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Monday, October 28, 2019

Easy Ways To Make Money Blogging As A Beginner

First things first...I really want to say all the words Inside my head. I apologies for my late updates here, to be frank I've been very busy with work. I've prepared a post titled make money blogging as a beginner..

My content features 5 (five) things you must do before you can make money from your blog. Most people often get confused about blogs. My tutorial would explain the key things you should know.

What Is A Blog !

A blog In a simple term, Is a web page where written contents are published.

As a blogger, I know your goal Is to see your blog doing well like other popular blogs are, you must work hard In Increasing your traffic. A blog that has good traffic Is sure to make huge Income.

how to make money blogging as a beginner.

Just recently, a friend of mine was asking me what he can blog about, I told him to follow his heart..

To be a successful blogger, there Is just one requirement you need. Honestly, Its just a passion for your topic. You can make money from any Niche at all.

Blogging Is when you write about a topic you are passionate about, there Is no need to copy others. You blog may fail along the line.

Before you can make money with your blog, You:

  1. Create A Contact Page On Your Blog:

  2. As a beginner blogger who wants to monetize his or her blog with Google Adsense, this page Is very vital.

    Your contact page should equally contain your E-mail address, phone number and possibly your social media profile links.

    As you can see, In my home page, i've added my social media Icons. Contact page should not be neglected, a blog without this feature Is really going to loose a big time.

  3. Check Your Mobile Site:

  4. This Is one thing you should look out for If you really want to make money blogging as a beginner.

    A lot of people visit the web with their mobile phones, this Is the main reason why your blog should be readable/visible on mobile devices.

    Pick a theme/template that Is (Mobile Responsive).

  5. Write about products that you love, even if you’re not being compensated to mention them.

  6. You can tell the world/audience how much you love the new product(s) you just boughth newly. When next the company makes a new brand of the product, you can ask them If you can review the product and don't forget to send the preview link of the review you made.

    You can get In touch with the company like this:

    Dear, Large Headphone Manufacturer,,, I would love to review your new headphone on my blog. (click here to see the products I reviewed recently / post link)...

    With time, the company may consider you and they will begin to pay you to review their products. This Is also called (Sponsored Post) or paid post.

    This Is one of the easy ways to make money blogging as a beginner..
  7. Write Killer Contents:

  8. As a beginner blogger who wants to monetize with companies likes Adsense. Your contents must be genuine, no copy and paste from other blogs. Write long contents and hit the main point. Blogging Is very lucrative and profitable If done correctly. Top bloggers around the world make decent Income from their blogs and even a part-time blog can generate little Income If everything Is put In place.

    A blogger Is called an expert because of the popular contents they have written over time. Quality contents will bring recognition. Some expert bloggers has even gotten books and also movie deals based on their blogs..

    Up: make money blogging as a beginner

    I believe my little efforts on this topic Is sufficient to solve your problem as a beginner.

    As a beginner blogger, you should never stop learning. Make friends with succrssful bloggers around your niche and try to study they way they write. Learn from their mistakes and look for ways to solve them so you won't fall In the same part like they did Initially...

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Best Niche To Blog About And How To Monetize It - Fansnik

You are thinking of stating a blog but you do not know the best niche to blog about and how to monetize It ?.. Well, don't get frustrated too soon, I could remember way back In 2018, before I started blogging, choosing a profitable Niche Is one of the most difficult phase newbies bloggers face. It took me about three (3) weeks before I could come up with a niche to blog about. During the early days of blogging, bloggers wrote about themselves, their feelings and Ideas. Perhaps, blogging has gone beyond what It was way back when. The niche you choose to blog about will automatically determine how successful your blog will be and how much money you will earn within your blogging season. Obviously, some niche has more competition than others do. If you are planning of taking blogging as a full time career, then you should be very mindful of the niche you choose, so that you won't run out of post Ideas.

5 Best Blog Niches To Blog About

  1. LifeStyle Niche:
  2. The lifestyle Niche Is one of the most profitable niches out there. This niche can Include anything that has to do with one's way of life. If you have a pleasant lifestyle that Is worth living then this niche will work best for you.

    Lifestyle Niche Is about writing some piece of contents that can help one Improve his or her life.

    How to make money from Lifestyle blog niche

    You can earn huge money through paid sponsored contents, affiliate Income and ads. Below are Lifestyle sub-niches to blog about:
    • Life Hack
    • Fashion
    • Nutrition
    • Religion
    • Parenting/mon and dad blog
    • Culture
    • Fitness/Body Building
    • Travel
    • Health
    • Professional Development

  3. News Niche:
  4. This niche Is almost the best niche to blog about. Things happen around the world an people needs to know about It. If you are going for this niche, you must make sure your blog Is regularly updated with the latest trending news.

    how to make money from news niche

    The best source of Income for this niche Is using ads networks like Google Adsense, Infolink, and more. Below are News sub-niches to blog about:
    • Politics
    • Business
    • Health
    • Science
    • Celebrity
    • Entertainment

  5. Entertainment Niche:
  6. The entertainment niche Is very competitive here In Nigeria. This niche Is one of the best niches to blog about If you are very up to date about the latest Tv shows, trending gist, music then you can go for this niche If you have passion for It.

    how to make money from Entertainment Niche

    Most Entertainment bloggers earn from ads revenue and also with featured post. Below are Entertainment sub-niches to blog about.
    • Games
    • Sport
    • Tv Shows example: Big Brother Naija (BBN)
    • Science
    • Memes
    • Jokes
    • Music
    • Comedy
    • Movies
    • Theater

  7. Food Niche:
  8. Food niche Is a niche that can talk about anything food related. Food niche Is for people who love to cook and also people who have seen or tasted other type of food In other places/country apart from their home town dishes.

    how to make money from food niche

    Most food bloggers make money by selling food recipe to their audience, they can make money through affiliate programs and ads network (Adsesnse) as It works best for all blog niches out there. Below are some sub-niches for food niche
    • Recipes
    • Food Discovery
    • Restaurant Review
    • Wine
    • Fine Dining
    • Catering
    • Food Photography

  9. Technology Niche:
Tech niche Is also one of the best niche to blog about, which automatically consist of any sub-topic that Is related to electronics and tech.

how to make money from tech niche

Most tech bloggers make decent money with affiliate marketing and also companies can pay tech bloggers to review their products and they get paid. Below are some of the best sub-niche for Tech.
  • Computers
  • Mobile Phone Review
  • Robotics
  • Network Review

how to choose the best niche to blog about

  1. Write A List Of Things You Are Passionate About
  2. Create a list of what you are passionate about. It could be that you love to try the latest game released, watching new movies, traveling around the globe. It could even be your hobbies, things you love to think about all the time.

    The point of choosing a niche Is very critical. You shouldn't jump Into a niche because you feel Is the best niche to blog about and It could possibly bring more money. If this Is your mindset, you'll end up failing. Narrow down your Interest so that you won't run out of post Ideas.

  3. Write A List Of Things You Are Very Good At
  4. At this point, you are to make a list of things you are very good at. At this stage, you are making sure you take a good step In picking the best niche to blog about because, your audience needs quality contents. Articles that have full details of what they are looking for. If you miss this target, you'll have hard time In building your readers. If you are finding It difficult to figure out, you can ask your friends too perhaps, they may know about It.

  5. Weigh Your Commitment To Each Of The List You Created
  6. Ask yourself If you can write continuously on the niche without getting bored. Carefully go through your list, If you can't write frequently on a topic, cross It off. Continue this exercise untill you find a very profitable niche that would work perfectly for you and your readers.

  7. Choose The Niche You Want To Write On
This Is the last lap. Finally you choose your blog niche. Having done that, you can now set up your blog then you begin to publish contents.

If you really want to be successful In your niche, go to other blogs around your niche then read their contents and learn from their mistakes so that you can produce high quality contents. Try to write Evergreen contents, I mean contents that will live long on the Internet, and even In the next 20 years, people will still be searching for It.

Wrapping up best niche to blog about and how to monetize It

I hope my article has helped you In the area of niche selection and how to monetize It. Try to publish contents frequently on your new blog. If you found my article helpful, kindly share on social media platforms and drop your thoughts In the comment box below..Thank you.

Thursday, August 29, 2019

10 Important Lessons I Learned From 11 Months of Blogging As A Career

I have been blogging for almost eleven (11) months now, what a period It has been for me. I have faced positive and negative seasons perhaps I can say It Isn't easy honestly. blogging as a career Is one of the most critical online jobs anyone can do. If you don't have passion for It, you will quickly quit even before you see your blog doing well. Over the past few months, some things went very smoothly for me while some gave me unpleasant headaches. My purpose of wrting this article Is to briefly give you some Insights of the things I faced when I started blogging as a career In 2018. Hopefully, you would learn from my mistakes and you should work on them to see how to Improve them so as to make your blogging career a fruitful one.

When you are done reading this post, kindly comment below what you have learnt since you started your blogging journey. I would be glad to receive them.

My 11 months of blogging as a career experience

  1. Blog About The Niche You Are Passionate About: Blogging about the topic you are most passionate about can not be over emphasized. I see a lot of beginners bloggers blogging about what they see other people doing. Just like when I had my first blog In 2016. I was following my friends niche not knowing he has passion for what he was doing. Way back when, none of my blog post where from my head, they were all copy and paste.

    It Is very easy for you to come up with blog post Ideas If truelly you have passion for It. If you are not passionate about what you are blogging about, you will eventually see yourself loosing motivation on what you publish on your blog and your blog begin to die gradually due to lack of contents.

    When I started my first blog, I had no passion for It. All my posts were stolen from other people's website. At a time I saw myself blogging on random niches. My blog was so boring to me even If I had few people visiting If daily.

    It's very unfortunate that after three (3) months of blogging as a career, the host shutdown and that was how I lost my first blog. I wouldn't say that was a waste of time and efforts but I really learnt a lot during the few months of blogging.

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  3. Keywords Research And SEO Are Very Important:
  4. By using and targeting of relevant keywords, your blog Is likely to be among the list In search result pages (SRPs). This keywords are word phrases used by people when looking for Information on search engines like Google.

    Organic traffic are those traffic gotten from search engines like Google and If you want your blog to ,be among the list when a particular word Is searched for, then you should write your articles with keywords In mind.

    I was blogging for six (6) months without paying attention to SEO. I saw search engine optimization as something hard so I didn't pay much attention to It. After seven (7) months of blogging, I realised I wasn't getting any traffic from Google. Then I contacted a particular blogger and he said I used start using relevant keywords In my blog articles.

    Use a google keywords tool like, Google Keywords Planner, SemRush or to find relevant kegwords around your niche. Research for keywords that are popular around your niche but not been used by many websites. Try to focus on Long-Tail Keywords because they have more words and they have less competition. Meaning that only few websites are awear of them. Some websites might be awear of them, perhaps they may not know how to target them. Example of long-tail keywords can be blogging as a career or the best place to visit In europe.

    Browse through my article on how to do keywords research | SEO on-page practices to have a clear Idea of what keywords are, how to find relevant keywords and how to use them within your blog post.

  5. Longer Posts Attracts More Visitors:
  6. During my elevent months of blogging, I've learnt that the longer our posts are, the higher our chances of ranking will be. Because when you write longer posts, you Input more keyword words within your contents making It easy for search engine spiders to pick your blog.

    According to a research conducted by YOAST, the developer of one of wordpress SEO plugins, he said we should all aim to produce articles that are 1000+ words. Back then In 2018 when I first started blogging as a career, my posts were shorter but now I try writing longer contents and I can obviously see the differences and positive Impact of It on my blog.

    When writing longer articles, there are some few things you should keep In mind:

    Make sure It flows properly- You can add quotes, your daily life experinces and try to relate back to your previous topics.

    Invest more time In longer articles- To be frank, writing longer articles times more time and energy than when you write shorter arricles. Don't get me wrong!.. You need to be patient If you really want to produce longer contents, know your keywords and place them where they make the most sense and no beating around the bush. Just go straight to the main topic and don't try spewing nonsense just to makeup your words count.

  7. Always Ask For Opinion:
  8. The most common mistakes I have seen bloggers make Including myself Is that we have failed to seek opinion from people. Sometimes we are just too proud of our blog. People might see the mistakes you are making, but to you, everything Is okay because we refuse see It.

    It Is every bloggers dream to see their blog successful but do our blog even deserve to be among the best. We think our blog Is the best and therefore It deserves all the traffic In this world.

    People can see what you don't see that Is why we should try to seek opinion from other people. Remember no man Is a Island. Lately, I've learnt so much from friends, bloggers In the same niche as me and my blog visitors. I read all the comments, some are positive while some are negative. Its good as you are getting all this feedback because It will help you to Improve your content and your blog as well. Remember we are writing for our audience and not for yourself.

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  9. A Good WebHost Makes All The Differences:
  10. There was a particular time when I was having low web traffic. I was not happy seeing bloggers In the same niche as me doing far better than I am. It Is really painful. Sometimes I will just seat down and I begin to worry about my blog.

    Before I started blogging as a career, I made researches. I joined many facebook blogging groups. One day, I ask a particular blogger If I can make money using which Is a free host, he said I cannot make anything unless I use WordPress. My heart started beating as If It was the worlds Dooms Day. I became worried and I almost gave up because I couldn't afford to buy a web hosting plan not to talk of a domain name.

    The next day I contacted another blogger who told me what blogger and wordpress are capable of doing. Then I understood the differences between both of them. At the end I went for the free host. Few months ago an Indian guy was telling me I can never have huge traffic unless I use wordpress.

    There are many web hosting companies on the Internet I'll just mention a few: Bluehost, Host Gator, Siteground, Digital Ocean, DreamHost and what have you. Their server speed Is so excellent plus your site will be 80% faster than what It Is at normal.

    Visitors love fast websites and they will leave a website If Its taking forever to load. Greater number of webmasters from all walks of life chose BlueHost as their web hosting plan. If you are planning of switching, I'll recommend blue host. Click here to switch to blue host and see how your blog will perform.

  11. Never Stop Making Researches: I conducted a lot of researches before I start blogging as a career In 2018. Up till today I still make researches. I cannot know all. I can honestly tell you I learn something new and beneficial every single day.

    Before I wrote this article, I made some researches so that what I'm presenting to my audience will look more presentable and more detailed than other blogs In the same niche as me. The more you do your researches, the more and better blog-growing Infos you'll find and Implement.

    Your researches should be based on things you aren't good at and you are aspiring to know more about them. It could be how to write better blog contents, Search engine optimization, marketing, how to make money blogging, this are the type of researches you should be conducting more often as they will help grow your blog.

    Learn from other bloggers and blogs around your niche, never stop researching and make your habit.

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  12. Use The Best Marketing Trends To Aquire More Traffic: One scary part of blogging Is that search engines like Google and social media platforms frequently change their algorithms. In my secondary school days I was taught that Algorithm Is a step by step procedure for carrying out a task. What am I trying to point here?.. As search engines and social media platforms changes/updates their algorithm, some tactics which works now, may not work In the future.

    When this happens, we'll begin to learn new ways by which we can promote our blogs. This Is scary for most bloggers Including myself. Marketing Is all about finding the right way by which we can grow our audience. Try to figure out the best marketing technique and stick to them. Use what Is best for you, the only online job that favoured me Is blogging the rest are to no avail, so stick to what works best for you.

  13. Track Your Blog Statistics And Then Utilize Them: Install Google Analytics on your blog so that you can see how your blog Is performing over time. Every business Is targeted at a profit not loss. Here are some things you should look out for:

    Blog Page Views: A post with high page views Is not an ordinary page. It means that the page get so many visitors attention. A post with high page views Is obviously a popular post. Try to promote them more often as the will keep surprising your blog with more visitors. Try to descover why some of your post are very popular and others are not. This will help you exponentially to write more killer contents that will drive In more visitors on your blog.

    Aquisition: Will help you find out where your traffic Is coming from. If It Is Facebook or Twitter, facebook might be your highest traffic sources and twitter may not. So If It Is fb, spend more time promoting your contents on facebook and find out why twitter Isn't working for you.

Wrapping Up: blogging as a career!

I've noticed that when I write In a cool environment, my blogging Inspiration Increases, more Ideas comes In. Sometimes your Location may be a factor. When you are surounded with distractions, try to change your location , you can sleep or you have a walk, you'll surely find some Ideas In your environment.

The Blue Host link above Is our Affiliate link, meaning that we earn some commissions when you signup.

That's all for now. I just hope my article Is useful and I believe you found some takeway from my write up. Kindly share below your own blogging as a career experiences!. And do well to help share this post anyway you can. Happy Blogging..

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

How To Rank Your Website Higher On Google First Page | SEO On-page Practices

How do I rank my website on google first page ?, have you ever thought of this before. No website or blog owner can change actually change the position of their website or blog on Google Search Result Pages (SRPs). This Is simply because search engines uses their algorithm to determine which website have the most Important query you have searched for. Getting on google's first page Is every bloggers dream because It drives more organic traffic to your web pages...Keywords research Is a good search engine optimization practice. Without keywords In your articles, there Is no way Your website can appear on google search result pages (SRPs).

Before I started blogging, I read so many articles about search engine optimization (SEO), I always came across this words "use relevant keywords". At a time, I thought I had known all I need to know about keywords research. Lets say I want to write a blog post on how to make money online, I'll goto google then I search the keywords. Once I search the keyword term, and I see a lot of websites have used the keyword, I'll pick the keyword(s) as my targeted keywords.

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This was the mistake I was making way back when. Thinking that I was using relevant keywords for my articles.

One of the things every website onwer love to see Is when their website appears first on search results pages. If this happens, you will eventually drive massive traffic to your web page.

how to rank my website on google first page

  1. Write Quality Blog Contents: I once thought that quantity Is better than quality. But that Is a wrong Impression. Write blog posts from your head and do not goto someone else's website to copy tbeir own content. By doing this, your search ranking will eventually suffer and you may end up been penalized by google.

    To be frank with you, there Is actually to required word count for your blog post. But remember that the more words you use In your article, the better your chances of optimization will be.

    I have actually written a blog post titled MTN Cheats Code, that article Is not more than 200 words count and till today, I am still first on google search results pages. Don't get me wrong please, You can can't expect to rank with 500 word counts when your competitors are writing articles of two (2) thousand words count.

    I usually tell people that finding relevant keywords Is not enough, what really matter Is how you place them within your articles. How you place keywords on your articles Is Important because search engine spiders will use It to determine If trully your website has enough data for the search term been used by people when finding Information.

  2. Make Good Use Of relevant Keywords: This keywords are word phrases people search for when they need Information. If I want to write an articles on Affiliate Marketing, after my keywords research, If I find out so many websites has used the keywords, I'll conduct another research on affiliate marketing tips untill I find a keyword I can rank on.

    There Is also what we call Long-tail keywords, they have between 4 - 8 words, they are not frequently searched for and only few websites know about them. Focus on long-tail keywords because they will help you drive massive organic traffic to your website.

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    Use a good keyword tool like Google keywords Planner, Google Trends,, and to find what people are searching for.

how to rank my website on google first page

This Is the most Important aspect of this post. If you use relevant keywords for your blog post and perhaps you didn't place them well, your chances of ranking will be low. Search engine spiders watch out for websites that place the keywords In stratrgic places.

this Is how I place my keywords!

  1. My keywords must appear In my post title/description because this Improves click through rate from search engines.

  2. It must be In the first paragraph of my article.
  3. You are expected to add as many keywords that makes the most sense In your first paragraph. Your first paragraph should be more than 100 words count then place your keywords within It.
  4. Use the keywords only ONCE In h1 tag then use It 2 - 3 times In h2 tags depending on how lenghtly your article Is. For every 100 words you write between 3 - 7 of them should have this keywords. This Is about 3% to 7%. The keywords should be rapped with the bold or Italic tags.
  5. Conclude your article with a strong paragraph. That Is, the keywords should be Included In the last paragraph of your blog post. Use the keywords In your anchor textwhen linking your old posts to your latest one.
  6. You can add keywords In the alt (alternative text) section of your Images but don't abuse It

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wrapping up: how do I rank my website on google first page

Don't use too many keywords In your article. search engine algorithm look out for websites that over use keywords. This practice Is called stuffing. By using too many keywords your site can eventually be black-listed as spam.

Use Images that are related to the article you published. I just hope my article on how to rank my website on google first page Is very useful to you. Kindly drop your thoughts about this article In the comment box below.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

8 Critical Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting A Blog | Fansnik

I know I'm not updating this blog as I'm Supposed to perhaps, kindly accept my apologies. Today I want to share an article on 8 things I wish I knew before starting a blog. Way back when, blogs were personal dairy. Bloggers were meant to blog about their self to be precise, about their feelings, thoughts and Ideas, untill the world evoled then behold, blogging changed to what It Is now. It Is recorded that there are over 1.6 billion websites In the world and more than 500 million are seen as blogs written by several authors.

Blogs are very Important because they help us to know what an author have In mide even without he or she speaking.

I started blogging since October 27, 2018. Firstly, I started blogging because I wanted to make money online. After some months, I descovered I had a lot of work to do before money can start coming to me through blogging. Those that uses will have to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by themselves because blogger does not have SEO Tools like WordPress. Recently, I saw a post on facebook. Where someone said

I pity those who think Google Adsense Is the only way to earn from their blog...

This applies to beginners/newbie bloggers. After they build their blog, the next thing they have In mind Is how to make money. When I was still In high school, my classmates thought blogs were a total waste of time. Whenever they see me the next thing they ask me Is how much have you made from your blog?, I say nothing. They'll just laugh and pass by. Sometimes I tried conviencing them that blogging Is all about passion but all to no avail.

8 things I wish I knew before starting a blog

As a blogger, your goal should be how to grow your blog and your traffic. Leave everything about money. When the right time comes, trust me, that money will surely come to you.

  1. Research For The Best Niche To Blog: Before I started blogging, It was really hard for me to find the perfect niche for my blog. I made a lot of researches on google trying to see what I can actually blog about. I also asked some bloggers to find me a profitable niche. They all told me to follow my dream and my mind.

    It took me about three (3) days before I found a niche I can blog about and thats what this blog offers to you occassionally. Have you ever tried to figure out how other popular blogs got to where they are today, do you think they made little or no research, absolutely not. This bloggers spend quality time making researches and watching Youtube videos about their competitors websites.

    They see the tactics used by their fellow bloggers and they Implement them on their own blogs.

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  3. Don't Spend Too Much Time In Making Your Blog Beautiful: Don't get me wrong with this, but your blog design really matters a lot when It comes to user experience. Your blog design should be mobile friendly, easy to navigate and presentable to your audience.

    I have seen a lot of blogs with urgly design and honestly speaking, they are far better than mine, they are SEO optimized and very popular.

    A friend of mine has been running a blog for some couple of months now and he has changed his template over 15 times now. He worries so much about the look of his blog when he should be worrying about Improving his traffic and writing quality content. He doesn't even know about Keywords Research, all he wants Is a beautiful blog. Why not use that time to make researches about how to grow your blog rather than stressing yourself on how beautiful your blog Is.

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  5. Work Diligently On Your SEO: My blog has been on a free platform for ten (10) months now. I wish I have enough money to move to WordPress, the worlds largest^ and busiest Content Management System (CMS).

    As a blogger, WordPress Is a one of the best place to use. But If you don't have money, you have no choice than to use a free host like Don't just rely on Yoast SEO plugin as your only source of organic traffic to your blog. It doesn't work that way.

    Don't get me wrong please. Yoast SEO plugin power cannot be underestimated at all. This plugin Is so amzing because It help you to know how your keywords are Implemented around your articles. Yoast SEO plugin cannot do all your Organic Traffic work, so you need another great tool If you really want to drive massive traffic to your blog through a search engine like Google.

    As a newbie, lets take for example. You want to write a post on how to earn from apps, then you set your keywords as earning app, you'll surely follow what you see In your Yoast checklist. When your post Is optimized, you see everything becomes green. Isn't It?.

    But you know something, even If your post Is optimized, what Is the chance that your blog will appear In the first 100 search result pages (SRPs). Your chances are very low because a lot of websites and blogs have used that same keyword and they are already ranking on It..

    This Is why you should not rely only on Yoast SEO pkugin as your only source of organic traffic. There Is something known as Long-Tail Keywords. Example: Buhari on a trip to london. Long-Tail Keywords have more words. It can be between 4 - 8 words. They have less competition and It will fetch you the desired organic traffic you need.

    I just wish I knew about Long-Tail keywords before starting my blog way back In 2018. But now, I'm enjoying the benefits of Long-Tail keywords. Most of my traffic are organic and my Google page view has Increased lately. See Image Below..

    I wrote a post about how to conduct keyword research for your blog post. My article will teach you how to find relevant long-tail keywords for your blog.

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  7. Focus On What You Can Do For Your Audience And Not For Yourself: People source the web when they are looking for one Information or the other. Hopefully, If your website has what they need, your website or blog Is valuable to them. Most times, people use your content without commenting. Its normal. But some will appreciate your efforts.

    To be realistic, nobody cares about what you do, but they care about what you can do for them. If they find your website or blog useful, they will bookmark It and surely, they ,will come again to get more Information from your blog. The only way to get more subscribers Is when your blog offers something they value.

    Lets say you are a LifeStyle blogger and you provide health tips, food and exercise tips, you can promote yourself as a lifestyle blogger that help people live a healthy life. That way, you know what your viewers want and perhaps they find your blog valuabe. Surely they will always come back.

    Just like fansnikblog that provides articles on monetization tips, SEO, Browsing Tweaks, Tutorials and lots more. Our articles are valuable to our visitors, and they keep coming back for more. Some of them even tell me about post Ideas I should write on.

    So now, the question you should be asking yourself Is what valuable thing can I offer to my viewers ?, to make them come back again.

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  9. Think About Quality And Not Quantity: One of the best ways to make your viewers attached to your blog Is by posting regularly. Before I started blogging, I used to think that I must Update my blog everyday. Not knowing Quality Is far better and more valuable than Quantity.

    It Is better for me to publish one Quality content every few days than to publish low-quality contents everyday.

    If you want to publish contents everyday, then make sure It has value. Make sure It Is of good quality because by publishing low-quality contents, you are running the risk of destroying your blog ranking.

    When visitors visit your blog, they expect to see what they are looking for without stress. If perhaps they didn't get what they actually want, they'll probably never want to visit your blog again.

    It a good thing to read through your old blog posts If any one requires an update, try to update them. Just remember that you must not have similar pages on your blog If not your search ranking will suffer and you may end up been penalized by Google.

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  11. Link Up With Other Bloggers Around Your Niche: Few years back, I came across a blogger through his facebook blog page. I told him I would like to be successful like my fellow bloggers In my NICHE. He said "Blogging Is too wide, If you want to be successful In bloging, then get someone to help you. You can't do It alone, try to link up with other bloggers In your niche."

    No doubt, the more you connect with other bloggers the better you become. No man Is an Island. You both can share Ideas, thoughts, tactics and marketing strategies that can take both blogs to the next level. It dooesn't neccessarily need to be a blogger around your niche, It could be within any niche at all.

    You both can help to solve each others problems plus you can as well motivate each other along the way. If you are confused of where to find bloggers around your niche, start with facebook blogging groups. There you will find huge collections of bloggers around your niche and other Niche too. Feel free to connect with them, but be very careful though.

    Kennedy Prosper has always been my Inspiration. I have learnt a lot from him. He is the man behind, and many other blogs.

    Another friend I have Is Micheal. I call him my brother. I learnt so many things from him, apart from that, he has help me fix a lot of problems I faced. He Is the man behind I'll love to say a big thank you to them. Please pardon me If I didn't mention your name.

  12. If Only You Can Be Patient, You'll Succeed: Like I said earlier, my previous goal was to make money online with my blog. Untill I descovered I had real work to do before I can earn. One of my friends came today, he asked me how much have you made from your blog ?

    As a beginner blogger, you don't expect your blog to grow so rapidly like that, I take some time. Its so unfortunate that most beginner bloggers even end up quitting even before they see their blog doing well.

    Just like my friend who started a blog few months ago, he just got Adsense lately. Unfortunately, facebook blocked him from sharing links. He told me he Is already tired of blogging because facebook Is the only source of traffic for his blog and he has been blocked. I told him, he has not started blogging yet.

    Bloggers that made full-time Income from their blogs are the one that stayed committed, they overcame all their obstacles and they never backed down to challenges when It comes to them. You should learn from this type of bloggers.

Having known all this, you should start Implementing them on your blog soon. I wish I knew all this tactics before starting a blog In 2018. Nevertheless, I learnt how to conduct keywords research from Kennedy Prosper's blog.

Anytime I ask him how I can Increase my traffic he always tell me to practice SEO. I was somehow lazy, untill I conquered my laziness then I learnt some SEO tactics.

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Wrapping up | 8 things I wish I knew before starting a blog

When I started Implementing everything on the list, I saw that my blog begin to grow more exponentially..

Blogging Is all about knowing the right thing and practicing It. Making research Is something you should do more frequently. Watch Youtube videos to see the visual aspect.

I just hope my article Is useful, comment below If you have anything to say concerning this post. Happy Blogging...