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Thursday, August 8, 2019

Top Websites To Find Free Stock Photos For Your Blog Or Website

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One of google Adsense policies Is that you are not allowed to use copyright Images for your blog. This Images are not free to use by anyone unless credits Is given to the owner. Have you ever asked yourself this question:

How Do I Know If An Image Is Copyright Or Not?
I once asked a particular blogger, he said he has no Idea. You are planning of applying for Adsense and you used Images from google, no problem because I'll show you how to find free stock photos for your website and blog contents. Actually before I applied for Google Adsense, I took time to remove all Images I took from google so to avoid any Issue with Google Adsense and fortunately after my application, I was successfully accepted without any Issue.

What Are Free Stock Photos!

Free Stock Photos (FSPs) are Images that Is generally free for anyone to use. You can use them the way you want because you don't have to give credits to the photographer or designer.

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The Top websites I'm about to list are filled with free stock photo of high quality. Find the best photos for your blog or website on this websites and explore with them.

  1. UNSPLASH: No doubt, this website has the best free stock photo collection. Since I descovered this website, It has been my all-time best. Unsplash gives you access to over 1.7 million high-quality photos you can't find else where.

    They have a thousand collection of all blog niche ranging from LifeStyle, Tech, Food, and many more. You can as well follow trends of photos so you can stay updated for the newest photos released by professional photographers across the world.


  2. PIXABAY: Over 1 million+ high-quality stock Images are waiting for you on pixabay. Both Images and Videos are shared by talented communties from all part of the world.

    Pixabay features Images of people, Families, Cars, Beach, Businesa, Wallpaper, Money, Summer, Office and many more. They have a vibrant community that shares copyright free Images and videos that can be used without asking for permission or even giving credits to the owner or designer.


  3. PIXELS: Trust me, when you visit this webaite, you will be amazed. Pixels has a huge collection of database high-quality free stock photos that are released voluntarily by a massive group of prpfessional photographers from around the globe.

    Pixels Is a best place to see photos of notebook, Apps, Architecture and many more gorgeous Images that can take your blog to the next level.


  • FreePik: This website Is different from the ones we have here. On FreePik, you must give credit to the person that owns an Image before you can use them. They will also provide a link so that credits will be given to the author plus you can also subscribe to the owners premium plans that allows you to make free use of their resources any time you want.
  • website:

    Congratulations, you now have Idea of where you can get free stock photos for your blog or website, why not share this with friends. You can also use them for your facebook ,twitter, Instagram profile and what have you..

    There Is no need to ask what a copyright Image Is, this websites has simplified It for you. Visit anyone and have your way through millions of free Images.

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