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Sunday, September 15, 2019

How To Make Money From Whatsapp Status With 3 Easy Ways

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Do you know that you can actually make money from your whatsapp status ?.. Most people have been using whatsapp since It's Inception perhaps they have no Idea of how to make money through whatsapp status. Honestly speaking, I know making money from whatsapp sounds very ridiculous but It's 101% possible. Social media platforms where not made for Interacting with friends and family only, but behind the seen, they are great tools that can fetch you cool money. Whatsapp, having over a billion daily active users Is capable of bringing some money to your pocket. On our whatsapp status, we can actually post our thoughts, jokes, funny video clips, memes and many more Items that can entertain our contacts

Whatsapp Status feature was recently Integrated, as the feature was gotten from SnapChat. Over the years, the status feature was Integrated on the facebook app, facebook messenger as well as Instagram. Our statuses are visible for only 24 hours after which It will be automatically deleted. Making money from your whatsapp status Is not day task. You have to build a solid fanbase and you will work hard so that your subscriber's list will grow. More subscribers tends to Increase your status views.

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how to make money from whatsapp status

  1. Find A Profitable Niche:
  2. What do I mean by that?..I mean you should look for a specific topic for your whatsapp channel. Find out what you can offer to your channel subscriber's before you begin anything. You may be Interested In jokes, Memes, Fashions, Politics, Food, Health, Gossips, Entertainment or any thing but just make that topic your standard. Choose a niche/topic you can talk on all day without getting bored.

    A niche Is very Important. You can't just post randomly on your whatsapp channel because all human beings have their various Interest. I love Fashion a lot but that might not be your Interest.

    Just like here on fansnik blog, our visitors come here for Monetization tips, SEO, Blogging tips, Tutorials and Browsing tweaks, this has always been our standard. If we begin to published contents on politics, we might just loose our visitors. This same thing applies to your whatsapp channel niche.

  3. Start Building Your Whatsapp Channel:
  4. Havig known what a Niche Is, and the Importance of choosing a very good channel niche, It's now time to build your whatsapp channel. In other to make money from whatsapp status, you need to have two different whatsapp apps Installed on your phone.

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    Firstly, you shoud download (Whatsapp Business) and also (Whatsapp Messenger) which are eqally two (2) different apps. You will use Whatsapp Messenger to run your whatsapp account and to secure your data. Then you will use Whatsapp Business app to run your Whatsapp Channel.

    Try to gather a lot of whatsapp contacts. I recommend you save new contacts In a seperate phone book or group, It shouldn't be among your main contants so that when you need to call, It wouldn't be a stress to you.

  5. Choose Your Unique Brand Name:
  6. Now that you have gotten your two (2) whatsapp accounts, It's now time to give It a name. Choose a unique name for your whatsapp channel. Your brand name should relate to your channel niche.

    For example, If your channel niche Is about Jokes, Your brand name can simply be called Joke Camp or Entertainment hub. Just anything related. Your brand name should not be too long and clumsy. You can make a logo of your brand and write a description about your channel so that people will known what your channel Is about even with a glance..

  7. Grow Your Whatsapp Channel By Getting Subscribers:
  8. What do you need to grow your whatsapp channel subscribers?.. You will create a BoardCast Message then you Include your phone number as you can see In the Image below. By doing this, people can send you their phone numbers and tell your subscribers to save your number with your channel name and you are good to go.

    Sometimes, subscribers might forget what they suppossed to do when the message you, so you can customize In a way that will remind them. Just like this will do:,+I+want+to+be+a+part+of+the+Family

    As you can see, the link says

    I want to be a part of the family.

    You can change the text to anything you want just make sure you use plus (+) sign to seperate each words.

  9. Start Creating Awearness On Your Channel:
  10. Now that your whatsapp channel Is fully set, It's high time you begin to create awearness to your subscribers so that they will keep coming back for more. Giving out Gifts Is a good Idea as this would drive more people to your channel. You can as well organise a special event for your channel subscribers. You should be very creative, know how to post, what to post and when to post. This tactics are very critical.

  11. SetUp Whatsapp Auto Responder:
  12. Goto your whatsapp business settings, set Away Message, Greeting Message and Quick Replies. All this settings will save you the stress of replying to every new user who want to join your channel. Anytime your subscribers message you, they will get a message automatically even If you are not available at that moment.

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how to make money from whatsapp status

Right now there are mainly three (3) proven ways by which you can make money from your whatsapp status perhaps If you are creative enough, you might find some other lucrative ways to earn.

  1. Through Asvertisements:
  2. When your whatsapp status Is already having about 500 to 1000 views, you can now place people's adverts on your status. Advertisement Is one Important aspect of marketing when It comes to creating awearness. Your whatsapp status can be a good place to show-case ads. You can take photos of the products you want to advertise then you upload them to your status.

    Ads placement Is one of the quickest ways of how to make money from whatsapp status. You can make as much as N15,000 or more every single week only If you utilize this method In the right way.

  3. Start Selling People's Product:
  4. Find companies and take part In their Affiliate Programs. Use your whatsapp status to showcase the company products as they will pay you some commisions for each sale you make. Source for companies that pay high commissions and utilize them well.

    The more views you get and the higher the company commissions rates are, the higher your chances of earning more money.

  5. You Can Start Selling Your Own Products:
  6. Lets say you have a business or product you want people to know about, your whaysapp status Is the right place to showcase It. Perhaps, do not Spam your channel with s lot of business opportunities. You know why they joined your channel so don't miss your standard and also give your viewsers what they want..

    Concluding- how to make money from whatsapp status

    I hope you find my content relevant to you, If only you can follow every step above, you will see yourself making money In no time. Today I challenge you, stop wasting your precious time on things that are not relevant, make whatsapp a source of Income for yourself. Please kindly share this article and comment below If you have any contribution to make. Thank you...
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