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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Things You Should Never Post On Social Media Network

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Social media has made the world a more open and Interactive place for most people. You can share your thoughts and experiences on social media. But there are some specific things you shold never post on social media. Social media platforms like facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn has made It very easy and possible for people to share their thoughts with thousands of virtual strangers across the world literally within seconds. Before you publish anything on social media platforms, you should think of the hurt or embarrassment It would bring to yourself and others. Kindly read through my article, you would equally gain something new plus do well to share and comment below..

5 things you should never post on social media

  1. Using Other People's Contents Without Giving Credits:
Most of us use other people's Images, quotes and original Ideas without even giving credits to the real owner. Claiming other people's content as yours Is a seeious copyright Infrigement and this could damage oneself or brand. Although, sometimes we end up not being penalized but honestly It does not worth It. To be realistic..

  • Do Not Speak Negative About An Employee, Boss Or Co-worker:
  • We should understand that social media Is a place where you can share your experiences and not a place to talk about how your boss treats you. Social media Isn't a place air grievances against employees or co-workers, Or a place to talk about the mistakes of an employee or co-worker.

  • Do Not Share/Post Too Much Links:
  • This was the mistake I was making way back when I started blogging. I wanted my post to have a lot of recognitions, so I was sharing my post on different groups. Untill unfortunately, my blog link was blocked by facebook. Once facebook blocks your link, there Is nothing anyone can do. The only solution Is to get a fresh domain name.

    Even If you want to share your links, make sure you add a little description so that It won't look like spam.

  • Sharing Experiences Of A Business Or Holiday Trip:
  • Sharing videos and Images Is a good thing to post on social media because they make our timeline active and It could be a form entertainment to our followers.

    But we should be mindful of what we share, because we don't know who Is watching.

    Just like a girl posted a screenshot of her high school exam result In a group and a guy said:
    Why did you share your result here, I highly recommend you delete It as soon as possible.

  • Do Not Publish Anything That Can Ruin Yourname Or Brand:
  • At some stage In our life, we are supposed to know the differents between good and bad. Anything that Is not worth posting, do not hit the "publish" button, just save yourself from embarrassments.
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