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Monday, August 12, 2019

How To Get Inspiration For Your Next Blog Post

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Being a real content writer Is a lot to handle. Coming up with new post Ideas can be so tasking for many bloggers, this often lead to copy and paste blogging and to be candid, copy and paste blogging Is very dangerous because at the end, you end up been penalized by Google plus your search ranking will SUFFER. Most busy bloggers of this era now employ Ghost Writers to do their writing job(s) for them because they too are busy to update their blog as they normally would. Often times, some end up quitting because they are so occpied all day and to this effect they find It hard to update thier blog. Today to be precise, hopefully you would learn how to get Ideas for your next blog post.

Speaking of Internet Marketing, no doubt, content Is KEY and also an Important SEO factor that cannot be underestimated. No matter how long you have been a blogger or how much you love writing, there will be a particular time you will run out of Ideas due to distractions or occupied mind.

You can write a blog post In less than an hour depending on how lenghty your post Is and the number of Ideas you have actually accumulated.

how to get Inspiration for your next blog post

  1. Make A Research: Before I write a new blog post, I make a research! and how do I do that!, I go to my competitors website and I read their own blog post. I don't go there to copy their post, perhaps I go there to get some Ideas for my own blog post.

    My aim Is to make my own blog post more detailed than my competitors own. I read through, then I write my own post but not word for word.

    Making research Is an Important factor you must adopt, unless you are an expert In the field. The world Is changing everyday and things change too.

  2. Read A Book: By reading some else's book(s), you will surely get Inspired to write. Way back In secondary school, my principal always emphasize on Novel. She stressed on that almost everyday.

    Reading quality Novels gives you space to learn English and correct word spellings. This may not work for you but I will surely work for Others.

  3. Choose A Unique Post Title: Your post title must be catchy and mind blowing. Your post Title Is another Important factor that you must not joke with. Your blog post title should clearly define what yours are looking for when they search google because this will Improve click through rate and automatically your traffic Is Increasing.

    This a good example of how to strcture your post title. Instead of using something like (Chicago Web Design), Use Chicago Web Design And Development - FanSnik. Your post title must not be too long. At least four to six keyword phrase Is enough.

  4. Stay Far Away From Distraction: I'll suggest your stay off social media during this period. That's exactly what I do. I swich off my data so I won't get disturbed my messages.

    If unfortunately, you leave In a noisy environment, kindly look for a queit place to write your blog post.

  5. Get A Good Sleep: Any time I find It hard to figure out my next post, I have a quick nap. Most times, I watch TV just to relax my mind. When we are awake, we think about a lot of things and they distract us.

    Sleeping will make your brain relax and also makes It easy for you to think. Many great writers of the world often mention that many of their great stories were revealed In a dream. Try this tactics, It may work well for you.

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