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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

KUDA Referral Program | Earn N200 When You Refer A Friend

I'm very sorry for my late updates here. I'm a little bit busy because of work. I want to share this tutorial on KUDA Referral Program. You can earn upto N200 naira when you refer a friend to the kuda app.

Earning with KUDA app Is quite different from other referral programs. I'll quickly explain what KUDA Is, how to earn and other Important features to be awear of.

What Is Kuda ?..

Kuda Is simply a mobile banking app for Nigerians. It gives you an account you can spend on, plus a debit card accepted worldwide and the option of saving every time you spend.

How To Sign Up On Kuda App

  1. Firstly, Click here to download kuda mobile app.
  2. Signup with your phone number and e-mail, then verify It.
  3. Leave the BVN option.
  4. Take a selfie of yourself, upload It and move to the next step.
  5. Once your registration Is successful, you can now start referring friends and earning money through them.

How To Refer Friends On Kuda

Login to your kuda account, locate the more button which Is found just below the buttom right. Having done that, click on Refer & Earn, there you can copy your referral code.

How Does Kuda Referral Program Work ?..

  1. Unlike other referral programs, Kuda does not require ID verifiacation before you can refer any one. It's not compulsory on kuda.
  2. Kuda gives you N200 for every person you refer/bring to the app.
  3. Your earnings will be credited to your kuda account only on Mondays.
  4. You can withdraw your cash anytime you want, and you can either get your kuda cash as recharge card or straight to your bank account.
  5. No signup bonus on kuda and your earning Is only through referral..😃

Monday, June 10, 2019

App-Review: Is 24bids Application Scam Or Legit

Few days ago, I published an article on how to make money reading news and watching videos on buzzbreake application. If you are yet to download and explore this app, I advice you to give it a try because my $0.02 Is ready for withdrawal Into my paypal account.

To be specific, I'm here to talk about 20bids application which I having been reviewing for 3(three) days now. 24bids application claims to be giving out 500mb worth of data to MTN users and to this effect thousands of people have flooded the app.

What Is 24bids

According to 24bids webpage, they claim to be a product review website that get their materials from website's like Amazon, Ebay, Esty, Jumia and what have you.

According to 24bids webpage, they claim to be giving $250 dollars to anyone who post products from their partner website to their's. I read they reward $150/month for sharing products.

They also wrote that one can earn up to $1000 for becoming a 24bids agent who will help to spread 24bids services.

The main reason why I downloaded this application was only because of the 500mb data which they claim to be rewarding to people who download their app for the first time.

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I downloaded the application and I went through the signup process and It was very successful afterall. After my signup, I requested for my data with my Airtel sim perhaps It din't accept It perhaps my MTN number came up and I used successfully. After that I got the message from 24bids.

See the screenshot below

I was hoping to get my 500mb data but unfortunately, all to no avail. Its about 3 days now and I'm yet to get my 500mb data reward.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

App Review: How To Chat Without Internet Via Bluetooth

Exam time now. But I'll make sure I update my blog as I normally would. FansnikBlog present's how to chat without Internet via bluetooth.

What Is Bluetooth Chat

Bluetooth chat application that enables two people communicate with each other by sending short messages and also Images through bluetooth technology.

Bluetooth Chat application Is developed by Glodanif and I'm happy to tell you that bluetooth chat app now has over 100 thousand downloads on google playstore.

Having known the power of bluetooth chat application. I'm sure you would like to explore with the app right?. click to download the app here to access bluetooth chat app.

how to chat without Internet via bluetooth

  1. Now It Is time to setup your bluetooth chat app. After you have successfully downloaded and Installed your bluetooth chat application, launch It.
  2. Fill In your name and choose colour then tap save button to proceed.
  3. Make sure the person you want to chat with has his own bluetooth turned on then tap Scan.
  4. After a successful comfirnation from the second person's phone, bluetooth will display a pairing request on your screen. Tap pair so you can connect with the other person's phone. Once It Is confirmed successful, then you can now begin your chatting, sharing Images and emoji's.

Monday, June 3, 2019

How To Earn Money Reading News And Watching Videos On BuzzBreak App

Thousands of people from around the world have flooded this money making application. The awesome application Is known as BUZZBREAK. BuzzBreak Is an application In which users can read articles and news. This application features her news from popular websites such as FORBES, BBC , Al Jazeera and many more.

How Does BuzzBreak Work!

BuzzBreak Is a news delivering application that has gone viral. This application Is trending In so many countris. I recently discovered this application and It has a lot of benefits.

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Can I Earn Money From BuzzBreake

BuzzBreak application pays you to read news and also watch videos directly on the app. I'm pretty you will love this app.

BuzzBreake application automatically gives $0.015 when you download the application. 200 points Is equall to $0.015. Claiming of points Is very easy and fast on the application. BUZZBREAK has a referal system In which you can earn extra 100 points when you use someone else referal code. So to get 100 points for free, use my referal code which Is B00541617 on your buzzbreake application and 100 points would be added to your account dashboard.

There Is an awesome way to earn over 1000 points. You can achieve that by Inviting your friends to buzzbreake and you receive 1000 points when your friend(s) joins.

How Can I Claim My Money On BuzzBreake

BuzzBreake Is hundred percent legit and safe. You can withdraw your money directly to your paypal account Once you reach the minimum withdraw limit of $0.02 which Is equall to 1000 points.

Wrapping Up

If you are looking for an app that pays to watch fun videos and read articles, Then BuzzBreake application Is what I recommend.


click here to download buzzbreak app from google playstore

Monday, March 25, 2019

4 Best Video Making Apps For Android Phones

Do you wish to become a youtuber? or a video maker, this video editors listed below can be useful to you if you don't have (imovie) which requires a personal computer.

Recently, I have been making some research on "How To Start And Run A Successful Youtube Channel". Though my finds were frank, perhaps If I'm to make sophisticated youtube videos I'll need a good video editor like (iMovie) for my pc but I don't have one.

4 Alternatives To iMovie

  1. KINE MASTER: kine master features variety of themes, animations, visual and audio effects. It allows you to share your videos on Youtube, Google+, Dropbox, Facebook and more. It features audio filter which includes voice changer, blur, mosaic and what have you. Because of Kine Master amazing features, It has a wide range of users which include Youtubers, Short film producers, Mobile journalists and so on. To access kine master download It here from google play store.
  2. VIVA VIDEO: With viva video, you can easily create professional-looking quality video In a minute. Viva video has an amazing inbuilt slow motion feature. Your videos can look professional as you can add music to spice up your video. If you like this app, download It here from google play store.
  3. FilmoraGO: FilmoraGo allows you to import video clips and photos from social networking websites like facebook and instagram. With filmoraGo, you can add music from her library of licensed songs. This app features a lot of services which also includes themes, filters, transitions and so on. It is also available in multiple languages like English, French, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish and what have you. Click here to download from google play store.
  4. VIDEOSHOW This wonderful app has an amazing sound effects, ranging from animals, explosions, farts and noises. It features the ability to cut, trim, copy and paste. You can record your own voice over your videos. Abilitu to share on social media sites. To enjoy videoshow, click here to install from google playstore.