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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

How To Download Whatsapp Status Pictures And Videos Without Any App

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Whatsapp, one of the worlds largest text messaging app. Way back In 2017, Whatsapp Introduced a stutus feature which was copied from Snapchat. They later Integrated the status feature on facebook app, facebook messenger and Instagram. There are many scenarios where you might have Intention of downloading someone else's whatsapp status, photos or videos. Speaking realistically, you can now download whatsapp status pictures and videos of anyone since there Is no limit. Whatsapp live status allows you to download your whatsapp contacts short videos, pictures and animated GIF Images.

Newly updated statuses are seen for only 24 hours after which they will no longer exist. Perhaps, a status might look so funny or Interesting to you and you would love to save It on your phone but It Isn't possible !. Oh really, Its annoying sometimes. This same thing Is a problem on Instagram. People can't download Instagram videos and photos. Nevertheless, I have written a detailed article on how to download Instagram videos and photos on android using some specific apps. But as for whatsapp status pictures and video download, you do not require any mobile app to do It for you..

how to download a whatsapp status pictures and videos

  1. Open your whatsapp app, goto the status page, locate the status you wish to download, then view It completely. If It Is a video clip you wish to download, make sure you watch the video clip to the end. Having done that:
  2. Close your whatsapp app, then you locate File Manager on your phone. Having seen It, tap on If for It to open. Once It open, access your phone storage, If you don't have an SD Card.
  3. Now locate your Whatsapp Folder. Either whatsapp messenger or whatsapp business.
  4. On the whatsapp folder, locate Media. That Is SD Card/Phone Storage >> Whatsapp >> Media.
  5. Once you tap on Media, click on the three (3) column dots or you tap your phone minimize button. It all depends on your phone type. You will see (show hidden files), tap on It and you will see whatsapp status folder, photos and videos.
  6. The whatsapp status folder Is where all media's are stored for only 24 hours after which they will later disappear.
  7. From there, select the files you wish to save on your phone then copy them (to} your phone photos or video folder or your SD Card)..
  8. Once this Is done, all the files you copied will automatically appear on your Gallery and they won't disappear only If you delete them yourself.

Concluding: how to download whatsapp status pictures and videos without any app

I hope my article has taught you something new today. This Is the best way to download your contact's statuses without any app. That Is all friends. Caring Is sharing. Please share and kindly comment.
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