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Monday, August 26, 2019

How To Connect Whatsapp To PC From Android Phone | Fansnik

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Whatsapp, one of worlds largest text messaging app. It allows you to chat with friends and families no matter your location. I would like to share this article on how to connect whatsapp to pc from android. I went to a cyber cafe to browse few days ago, a young lady came In, she said she want's to print a document from her mail box. But unfortunately, the network connection was fluctuating because of the rain that fell that day. At that moment the cafe manager could not access the Internet. The young lady was confused and restless because of the child she was carrying at her back. Then the cafe manager asked her If she had data on her android phone, she said yes and they linked her whatsapp to the Pc and she got her documents printed out.

Chatting with your friends on whatsapp with your android phone Is very easy and fast. By using whatapp on android phone, You have access to all the features but If connected to pc, you will only have access to limited features.

Requirements to connect whatsapp to pc from android

  1. You need a good working smart phone that can Install whatsapp and the smart phone must have a working back camera.
  2. Install the latest version of whatsapp or any one you are using now will do
  3. You need an Internet connection on both your pc and your android phone. Sharing mobile hotspot Is very easy If you have data on your smart phone to enable you to connect to your pc.
  4. Install a web browser preferably Google Chrome.

Having gotten all this things set for use, then lets get started on how to connect whatsapp to pc from your smart phone. This Is simply how It goes,

how to connect whatsapp to pc from android phone

  1. Launch the browser you have Installed on your personal computer then type this URL In the search box
  2. Having done that, Launch your whatsapp then locate whatsapp web from the menu option In your mobile device.
  3. Let whatsapp scan your QR code so you can get connected to your personal computer from your smart phone. Once the connection Is successful, all your chats on your whatsapp will be loaded on your pc Instantly.

Available options when you connect whatsapp to pc from android phone

Like I said earlier, there are limited options available for you when you connect whatsapp to pc from android phone. Let's take a look at them,
  1. You can share documents (photos, videos and audios) with your contacts.
  2. You can dowloads files directly to your pc.
  3. whatsapp web can allow you to start new conversations and you can also follow up existing conversations.
  4. Chats, contacts and messages are searchable on whatsapp web.
  5. You can start a new grop chat on whatsapp web, you can view group Info and you can as well view your own profile Info.
  6. Messages can be forwarded and also deleted on whatsapp web. It also allows you to disable or enable Desktop alerts. And you can connect to multiple pc's.

Unavailable options when you connect whatsapp to pc from android phone

  1. Broadcast message option Is not available on whatsapp web.
  2. Your status cannot be shared while using whatsapp web and your map and location cannot be share.
  3. No video calling on whatsapp web.
  4. Once you scroll on any file (photos, videos, audios) sent to you, It will start downloading automatically.
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