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Friday, August 2, 2019

How To Easily Create Paypal Payment Custom Link

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You just recently created a paypal account and you are wondering what your paypal account number Is, well I will show you two ways In which you can receive money with your newly opened paypal account. As a newbie In paypal, some asked for your paypal account number and you are confused, this Is what you must know. You can receive paypal payments In two easy ways.

  1. You can receive payments with your email. The email you used to register for your paypal account Is your paypal account number. It can only be used on one account.
  2. Secondly, you can receive payments with your paypal custom link. Creating a custom paypal payment link Is very easy. My own paypal custom payment link Is You can use both your email and your custom link to receive payments.

Now let me teach you how to create paypal payment custom link In few steps.

Login to generate your paypal payment custom link by using this link. Having loged In, follow this steps.

Easy Way To Create Paypal Payment Custom Link

  1. Paypal will ask you to upload a profile picture. This Is to ensure that you see the person you are sending money to and also make It obvious to people that you have paypal account.
  2. After uploading a unique photo, Go ahead to generate your paypal link. You can use any name you want but make It understandable and easy to remember. After choosing your link, click on Next button to check If the name you have chosen Is available.
  3. .
  4. After confirming your link availability, accept paypal Terms & Conditions Then Click on Create button boom you are done.

Paypal Payment Link Vs Email Address

To be candid, both paypal custom payment link and email address are actually okay by design. It all depends on your choice. Having a custom paypal payment link makes your sender recognize you and It somehow looks professional.

I've seen many cases where people type In your email wrongly or vice vasa. When such error occure, It makes you loose money. When you give people your custom payment link, they do not need to type your email address again. They only need to choose the amount they want to send to you and they complete their payment without stress.

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