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Sunday, October 20, 2019

How To Activate 9Mobile 1GB + 3 Hours Of Streaming With N200

Have seen a lot of people complain that 9Mobile does not offer enough data to her customers. True...9Mobile data offers aren't equall to MTN or Airtel data offers not to talk of GLO. 9Mobile recently Introduced 1GB data + 3 hours of streaming time for just 200 Naira.

The 1GB data can be used to surf the web plus you can equally use It to download anything you like while the 3(three) hours streaming enables you to watch Youtube Videos.

Actually, this data offer Is not for everybody though, It works for new sim cards or your existing sim shouldn't be more than 3 months old.

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how to activate 9Mobile 1GB data + 3 hours of streaming

Recharge your line with N200 airtime, Then dial *253*20#, your line will be credited with 1GB data offer which you can use to browse and download + 3 hours free Youtube Video Streaming.

As a new 9Mobile customer, you will get 900% bonus on every recharge you make for a complete 90 days. This plan Is only valid for 2 days.

*228# for data balance..Have a nice week.

Saturday, September 28, 2019

How To Share Your Data On GLO Airtel And 9Mobile Network

Happy new month In arrears lovely readers. Today I want to share this topic on how to share data on GLO, Airtel and 9Mobile network. I have seen situations where people ask about data sharing on facebook. Sometimes, we do have huge data bundles and they end up wasting because we couldn't exhaust It before the due date. Why let this data waste ?..Perhaps you can share data to your friends and loved ones on any network.

how to share data on GLO network

Obviously, we all know that GLO Is the grand master of data. They offer more data than any other network here In Nigeria. So many people do not exhaust they data before the expiring date.

This Is how to share data with friends and family with GLO networks.

Simply dial *127*01* your friend GLO number#

E.g *127*01*07085500211#.

You can stop data sharing by dialing *127*02*friend GLO number#

how to share data on Airtel network

Airtel smart-share service allows you to share data. Sharing data On Airtel Is very easy. One can share data either In gigabyte or megabyte. You simply need to dial the USSD code. Data sharing on Airtel Is In two phase:

ME2U: You can share data from your current active data bundle.

Data Gifting: You can buy data for your friends.

Simply dial *141# then select option 5 for data sharing or data gifting..

how to share data on 9Mobile network

9Mobile data sharing can be done using USSD code. Simply dial *229*PIN*Data*Friend 9mobile Number#.

E.g: To share 50MB of data, dial *229*1234*50*08090777001#

9Mobile default PIN Is (0000) but you can change It by dialing *247*Old PIN*New PIN# ..

I hope you like my article. Sharing Is caring.

Friday, September 13, 2019

How To Activate 9Mobile 1GB For N200 | Valid For 3 Days

9Mobile 1GB For N200 Is actually designed for heavy data users. Like people who love streaming videos, downloading huge files and what have you. 9Mobile 1gb For N200 plan works on both Android and Pc. This plan does not work at a specific time as It works perfectly day and night. There would barely be fluctuations If the network In your area Is standard.

how to activate 9mobile 1gb for N200

Simply recharge your line with N200 airtime.

Then Simply dial *929*10#

NOTE: That this plan Is only valid for only three (3) days. To check your data balance, dial *228#..

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Saturday, July 27, 2019

Latest 9Mobile HTTP Injector VPN Browsing Cheat

Hello my fellow blog readers. Behold, I present to you Latest 9Mobile HTTP Injector VPN Browsing Cheat. This 9Mobile HTTP Injector VPN seems not to be FREE like others. Lets see the requirements and how to Install and configure the new 9Mobile HTTP Injector VPN browsing cheat.

Requirements For 9Mobile HTTP Injector VPN Browsing Cheat

  1. 9Mobile Sim card 3G or 4G network will do
  2. An Android phone
  3. Use your default 9Mobile APN settings like that.

If All this materials are available. You are good to go.

Now, subscribe to 9Mobile Social Media Only plan Simply dail *200*3*3*2*3#. It cost N350 Naira and It's valid for 1 (one) month. To cancel auto-renewal, dail *343*5*0#..

DOWNLOAD: Latest 9Mobile HTTP Injector VPN Here

UPDATED 9Mobile Config File here (config file Is valid till 26/08/2019)

After downloading the two files above, Its now time to Install and Import so you can start browsing.

How To Import 9Mobile HTTP Config File

Install your newly download 9Mobile HTTP Injector and Lauch It. When It opes, click on the Paper Icon as you can see above the top-right corner.

Tap on Import Cinfig, now locate the 9Mobile Config File you downloaded earlier and click on It to Impot.. Finally, click Start and wait for It to connect and you can start browsing.

Things To Note

  1. You will be given 2.2GB data for 1 month.
  2. You can do multiple subscriptions
  3. Browsing speed is not that fast
Drop your comments below and kindly share on social media..

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

9Mobile Data Bonus Offer | Get Free 7GB Data (July)

Obviously, It's been months since I wrote about 9Mobile. Today 9Mobile has released an exciting bonus data deal for all 9Mobile users.

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How Can I Get My Free 7GB Bonus Data

It's very simply. Just buy your normal monthly data subscription of 1GB data and above and your line will automatically be rewarded with Free 7GB Data.

In other to get the free 7GB data bonus, you must purchase 1GB data plan with this code *200*3*1# then your line will be credited with 7GB data upon activation of your 1GB data subscription.

What Can I Use My Free 7GB Data To Do

Your 7GB free data can only be used to Stream Videos between the early hours of 1AM to 5AM. This offer Is valid for 1 month and note that this offer will not work If you purchase 9mobile 1GB for N200.

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Sunday, November 18, 2018

How To Get Free Data On Any Network With Dent App

Few days ago, we introduced MYMTN APP which gives 500mb when you download it. What is Dent App? Dent App enables you to topup data for a friend or even family members. With the Dent App, you get 270 dents on your first signup. However, you still need to refer people so as to get more dents.
  • This app allows you to earn free data on any network. The dent app is not only working in Nigeria but also in advanced countries such as Mexico,United States and Brazil. More countries across the world are working hard to launch the dent app before the end of 2018.
  • I'm interested, What should i do? The Dent App can only be downloaded and used by Android users whose phone has a version of 5+
  • With dent app, you can recharge your phone or a friends phone from any where around the world. You can redeem your dents as data. You can also buy dents with Paypal or refer a friend to earn more. Remember, the more dents you earn,the more you get data. This is Awesome!
  • Firstly, you should download the dent app Here
  • You should sign up with your facebook account or Google account or any other e-mail you have.
  • After signing up, you will be credited with 270 dents. So to get more you need to refer your friends
  • To redeem your dents. input your number in the Send data to box. Then select the amount of dat a you want.
kindly drop your comments..

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Data Bonus Cheat For All Networks. Get upto 4GB

It is no longer news, MTN Airtel Glo and 9mobile gives their customers 10 times data bonus. While i was in school today, a friend of mine told me he had 4456mb, i thought it was a joke but he showed me his data balance and it was true.
  1. How Can I Get My Own Data Bonus? When i arrived home, i tried it on my Airtel sim card and it worked. My friend also tried it on his mom's 9mobile sim and it worked.
  • From what i saw, the amount of credit you load and your sim card will determine the amount of data you will get. i loaded N100 on my Airtel and i got N250mb. Mean while on my friend's new Airtel sim he got 4GB
  • Now to get your data bonus on any network, simply dial *220*Recharg Card PIN#.Example *220*1656 9684 9260 4564#. Immediately your line will be credit with your data.
  • Data Balance and Data Validity varies. Mine will be valid for 7 days. Some vilid for 30 days depending on your sim and network type..
Enjoy Guys!!