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Thursday, July 4, 2019

What Is A Blog | How To Start And Earn Money Blogging

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Currently, there are over a million blogs on the Internet. People from all walks of life usually visit the Internet on daily basis just to get Information on a topic. My article will describe what Is a blog, what you must do In other to run and maintain a successful blog and how to earn from your blog like I'm currently doing.

What Is A Blog

In a simple term, a blog Is simply a journal website In which you publish your articles. A blog Is regularlly updated perhaps a website may not be. A blog Is more like an Interacting webpage, you can reply to people's comments on your blog.. This sounds cool right? Yes. If You are still confused, Is a good example of a blog..

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Successful Blogging Tips (Must Do!)

If you are planning to start your own blog and you don't know how, don't worry because I will explain all you need to know If you want to run a succesaful blog like other's do..

Just like someone asked me today, how do I start a blog frank. I told her to list those things she likes to do and she mentioned them to me.. Same Thing applies when you want to start your own blog. List out your Interest and hobbies. This would enable you choose the best Niche. I will explain what Niche means In the next paragraph. Before I started blogging way back In 2018, I had problem choosing a good Niche for fansnik blog.. I didn't really know what to blog about untill I listed those things that really Interests me.

Now let me explain what Niche means. A Niche Is just like a topic your blog will be focused on. You blog Niche can be of anything depending on what you want to write on.. Fashion, Gaming, Dance, Lifestyle, Health are really good Niche which you can start with.

What Is A Blog: How To Run A Successful Blog

  1. Choose A Platform: There are many blog builder's on the web. Choose any that suits you. Remember that all of them have different features. There Is always an disadvantage and disadvantages to everything. Some of the best blog builder's on the web Includes,, Ipage, and what have you. I currently use
  2. Buy Web Hosting Plan: A host Is where all your data and wepages would be stored. For example your house Is the host and you live Inside It. You house secures all your properties. Same applies with web hosting. Hosting your own website has great Impact on your blog. Is totally free to use but If you are going for
  3. Get A Domain Name: Domain name Is just an extension which will make your blog look professional. Instead of the normal you will get something like There are many domain name provider's on the Internet. I'll just mention a few..,, Namecheap, SiteGround and lots more. I currently use
  4. Having known all this tips, you can now go ahead to create your blog. Creating a blog Is different from building a blog. You should select a template/theme that Is mobile friendly. This Is to ensure your blog works perfectly on mobile devices. There are many free templates online to choose from. You can search google for free blogger templates to download from the list and upload to your blogger.

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    What Is A Blog: How To Make Money Blogging

    There are several ways to earn from your blog. Before you can start earning from your blog, you must work hard on your blog traffic. Meaning that you will do SEO (Search Engine Optimkzation) for your blog for you to get huge readership or audience on your blog. Your new blog Is expected to be updated regularly so you will keep having visitors.

    Below are how you can make money blogging:

    1. Google Adsense: Over two(2) million websites and blogs on the Internet uses Google Adsense for monetization. also monetize with Google Adsense. There are other alternatives to google adsense perhaps you may want to know. They Include Propella Ads,, Infolink and what have you.. You will signup with any of this ads networks. When you are approved, you can place banners on your blog and whenever your blog visitors clicks on them, you get paid. Obviously, some banners are displaying on this blog right? Yes, they are Google Adsense banners.
    2. Affiliate Marketing: No doubt, Affiliate Marketing Is one of the best ways to make cool money from your blog. What you only need Is to signup on one of these affiliate marketing websites. Then choose a product which you want to promote on your blog. This websites have so many products that covers almost all Niche. Pick a product that pays above 10% commission. Pick a product that Is related to your Niche. Anytime a person buys an Item or product with your Affiliate Marketing link or banner, you get paid (Commissions).

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  5. Sponsored Post: A sponsored post can be a press realease, blog post, articles or review which you will promote on your blog. This Is how a sponsored post works. Its either you write the post or your sponsor writes the post. You can make huge money from your blog through sponsored post. But there Is one thing you should have at the back of your mind. Do not take sponsored post regularly because the content may likely not be related to your Niche. If It Is not, do not take sponsored post frequently so you can maintain your blog readership. The true fact Is that you get paid to publish sponsored contents on your blog.
  6. Selling Items: You can actually market your own products on your blog. You can use your blog to sell digital products. Example: EBook (electronic book).. An Ebook Is a file which contain detailed Information about a topic. Is one of the biggest website that Is used to Market Ebooks and other digital products. Your blog Also can do that for you.

There may be other tactics that can bring money through your blog. There are many ways but my list above are the legit ones you can actually start with.

Wrapping Up: What Is A Blog

My article has actually covered all you really need before starting your own blog. Always remember that content Is key. Meanining that what you publish or write on your Is what determines your blog life. A friend of mine got rejected by Google Adsense only because hes contents are not relevant. Make sure you use relevant keywords when writing any article for your blog.

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When you start blogging, remove your mind from money. I know you started because of money. Same thing with me. I have always wanted to make money online.. I actually took to blogging then after sometimes I realized that I need hard work fisrt then I should put everything aside and let SEO come In.

If you are really determined on starting your own blog, then do not delay. Just publish your passion on your blog and you will start seeing good results In short time...

Drop your thoughts, questions and contributions In the comment box below. I'll love to hear from you
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