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Thursday, August 29, 2019

10 Important Lessons I Learned From 11 Months of Blogging As A Career

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I have been blogging for almost eleven (11) months now, what a period It has been for me. I have faced positive and negative seasons perhaps I can say It Isn't easy honestly. blogging as a career Is one of the most critical online jobs anyone can do. If you don't have passion for It, you will quickly quit even before you see your blog doing well. Over the past few months, some things went very smoothly for me while some gave me unpleasant headaches. My purpose of wrting this article Is to briefly give you some Insights of the things I faced when I started blogging as a career In 2018. Hopefully, you would learn from my mistakes and you should work on them to see how to Improve them so as to make your blogging career a fruitful one.

When you are done reading this post, kindly comment below what you have learnt since you started your blogging journey. I would be glad to receive them.

My 11 months of blogging as a career experience

  1. Blog About The Niche You Are Passionate About: Blogging about the topic you are most passionate about can not be over emphasized. I see a lot of beginners bloggers blogging about what they see other people doing. Just like when I had my first blog In 2016. I was following my friends niche not knowing he has passion for what he was doing. Way back when, none of my blog post where from my head, they were all copy and paste.

    It Is very easy for you to come up with blog post Ideas If truelly you have passion for It. If you are not passionate about what you are blogging about, you will eventually see yourself loosing motivation on what you publish on your blog and your blog begin to die gradually due to lack of contents.

    When I started my first blog, I had no passion for It. All my posts were stolen from other people's website. At a time I saw myself blogging on random niches. My blog was so boring to me even If I had few people visiting If daily.

    It's very unfortunate that after three (3) months of blogging as a career, the host shutdown and that was how I lost my first blog. I wouldn't say that was a waste of time and efforts but I really learnt a lot during the few months of blogging.

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  3. Keywords Research And SEO Are Very Important:
  4. By using and targeting of relevant keywords, your blog Is likely to be among the list In search result pages (SRPs). This keywords are word phrases used by people when looking for Information on search engines like Google.

    Organic traffic are those traffic gotten from search engines like Google and If you want your blog to ,be among the list when a particular word Is searched for, then you should write your articles with keywords In mind.

    I was blogging for six (6) months without paying attention to SEO. I saw search engine optimization as something hard so I didn't pay much attention to It. After seven (7) months of blogging, I realised I wasn't getting any traffic from Google. Then I contacted a particular blogger and he said I used start using relevant keywords In my blog articles.

    Use a google keywords tool like, Google Keywords Planner, SemRush or to find relevant kegwords around your niche. Research for keywords that are popular around your niche but not been used by many websites. Try to focus on Long-Tail Keywords because they have more words and they have less competition. Meaning that only few websites are awear of them. Some websites might be awear of them, perhaps they may not know how to target them. Example of long-tail keywords can be blogging as a career or the best place to visit In europe.

    Browse through my article on how to do keywords research | SEO on-page practices to have a clear Idea of what keywords are, how to find relevant keywords and how to use them within your blog post.

  5. Longer Posts Attracts More Visitors:
  6. During my elevent months of blogging, I've learnt that the longer our posts are, the higher our chances of ranking will be. Because when you write longer posts, you Input more keyword words within your contents making It easy for search engine spiders to pick your blog.

    According to a research conducted by YOAST, the developer of one of wordpress SEO plugins, he said we should all aim to produce articles that are 1000+ words. Back then In 2018 when I first started blogging as a career, my posts were shorter but now I try writing longer contents and I can obviously see the differences and positive Impact of It on my blog.

    When writing longer articles, there are some few things you should keep In mind:

    Make sure It flows properly- You can add quotes, your daily life experinces and try to relate back to your previous topics.

    Invest more time In longer articles- To be frank, writing longer articles times more time and energy than when you write shorter arricles. Don't get me wrong!.. You need to be patient If you really want to produce longer contents, know your keywords and place them where they make the most sense and no beating around the bush. Just go straight to the main topic and don't try spewing nonsense just to makeup your words count.

  7. Always Ask For Opinion:
  8. The most common mistakes I have seen bloggers make Including myself Is that we have failed to seek opinion from people. Sometimes we are just too proud of our blog. People might see the mistakes you are making, but to you, everything Is okay because we refuse see It.

    It Is every bloggers dream to see their blog successful but do our blog even deserve to be among the best. We think our blog Is the best and therefore It deserves all the traffic In this world.

    People can see what you don't see that Is why we should try to seek opinion from other people. Remember no man Is a Island. Lately, I've learnt so much from friends, bloggers In the same niche as me and my blog visitors. I read all the comments, some are positive while some are negative. Its good as you are getting all this feedback because It will help you to Improve your content and your blog as well. Remember we are writing for our audience and not for yourself.

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  9. A Good WebHost Makes All The Differences:
  10. There was a particular time when I was having low web traffic. I was not happy seeing bloggers In the same niche as me doing far better than I am. It Is really painful. Sometimes I will just seat down and I begin to worry about my blog.

    Before I started blogging as a career, I made researches. I joined many facebook blogging groups. One day, I ask a particular blogger If I can make money using which Is a free host, he said I cannot make anything unless I use WordPress. My heart started beating as If It was the worlds Dooms Day. I became worried and I almost gave up because I couldn't afford to buy a web hosting plan not to talk of a domain name.

    The next day I contacted another blogger who told me what blogger and wordpress are capable of doing. Then I understood the differences between both of them. At the end I went for the free host. Few months ago an Indian guy was telling me I can never have huge traffic unless I use wordpress.

    There are many web hosting companies on the Internet I'll just mention a few: Bluehost, Host Gator, Siteground, Digital Ocean, DreamHost and what have you. Their server speed Is so excellent plus your site will be 80% faster than what It Is at normal.

    Visitors love fast websites and they will leave a website If Its taking forever to load. Greater number of webmasters from all walks of life chose BlueHost as their web hosting plan. If you are planning of switching, I'll recommend blue host. Click here to switch to blue host and see how your blog will perform.

  11. Never Stop Making Researches: I conducted a lot of researches before I start blogging as a career In 2018. Up till today I still make researches. I cannot know all. I can honestly tell you I learn something new and beneficial every single day.

    Before I wrote this article, I made some researches so that what I'm presenting to my audience will look more presentable and more detailed than other blogs In the same niche as me. The more you do your researches, the more and better blog-growing Infos you'll find and Implement.

    Your researches should be based on things you aren't good at and you are aspiring to know more about them. It could be how to write better blog contents, Search engine optimization, marketing, how to make money blogging, this are the type of researches you should be conducting more often as they will help grow your blog.

    Learn from other bloggers and blogs around your niche, never stop researching and make your habit.

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  12. Use The Best Marketing Trends To Aquire More Traffic: One scary part of blogging Is that search engines like Google and social media platforms frequently change their algorithms. In my secondary school days I was taught that Algorithm Is a step by step procedure for carrying out a task. What am I trying to point here?.. As search engines and social media platforms changes/updates their algorithm, some tactics which works now, may not work In the future.

    When this happens, we'll begin to learn new ways by which we can promote our blogs. This Is scary for most bloggers Including myself. Marketing Is all about finding the right way by which we can grow our audience. Try to figure out the best marketing technique and stick to them. Use what Is best for you, the only online job that favoured me Is blogging the rest are to no avail, so stick to what works best for you.

  13. Track Your Blog Statistics And Then Utilize Them: Install Google Analytics on your blog so that you can see how your blog Is performing over time. Every business Is targeted at a profit not loss. Here are some things you should look out for:

    Blog Page Views: A post with high page views Is not an ordinary page. It means that the page get so many visitors attention. A post with high page views Is obviously a popular post. Try to promote them more often as the will keep surprising your blog with more visitors. Try to descover why some of your post are very popular and others are not. This will help you exponentially to write more killer contents that will drive In more visitors on your blog.

    Aquisition: Will help you find out where your traffic Is coming from. If It Is Facebook or Twitter, facebook might be your highest traffic sources and twitter may not. So If It Is fb, spend more time promoting your contents on facebook and find out why twitter Isn't working for you.

Wrapping Up: blogging as a career!

I've noticed that when I write In a cool environment, my blogging Inspiration Increases, more Ideas comes In. Sometimes your Location may be a factor. When you are surounded with distractions, try to change your location , you can sleep or you have a walk, you'll surely find some Ideas In your environment.

The Blue Host link above Is our Affiliate link, meaning that we earn some commissions when you signup.

That's all for now. I just hope my article Is useful and I believe you found some takeway from my write up. Kindly share below your own blogging as a career experiences!. And do well to help share this post anyway you can. Happy Blogging..

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