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Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Facebook Promotion | How To Use Facebook To Market Your Business Or Products (August 2019)

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Facebook, one of the world's largest social media platform. Facebook Is popularly known as a social site. Where you can meet people from all walks of life and also to chat with our loved ones across the globe. Aside that, Facebook has grown drastically ever since Its Inception way back In 2004. This platform Is widely used by business owners, marketer's, web masters as a greate markeing tool. Having known this, FACEBOOK PROMOTION will help your business and product(s) get to where you can't reach physically!..

Facebook has some embeded features such as facebook business page, facebook community and facebook ads program. This features will take your business and products to the next level.

In this era we are In, facebook cannot be underestimated at all, Wisely use facebook so that hopefully, your marketing business will grow plus It would also help your customers to be more engaged.

I saw a post on facebook some couple of months ago. The guy said:

I got a friend request from an eight (8) year old girl, did she think I stole her
What does this Implies?. Meaning that facebook Is used by all age grades and this Is obviously a great advantage of facebook promotion.

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Take advantage of this social media platform and you will see positive results. Earlier Today: I visited my facebook page and behold, for the first time, I had over 1.7k views on the product I'm trying to promote. The banner you see Is about a skill aquisition program. I currently work there, and our target Is to get at least 500 people and facebook promotion has given us positive results. (See Image Below).

I'm Interested, What Can I Do?

You are wondering how you can use facebook to market/promote your product(s), I got some tactics to help you do that. Just relax and read carefully as you ought to.

Facebook Promotion: Tips And Strategies

  1. Create A Facebook Account: You are ready for facebook marketing, you should signup for an account. It doesn't take time. Only In few minutes your account will be ready for you to use. Visit to SignUp for an account or just login If you already have one.
  2. Create A Facebook Business Page:

    (a) Select the categories that best describe your businesa or product(s).

    (b) Create your business page by adding your phone number, website or blog address, email address plus your home address or company address will do.

    (c) The next thing to do Is to add unique Information about yourself and your business so you can put trust In the mind of your audience. Setting a bio Is a key thing to do because It removes disbelieves and It makes people not to have Impression that you are trying to scam them.

    (d) Upload a photo for your page and also set a cover photo and lastly, INVITE your friends and customers to your new business page.

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  4. Use Facebook Paid Feature: By using facebook paid feature, you will reach out to millions of people. You can promote your facebook business page with any amount you have. Even with 1$
  5. Perhaps, the more money you use In facebook promotion, the more people get to see your business page. Click on

    "promote page button" to start your page promotion.

  6. Know Your Targeted Audience: It Is really Important that you know who your targeted audience or customers are. It will make you to deliver the right services and also save you from loses.

    ACCORDING to Google Analytics, the number of people that do visit my blog falls In between the age 25 - 34 years of age and that's about 33.50%. 27.50% falls under the age of 18 - 24 years old while 12.50% falls under the age of 45 - 54 years old

    It Is so Important to know who are reaching out to In other to get the best result. Facebook will ask you to choose the age limit at which you want to target, so choose your age limit and your are good to proceed

Facebook Promotion Tips

  1. Having set up your facebook business page, make sure you update your timeline, business page and groups regularly to help you build and keep cresible audience on your page.
  2. Keep checking your notification buttons daily. Answer all your audience's queation and Inquiries regarding your business from time to time so you keep the relationship strong .
  3. If you keep making yourself absent from your facebook business community, It will make people loose Interest on your business and can also undo the trust they have on your business.
  4. Never make the mistake of uploading false Information about you business on your page all because you want to drive more people to your page, by doing this, you are gradually killing your business and It could collapse any time soon.
  5. Try to find the frequently asked questions associated with your business and give quick and brife answers to them on your facebook promotion page.

Wrapping Up: Facebook Promotion

You are convinced now right?.. have you ever thought of how the top blog and websites In the world are so popular. Most of them run facebook and google ads to get their targeted audience with ease.

Kindly share this post with other groups on social media, plus comment what you think about this article.

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