graphics and quality, they are loved by many and Marvel game Is believed to the best now or even later In the future. Watch Avengers-New Games 2019 Gameplay Demo Walkthrough below to see what you should be expecting In 2020.

Playing Avengers New Games 2019 Gameplay Demo Walkthrough

You can enjoy this awesome game on the following platforms:
  1. Personal Computer (PC)
  2. Xbox One
  3. PS4
  4. Stadia

Sunday, July 14, 2019

WWE Universe Mobile Game | Features, Tricks And Download

WWE Universe Is a dream mobile game. A lot of WWE fans has expected something like wwe universe mobile over the years. WWE UNIVERSE Is truely a mobile friendly game. It allows you to select any In-ring competitions from any brand of your choice. You can have your way through Monday Night Raw, SmarkDown Live, NXT, NXT UK and also 205 Live where all skilled and talented wwe superstars reside.

Before I further my writing, lets have a think back of what has been happening In WWE. Both on Raw and Smarkdown Live..

Shane and Drew has been wearing down Roman Reigns (Big Dog) some couple of months now. Well I can't wait till Extrem Rules, my eyes will be clued to the TV. For the first time In WWE history, the Undertaker Is going to team up with Roman Reigns (Big Dog) to settle Issues with Shane and Drew.

While on smarkdown live, Kelven Oven delivered a massive Stunner to Shane Mcmachon four (4) days ago during a match between Dolf Zigla and Roman Reigns. Kelvin Oven had to do this because Shane drove him out of the WWE Arena.

wwe universe hacks and tricks

  1. Know Your Superstar Strenght and Wickness: Before you choose any superstar on wwe universe, It Is good to you know her strenght and weekness. Every wwe superstar has he's tactics and In-ring style. Choosing a wwe superstar with poor or no In-ring style will cause you a lot of damages. It will be hard to power your opponent. So wisely select a superstar who has In-ring style advantages. Consider choosing wrestlers who can dominate easily , over power he's opponent and also a high flyer.
  2. Power To Choose Your Match Type: WWE Universe game has the power to pertake In any match type of your choice. You can compete In singles matches and possibly Tag Team matches. This is completely awesome.
  3. When playing WWE Universe game, you can deliver real finishing moves to your opponent. When playing WWE Universe game, you will hear real chants, real voices of the audience and the real music of wwe superstars.
  4. Download WWE Universe Apk Version Here

  5. WWE Universe allows you to train wwe superstars to their full potential and you can also compete In daily challenges...

Friday, May 10, 2019

Game: What I Like About Heroes Infinity Mod

There Is a wonderful game I play so well specifically everyday. You may be wondering what the game may be. Well It's called heroes Infinity mod. I'm writing this article based on what I like about heroes Infinity mod. I love this game because of her amazing features plus It's beautiful graphics.

features of heroes Infinity mod

In this game, a lot of heroes and champions are sitting back waiting for you to unlock so as to combine them to form a powerful team.

This game has a training field which allows you to develope your own team with other heroes to gain victory.

Heroes Infinty has another great feature which I really like so much. This feature Is called boss party. You can battle with extraordinary legends to gain unique rewards. There Is another feature called super boss. Here, your team have to work really hard beacause the boss of bosses Is near and you can't loose your chances.

There Is a system known as 5 vs 5 battle, this system allows you to prove your team's Strength and Strategy.

Heroes Infinty mod has other unique features which you would like to know. You can download Heroes Infinity mod on Google play Here otherwise download It from another source here and have fun all the way.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

GTA vice city Cheat Codes for pc

Game lovers and my fellow blog readers, something nice Is going to happen today. Without wasting time, I want to talk about an awesome, sophisticated and animated video game In which most of you would have played on a Pc(personal computer). I'm talking about GTA Vice city. This game did not only come with the embedded features within It, perhaps It also came with Cheat codes which can help you pass numerous stages In the game. GTA Vice City for pc only requires speed and accuracy In any mission given.

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GTA vice city cheat code for pc Is something you will find fascinating. Speaking realisticly, my friends and I usaully make use of these cheat codes whenever we are playing GTA vice vity.

One of GTA vice city's cheat codes which I like using to make my game play more fun, Is (Pedestrian Riot). Pedestrian Riot code makes pedestrians/people walking on the road to fight each other.

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GTA vice city cheat codes for pc (personal computer)

  • comeflywithme - your car can fly
  • Green light - All traffic lights become green
  • maima traffic - Traffic will move faster
  • seaways - cars float on water
  • Grip is everything - Improves car handling
  • A hair dress cars - You get a pink car
  • A pleasant day - Nice weather condition
  • A lovely day - Great weather condition
  • A bit drieg - Cloudy weather condition
  • cats and dogs - Rain begins to fall
  • cant see a thing - fog
  • Life is passing me by - Use this to speed up game
  • fight fight fight - pedestrian riot(people walking on the road begins to fight each other)
  • Nobody likes me - pedestrian will attack you
  • Our god given right to bear arms - pedestrians will have a weapon
  • On speed - makes you walk faster
  • Chicks with guns - Bikini women with guns
  • cant take it anymore - you will commit suicide
  • Thugs tools - Thug weapon
  • professional tools - professional weapons
  • precious protection - full armor/protection
  • Leave me alone - Decrease wanted level/ If police were after you, they'll leave you alone
  • panzer - spawn a tank
  • Travel in style - spawn a bloodring banger
  • Get there very fast indeed - your car becomes faster
  • Get there amazing fast - fastest car
  • bigbang - all the cars around you will be destroyed. Make sure you are far away from all vehicles.

Thats all lovely readers and gamers. I hope you really love this article GTA vice city cheat codes for pc? kindly Invite your friends to this blog so they can also benefit. We can also help you embed your youtube videos on this blog at cheap price.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Asphalt 9 Features Released Date And Download

Warm greetings to my blog readers and Game lovers out there. Today I am going to be introducing Asphalt(9).

This magnificent game was realeased way back in 2013, and it has grown drastically since its inception.

In Asphalt 9, You have access to 90 seasons and over 400 events in career mode, with plenty of challenges from experienced car and bike riders.

Asphalt 9 is embebed with "Exotic New Locations" such as iceland, French Guiana, The Nevada Desert plus other animated places to ride your car or bike across.

  • Version: 4.1.2a
  • Updated On: February 21, 2019
  • Download Size:95.96MB

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

5 Best Video Games To Play In 2019 And Their Released Date

Today, I will be writing on 5 Video Games To Play In 2019 plus Their Features. These video games I will be talking about, are yet to be released, perhaps they will soon take the world by storm. The first video game I would like to talk about is

  1. ANTHEM:- Anthem is an upcoming online multiplayer action video game which is set to be released on 22th February, 2019. This fascinating plus animated game is being developed by Bioware and equally published by Electronic Arts.
  2. Anthem is available on the following platforms: PlayStation 4 | Xbox one | Microsoft Windows | PC/Personal Computers.
  3. DEVIL MAY CRY 5:- Another fascinating video game to play in 2019 is the popular Devil May Cry. This game is an upcoming action-adventure plus slash video game. It was developed by Capcom and also published by Capcom. Devil May Cry 5 (DMC) is set to be released on 8th March, 2019. Devil May Cry 5 is available on the following platforms: PlayStation 4 | PS4 | Xbox one | PC/Personal Computers | Microsoft Windows.
  4. DAYS GONE:- This video game is going to storm the world. It has good and animated graphics.{ Days Gone was specifically developed by SIE Bend Studio and then published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Days Gone is an action-adventure video game. It is scheduled to be released on 26th April, 2019. Days Gone works perfectly on the following platforms: PS4 | Xbox | Switch | PlayStation 4
  5. DEAD OR ALIVE 6:- Dead or Alive is also an upcoming fighting video game which was developed by Team Ninja. Dead or Alive was initially going to be released on 15th February, 2019, perhaps it was moved to 1st March, 2019. This sophisticated video game is published by Koei Tecmo (Japan). This game is suitable for the following platforms: PlayStation 4 | Xbox one | Microsoft window | Arcade game | PS4 | PC/ Personal Computer.
  6. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order:- TBA | Team Ninja | Switch.

    Marvel Ultimate Alliance games were a dream come true. This game was originally for Marvel fans. With Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, you are allowed to build your very team just like Dream League Soccer (DLS). Having created your very own dream team, you can beat up just about every villian imaginable.

To purchase any of the games listed above, kindly visit Amazon Store. 🎮💻

Friday, December 28, 2018

Dream League Soccer 2019 Features Download and Released Date

Compliment of the season lovely readers. Another version of Dream League soccer (DLS) is out. But firstly, let me introduce Dream League Soccer (DLS) to those who might be hearing of it for the first time. I'm sure game lovers around the world would have played most of Dream league Soccer games if not all.


Dream League Soccer is also known as DLS, it is a video game which was developed for IOS and Android devices. Dream League Soccer was built by Fitst Touch Games way back in 8 December,2011.

Over the past few years, Dream League Soccer was made available in diffrent versions. Ranging from Dream League 2017, Dream League Soccer 2018 and the latest Dream League Soccer 2019 which i will be showing you it's released date, features and file size.
Dream League Soccer 2019 is one of the best Football Management Games you would love to play. It has a massive features in stock for you. Dream League Soccer 2019 enables you to sign top star players like Gareth Bale. You can create your very own Dream Team by choosing your own style and formation which suits your taste, by doing so, you can take down any team that stands on your way. This is Awesome! isn't it?

  • Like i said earlier, you have what it takes to create your very own Dream Team.
  • DLS 2019 allows you to take part in 6 League Divisions and also in over 7 different Cup competitions.
  • You can take part in live events to win great prizes plus glory
  • You can build your own sophisticated stadium so as to showcase your players
  • You can upload your own customised kits and also logos
  • You van develope players who are very much accuate and intent
After reading the awesome features of Dream League Soccer 2019, i'm sure you will not think twice.
  • Version: 6.05
  • Last Updated: 20th December,2018
  • Download Size: 326MB

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Game: Batman Gotham Most Wanted Features And Download

Over the years, Batman's games has been trending. I could remember playing a lot on my java phone some few years back. Since the inception of batman games in 2009, a lot of improved features has been built in the present batman games.
  • Today i introduce to you this fascinating batman's game which was released in 2016. BATMAN:Gotham's Most Wanted". This game is one of the best batman games i have ever played.
  • After the making of "Public Enemies/Superman and Batman" animation, the game was launched. There you have to compete with "Darkside".You can either select superman or batman. Each of them have their uniqueness. Superman with Laser, ice and super punch. And Batman with Bat Bombs.
  • It has a good collection of Dc heroes. Such has Batman,Flash,Cyborg,Green Arrow,Cat Woman and so on
  • With these game, Cyborg hack into a computer, and to track down the secret hideout of villains.
  • You can track down the mastermind behind of any crime in Gotham city.
Enjoy guys

Friday, November 16, 2018

Asphalt 8 Latest Updates Now Lets You Race With Bikes

In recent time, Asphalt has become one of the worlds most popular and played games. All the Asphalt i played were with motor cars. But with news Asphalt 8 Airborn, you can against four wheels on bikes.
  • In Asphalt 8 Airborne, you'll race in some of the hottest dertermination of achievement. You can race from cars to bikes. Some of the ravishing cities in which you can use to explore your speed is in Neveda Desert and also the light of turns in Tokyo,Japan.

Features of Asphalt 8 Airbo rne

These game is full of fun,challenge and excitement
  • This game has an awesome collection of sophisticated Licensed models. Such as the popular Lamborghini Veneno,Bugatti 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse,Mclaren P1.
  • It has a massive collections of 9 seasons and over 4000 events in career mode.
  • Asphalt 8 Airborne has a huge collections of challebges for experiences cars and motocycle riders. Also there are top prices to be worn ranging from Limited-Time cups, which can give you easy access to some of the latest cars in the games
  • This game has an interesting multi-player system. You can race your dream action with upto 8 Authentic players. With this multi-player Leagues and Seasons, you should race your best against other players so as to earn more points and win great prices in the limited-time racing.
  • You can share your racing achievements to prove that you are the most extreme speed machine. This game has a of 9mega byte

To download Asphalt 8 Airborne Click here to download from playsore

Kindly comment.We love comments..

Monday, November 12, 2018

Game: Snipper 3D Shooter. Features And Download

Playing games on your Android phone is something fun. I could remember when i when is junior secondary school, i had over 60 different games on my java phone.
  • I am here to indroduce Snipper 3D Gun Shooter. This game has different activites. It is really Animated unlike some game with poor graphics.
  • This game can be played when you are offline, unlike other games that require data in other for you to play them
  • In snipper 3D shooter, your duty is to kill zombies' exploding helicopter and also racing against time
  • This game has a realistic 3D graphics with a cool animation
  • It consists of unlimited missions
  • It has a massive collection of sophisticated weapons ans it also have a huge collections of different beatuful cities.It is also easy to play. It is suitable to play on Android phones and tablets
  • version 2.14.14
Start enjoying this awesome game on your phone. Click Here to download.