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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

KUDA Referral Program | Earn N200 When You Refer A Friend

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I'm very sorry for my late updates here. I'm a little bit busy because of work. I want to share this tutorial on KUDA Referral Program. You can earn upto N200 naira when you refer a friend to the kuda app.

Earning with KUDA app Is quite different from other referral programs. I'll quickly explain what KUDA Is, how to earn and other Important features to be awear of.

What Is Kuda ?..

Kuda Is simply a mobile banking app for Nigerians. It gives you an account you can spend on, plus a debit card accepted worldwide and the option of saving every time you spend.

How To Sign Up On Kuda App

  1. Firstly, Click here to download kuda mobile app.
  2. Signup with your phone number and e-mail, then verify It.
  3. Leave the BVN option.
  4. Take a selfie of yourself, upload It and move to the next step.
  5. Once your registration Is successful, you can now start referring friends and earning money through them.

How To Refer Friends On Kuda

Login to your kuda account, locate the more button which Is found just below the buttom right. Having done that, click on Refer & Earn, there you can copy your referral code.

How Does Kuda Referral Program Work ?..

  1. Unlike other referral programs, Kuda does not require ID verifiacation before you can refer any one. It's not compulsory on kuda.
  2. Kuda gives you N200 for every person you refer/bring to the app.
  3. Your earnings will be credited to your kuda account only on Mondays.
  4. You can withdraw your cash anytime you want, and you can either get your kuda cash as recharge card or straight to your bank account.
  5. No signup bonus on kuda and your earning Is only through referral..😃
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