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Sunday, November 3, 2019

What You Ought To Know About Canada Visa; Types of Canada Visa

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WHAT YOU Need TO Know About North america Visa and Types

If you're not really acquainted with the rigors from the immigration process, obtaining a visa could be a lengthy and onerous procedure. However, equipped with the proper information, the extended process could possibly be simplified. The immigration officials possess a zero-tolerance for problems whether or not the mistake had been intentional or not really. It is relevant to keep interruptions away and absorb all periods of the application form.

It is suggested to seek assistance from immigration specialists, immigration experts to greatly help expedite the application form process. They're professionals who know the complete immigration process and may help you stay clear of some key pitfalls and pointless delays.

Whatever the immigration aim, before a international is allowed access into North america, he/she must very first obtain a short-term permit from the neighborhood consulate within their home nation, except the foreigner is really a countrywide of visa-exempt international locations and territory.

Obtaining an electric Vacation Authorization (eTA) when arriving in North america is definitely mandated to nationals visa-exempt international locations apart from United States residents/permanent residents.


Knowing the visa that suits your immigration should be the first consideration every applicant must know.  Canada’s immigration system is one of the most flexible in the world.
The Canada visa is divided into Categories, Temporary and Permanent Visas.


Temporary visa as the name implies legalizes the stay of foreigners in Canada for a brief period of time, usually up to six months. The temporary visa can be subdivided into a single entry or multiple entry visas.
Temporary visas are:
  • Temporary residence visa
  • student visa
  • visitor visa
  • super visa
  • working holiday visa
  • official and diplomatic visas
  • business visas
  • intending organ donors visa


Holders of this type of visa are guaranteed a permanent stay in Canada and can eventually become a Canadian citizen. However, being a permanent resident in Canada does not guarantee automatic citizenship, to become eligible you must satisfy all the eligibility requirements,
The following are Permanent Visa categories:
  • Start-up visa program
  • Express Entry
  • self-employed person visa
  • Live-in caregivers program (LCP)
  • Quebec selected skilled worker program (QSWP)


Nationals of the non-exempt countries are required to provide the following documents during the application process.
  • Two recent photographs
  • A valid passport
  • proof of financial sufficiency
  • Proof that upon expiration of your visa you will return to your home country
  • Application fee payment proof
  • copy of the itinerary, flight booking, and accommodation
  • Medical report
  • completed visa form
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