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Monday, October 7, 2019

Airtel 6GB For N1500 | New Data Offer Valid For 7 Days

Airtel Nigeria recently Introduced a new method to activate the 6GB for 1500 Naira. Honestly, Airtel has always been my favorite network since day one. Her data offers are very exeptional. Though, I also value MTN because of the VPN free browsing with 0.0kb.

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This offer has been existing for some time but now It's back with another activation code. Before you can get the Airtel 6GB For N1500, your sim card must be a new one or a sim that Is about (three months old)..

ntertainment sub-niches to blog about.

Although you can still try It, nothing Is Impossible, It might work for your old sim but I doubt.

How To Activate Airtel 6GB For N1500

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Airtel Double Data Plan | 1GB For N200 4GB For N1000 2GB For N500 and more

  1. Recharge your Airtel line with N1500, then dial *141*1504#.
  2. You can confirm your data balance by dialing *140# and this plan Is only valid for 7 week.

Enjoy guys, kindly share If you really appreciate our efforts.

Saturday, September 28, 2019

How To Share Your Data On GLO Airtel And 9Mobile Network

Happy new month In arrears lovely readers. Today I want to share this topic on how to share data on GLO, Airtel and 9Mobile network. I have seen situations where people ask about data sharing on facebook. Sometimes, we do have huge data bundles and they end up wasting because we couldn't exhaust It before the due date. Why let this data waste ?..Perhaps you can share data to your friends and loved ones on any network.

how to share data on GLO network

Obviously, we all know that GLO Is the grand master of data. They offer more data than any other network here In Nigeria. So many people do not exhaust they data before the expiring date.

This Is how to share data with friends and family with GLO networks.

Simply dial *127*01* your friend GLO number#

E.g *127*01*07085500211#.

You can stop data sharing by dialing *127*02*friend GLO number#

how to share data on Airtel network

Airtel smart-share service allows you to share data. Sharing data On Airtel Is very easy. One can share data either In gigabyte or megabyte. You simply need to dial the USSD code. Data sharing on Airtel Is In two phase:

ME2U: You can share data from your current active data bundle.

Data Gifting: You can buy data for your friends.

Simply dial *141# then select option 5 for data sharing or data gifting..

how to share data on 9Mobile network

9Mobile data sharing can be done using USSD code. Simply dial *229*PIN*Data*Friend 9mobile Number#.

E.g: To share 50MB of data, dial *229*1234*50*08090777001#

9Mobile default PIN Is (0000) but you can change It by dialing *247*Old PIN*New PIN# ..

I hope you like my article. Sharing Is caring.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

How To Activate Airtel 4.6GB For N200 Data Offer (Sept 2019)

Kindly accept my apologies.. Sorry this Is coming very late. I have been very busy this past few days. Some days back, Airtel Introduced a 4.6GB for N200 data offer. This seems to be the biggest offer airtel has given since the beginning of this year. If you are an Airtel user, this counld be your biggest chance, this plan Is valid for almost three (3) months and It works perfectly on all devices. Smartphones, laptops plus you can also share It as mobile hotspot with your family and friends. This offer has been granted to hundreds of Airtel users, and the worse part of It Is that the closing date for this offer Is not known yet. This Is the reason why you should try your luck before this offer ends.

how to activate airtel 4.6gb for N200

Simply get a new airtel sim card or any one that Is three (3) months of age. If you can't remember how old your sim card registration Is, just dial *746# to check your sim card registration time.

Having done that, If your sim card Is not more than 3 months of age, then obviously you are eligible for this offer.

The next thing to do Is to buy Airtel recharge card of N200, load It as you normally would. Then check your data balance by dialing *123*1#, at this point, your 4.6GB data should be smiling at you..

How To Accumulate Airtel 4.6GB Data Offer

You can accumulate airtel 4.6gb data offer by loading additional N200 airtime. Note that any airtime you load won't be touched but you will get anither 4.6gb worth of data..This Is Interesting Right?..

How To Be Eligible For Airtel 4.6GB For N200

If you have tried the method above and perhaps you were not rewarded with 4.6gb data, then follow the steps below:
  1. You should migrate to Airtel Smart Trybe Tariff Plan. To migrate, dial *312# Or you can dial *121*3*5# to check If you are already active on this plan. If you are already on smart trybe tariff plan, then skip this and move to the second step below.
  2. Now send GET to 141 and MIFI to 141, all as SMS.
  3. Buy N200 airtime, load It on your phone. Then check your data balance using *140#, hopefully your 4.6gb data will be granted to you..
Kindly drop your comments In the box below for questions and Instant solutions...

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Airtel Smart Trybe | 1GB For N100 And 5GB For N500 - Night Browsing

Airtel Smart trybe now allows you to buy night plan data bundle multiple times. This Is an opportunity for us to enjoy this new feature. Now you can watch all your dream videos online, you can download what ever you want because you won't worry about data.

How to activate smart trybe night 5GB For N100

Since N25 gives you 250MB, you can buy additional 250MB on the one you have. N100 will give you 1GB and N500 will give you 5GB data. You can perform this action as many times as you want.

Simply dial *312# to purchase trybe night data plan.

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Airtel Double Data Plan | 1GB for N200 4GB for N1000 200MB for N100 2GB for N500

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Airtel 6GB For N1500 | Valid For 7 Days.

Airtel Nigeria Is dishing out massive data plans at low cost. Airtel Cheap Data Plans, buy huge data with little amount of money. Seems this offer Is for specific type of sim prrhaps, there Is nothing bad In trying It out to see If you are eligible for the Airtel cheap data plans 2019.

how to activate airtel cheap data plans 2019 !

  1. N100 naira for 200Mb
  2. This offers you 200MB data which Is valid for only three (3) days. It can be used on any website and It powers all apps.

  3. N200 naira for 1GB
  4. This plan Is only valid for one (1) week. It works both day and night, powers all app and websites. I'm currently using this plan and Its very aweasome.

  5. N500 naira for 2GB
  6. This plan works perfectly well. It works like the rest above.

  7. N1000 naira for 4GB
  8. Instead of the normal 1.5gb/month, this offers for 4GB data and It's valid for 30 days.

Simply dial *141*241#

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