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Friday, August 30, 2019

MTN Tweakware 0.0kb VPN Free Browsing Cheat (2019)

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MTN tweakware 0.0kb VPN free browsing cheat, Is the latest free browsing cheat. The tweakware vpn Is not an unlimited cheat as It Is capped with about (50mb) data per day. This cheat may sometimes be very stubborn when trying to conect, but half bread Is better than nothing. A single connection can take up to about 60 sec before you can start browsing. So lets see who to set the latest tweakware vpn 0.0kb free browsing cheat.

requirements for tweakware 0.0kb vpn cheat

  1. An Android smart phone as usuall.
  2. An MTN sim 3G or 4G network will do but your account balance should be 0.0kb.
  3. Tweakware VPN: Download from Playstore Here (2.7mb) or from another source Here (3.2mb)

how to set mtn tweakware 0.0kb vpn

Having downloaded the mtn tweakware vpn app from any of the two sources, Install and launch the app. Locate tweakware Settings, custom tweak, then set It up like this:

The connection mode : HTTP

Server Port: 8080

Host Header:

Leave Reverse Proxy empty then scroll to:

Set Proxy Host:

Proxy Port: 8080

Leave the remaining settings empty then go back to the main page..

Sellect Free Server and the second box select custom. Then finally, hit the connect button for It to connect. That's all.

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