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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Best Niche To Blog About And How To Monetize It - Fansnik

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You are thinking of stating a blog but you do not know the best niche to blog about and how to monetize It ?.. Well, don't get frustrated too soon, I could remember way back In 2018, before I started blogging, choosing a profitable Niche Is one of the most difficult phase newbies bloggers face. It took me about three (3) weeks before I could come up with a niche to blog about. During the early days of blogging, bloggers wrote about themselves, their feelings and Ideas. Perhaps, blogging has gone beyond what It was way back when. The niche you choose to blog about will automatically determine how successful your blog will be and how much money you will earn within your blogging season. Obviously, some niche has more competition than others do. If you are planning of taking blogging as a full time career, then you should be very mindful of the niche you choose, so that you won't run out of post Ideas.

5 Best Blog Niches To Blog About

  1. LifeStyle Niche:
  2. The lifestyle Niche Is one of the most profitable niches out there. This niche can Include anything that has to do with one's way of life. If you have a pleasant lifestyle that Is worth living then this niche will work best for you.

    Lifestyle Niche Is about writing some piece of contents that can help one Improve his or her life.

    How to make money from Lifestyle blog niche

    You can earn huge money through paid sponsored contents, affiliate Income and ads. Below are Lifestyle sub-niches to blog about:
    • Life Hack
    • Fashion
    • Nutrition
    • Religion
    • Parenting/mon and dad blog
    • Culture
    • Fitness/Body Building
    • Travel
    • Health
    • Professional Development

  3. News Niche:
  4. This niche Is almost the best niche to blog about. Things happen around the world an people needs to know about It. If you are going for this niche, you must make sure your blog Is regularly updated with the latest trending news.

    how to make money from news niche

    The best source of Income for this niche Is using ads networks like Google Adsense, Infolink, and more. Below are News sub-niches to blog about:
    • Politics
    • Business
    • Health
    • Science
    • Celebrity
    • Entertainment

  5. Entertainment Niche:
  6. The entertainment niche Is very competitive here In Nigeria. This niche Is one of the best niches to blog about If you are very up to date about the latest Tv shows, trending gist, music then you can go for this niche If you have passion for It.

    how to make money from Entertainment Niche

    Most Entertainment bloggers earn from ads revenue and also with featured post. Below are Entertainment sub-niches to blog about.
    • Games
    • Sport
    • Tv Shows example: Big Brother Naija (BBN)
    • Science
    • Memes
    • Jokes
    • Music
    • Comedy
    • Movies
    • Theater

  7. Food Niche:
  8. Food niche Is a niche that can talk about anything food related. Food niche Is for people who love to cook and also people who have seen or tasted other type of food In other places/country apart from their home town dishes.

    how to make money from food niche

    Most food bloggers make money by selling food recipe to their audience, they can make money through affiliate programs and ads network (Adsesnse) as It works best for all blog niches out there. Below are some sub-niches for food niche
    • Recipes
    • Food Discovery
    • Restaurant Review
    • Wine
    • Fine Dining
    • Catering
    • Food Photography

  9. Technology Niche:
Tech niche Is also one of the best niche to blog about, which automatically consist of any sub-topic that Is related to electronics and tech.

how to make money from tech niche

Most tech bloggers make decent money with affiliate marketing and also companies can pay tech bloggers to review their products and they get paid. Below are some of the best sub-niche for Tech.
  • Computers
  • Mobile Phone Review
  • Robotics
  • Network Review

how to choose the best niche to blog about

  1. Write A List Of Things You Are Passionate About
  2. Create a list of what you are passionate about. It could be that you love to try the latest game released, watching new movies, traveling around the globe. It could even be your hobbies, things you love to think about all the time.

    The point of choosing a niche Is very critical. You shouldn't jump Into a niche because you feel Is the best niche to blog about and It could possibly bring more money. If this Is your mindset, you'll end up failing. Narrow down your Interest so that you won't run out of post Ideas.

  3. Write A List Of Things You Are Very Good At
  4. At this point, you are to make a list of things you are very good at. At this stage, you are making sure you take a good step In picking the best niche to blog about because, your audience needs quality contents. Articles that have full details of what they are looking for. If you miss this target, you'll have hard time In building your readers. If you are finding It difficult to figure out, you can ask your friends too perhaps, they may know about It.

  5. Weigh Your Commitment To Each Of The List You Created
  6. Ask yourself If you can write continuously on the niche without getting bored. Carefully go through your list, If you can't write frequently on a topic, cross It off. Continue this exercise untill you find a very profitable niche that would work perfectly for you and your readers.

  7. Choose The Niche You Want To Write On
This Is the last lap. Finally you choose your blog niche. Having done that, you can now set up your blog then you begin to publish contents.

If you really want to be successful In your niche, go to other blogs around your niche then read their contents and learn from their mistakes so that you can produce high quality contents. Try to write Evergreen contents, I mean contents that will live long on the Internet, and even In the next 20 years, people will still be searching for It.

Wrapping up best niche to blog about and how to monetize It

I hope my article has helped you In the area of niche selection and how to monetize It. Try to publish contents frequently on your new blog. If you found my article helpful, kindly share on social media platforms and drop your thoughts In the comment box below..Thank you.
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