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Sunday, October 27, 2019

How To Send Free Text Message On MTN | Fansnik

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MyMTNapp now allows MTN users to send free messages to other MTN customers even when your account balance Is 0.0kb.

isn't It cool?...

Facts About Free SMS On MyMTN app:

  1. You can send text messages even when you have zero balance.
  2. You can only send free text messages to MTN numbers.
  3. You can send a maximum of 10 (ten) free sms per day.
  4. You can use MyMTN app without having data or airtime (MyMTN app works on MTN sims only).
  5. MyMTN spp Is available for Android and IOS users. Android users should download MyMTN app here.

    IOS users click here to download MyMTN app..

  6. how to send free sms on MTN with MyMTN App

    Having downloaded the right app on your phone, you can now follow the steps below!

    Lauch your newly downloaded MyMTN App then you signIn. After your signup process Is successful, kindly locate the More button. It Is located just at the bottom-right.

    Having done that, now you should tap on Offers & Promotions and finally tap on Send Free SMS. Input the number the person you wish to send SMS to then click ok, you're done.

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