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Monday, October 28, 2019

Easy Ways To Make Money Blogging As A Beginner

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First things first...I really want to say all the words Inside my head. I apologies for my late updates here, to be frank I've been very busy with work. I've prepared a post titled make money blogging as a beginner..

My content features 5 (five) things you must do before you can make money from your blog. Most people often get confused about blogs. My tutorial would explain the key things you should know.

What Is A Blog !

A blog In a simple term, Is a web page where written contents are published.

As a blogger, I know your goal Is to see your blog doing well like other popular blogs are, you must work hard In Increasing your traffic. A blog that has good traffic Is sure to make huge Income.

how to make money blogging as a beginner.

Just recently, a friend of mine was asking me what he can blog about, I told him to follow his heart..

To be a successful blogger, there Is just one requirement you need. Honestly, Its just a passion for your topic. You can make money from any Niche at all.

Blogging Is when you write about a topic you are passionate about, there Is no need to copy others. You blog may fail along the line.

Before you can make money with your blog, You:

  1. Create A Contact Page On Your Blog:

  2. As a beginner blogger who wants to monetize his or her blog with Google Adsense, this page Is very vital.

    Your contact page should equally contain your E-mail address, phone number and possibly your social media profile links.

    As you can see, In my home page, i've added my social media Icons. Contact page should not be neglected, a blog without this feature Is really going to loose a big time.

  3. Check Your Mobile Site:

  4. This Is one thing you should look out for If you really want to make money blogging as a beginner.

    A lot of people visit the web with their mobile phones, this Is the main reason why your blog should be readable/visible on mobile devices.

    Pick a theme/template that Is (Mobile Responsive).

  5. Write about products that you love, even if you’re not being compensated to mention them.

  6. You can tell the world/audience how much you love the new product(s) you just boughth newly. When next the company makes a new brand of the product, you can ask them If you can review the product and don't forget to send the preview link of the review you made.

    You can get In touch with the company like this:

    Dear, Large Headphone Manufacturer,,, I would love to review your new headphone on my blog. (click here to see the products I reviewed recently / post link)...

    With time, the company may consider you and they will begin to pay you to review their products. This Is also called (Sponsored Post) or paid post.

    This Is one of the easy ways to make money blogging as a beginner..
  7. Write Killer Contents:

  8. As a beginner blogger who wants to monetize with companies likes Adsense. Your contents must be genuine, no copy and paste from other blogs. Write long contents and hit the main point. Blogging Is very lucrative and profitable If done correctly. Top bloggers around the world make decent Income from their blogs and even a part-time blog can generate little Income If everything Is put In place.

    A blogger Is called an expert because of the popular contents they have written over time. Quality contents will bring recognition. Some expert bloggers has even gotten books and also movie deals based on their blogs..

    Up: make money blogging as a beginner

    I believe my little efforts on this topic Is sufficient to solve your problem as a beginner.

    As a beginner blogger, you should never stop learning. Make friends with succrssful bloggers around your niche and try to study they way they write. Learn from their mistakes and look for ways to solve them so you won't fall In the same part like they did Initially...

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