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Saturday, July 6, 2019

Top 10 Tactics On How To Increase YouTube Subscribers (July 2019)

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Youtube has grown drastically ever since It's Inception. Currently, Youtube subscribers are almost one-third of the overall Internet users..WOW. Youtube has really grown wide because of It's video sharing ability. Did you know that the first youtube video which was ever made was uploaded successfully on 23rd March, 2005 which was named (Me At The Zoo). There are so many youtube channels even the one's with same NICHE. As a matter of fact, there will be competition obviously. Something can make your youtube channel stand firm among your competitors. To this effect, I decided to write on how to Increase youtube subscribers with this ten(10)tactics.

How To Increase youtube Subscribers

Firstly, who are youtube subscribers? Youtube subscribers are very relevant on your channel to be precise. It Is the key to a successful youtube channel.

Youtube subscribers are loyal fans of any channel. He spends valuable time sourcing for videos on that channel. Youtube subscribers are those that will be updated anytime the channel Is updated with new videos. A youtube subscriber Is usaully notified through email anytime the channel Is updated with a new video.

Having subscribers on your youtube channel Is a good thing. Your subscribers will not only watch your new uploaded video(s), they will share It with third-parties thereby Increasing the visibility stage.

Youtube Is one of the best platform for earning cool money online. Your youtube channel subscribers can contribute to your earnings. When a youtube channel reaches 10,000 , you can automatically be making $100 through youtube ads. Obviously, some ads are displaying on this blog, they are google ads. They can be embedded or placed on your youtube channel which will equall boost your earnings.

I have seen on facebook where youtubers beg people to sunscribe to their channel(s). It Is not really easy. Reaching your first 100 to 1000k subsctibers Is really difficult perhaps my article will contain 10 tactics on how to increase youtube subscribers.

10 tactics on how to increase youtube subscribers

Having known the Importance of subscribers on your youtube channel, Its time to grow yours. Kindly follow this tactics below
  1. The Use Of Relevant Keywords For Videos: If you want your youtube videos to rank high In search results, then you have no option than to make use of relevant keywords for your videos. Tags are also Important. They tell us what a videos Is for. Example: Lets say my video Is about Lions, It would be tagged as 'Lion' or 'wild life'. This will Improve better searchability. One of the best place to find relevant keywords for your youtube videos Is Youtube Itself. Perhaps there are other advanced keywords research tools on the web. They Include Google Search Console, SEMrush, Moz and what have you.. This Is to make sure you capture what your audience are looking for along your video NICHE. Every youtuber who want he's to rank high on google search result pages (SRPs) , should make use of keywords. Focus on long-tail keywords. They will Increase your channel subscribers over time. It Is will make your channel rank high..
  2. Stay Consistent | Post Relevant Videos: You want more subscribers? then you should stay consistent In posting videos that are relevant In your Niche and for your viewers. A channel that Is not active may even loose subscribers. Some youtubers will rest for over one month without posting anything. They may even upload videos 3-4 In a week. With this, there are no chances of you getting youtube subscribers to your channel. Posting 1-2 videos a week Is may be okay. But your videos must be relevant to your viewers. If you are too busy to upload videos regularly, then you should find specific time and day you will upload your videos. Make that your standard.
  3. Plan Your Videos: Failing to plan Is planning to fail (Alan Lakein). Always be brief and make your videos detailed as possible. Put In your best In creating original scripts for your viewers. A very planned video will help acheive maximum subscribers.
  4. Avoid Making Lenghty Videos: If you really want to grow higher traffic on your youtube channel, then always make your videos short and make sure you hit/target the main topic. No beating around the bush. COMSCORE Is one of the most popular youtube channel. The shortest video which they ever made was only for 42 seconds and the longest lasted 9 mintues 15 seconds.
  5. Change Your Location For New Videos: Do not use one location for the background. This will be boring to your viewers. Try to cahnge your location In other to make your videos stand out and to attract more viewers. You can not keep making videos In your room and expect to get something better. No that's not professional.
  6. Be Professional: Try to make unique videos everytime. In every new video you make, there should be obvious differences among the previous ones you have made. Make your viewers trust you as an expert In that field.
  7. Make Use Of Custom Thumbnail: A thumbnail Is an Image you see at the left hand side of youtube videos. Your custom thumbnail should briefly describe what your video Is about without people viewing the video Itself. There are many thumbnail apps you can use to create quality thumbnails for your videos. I'll just mention two(2). PicsArt and Pixella are great tools. They have all you need. Visit Google Playstore to download them. My Image will explain what a thumbnail really Is..
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  9. Make A Perfect Channel Trailer: A channel trailer Is more like a movie which gives your viewers little Insights of what they are about to watch. A channel trailer Is usually between 30-60 seconds video. It Is one of the best ways to entice more and more subscribers to your channel.
  10. Make Quality Videos: Your videos must be of high quality. Use standard camera and softwares If you want to get quality subscribers. Videos with poor quality can damage user experience.

Genaral Tips On How To Increase Youtube Subscribers

If you should make use of this tactics, your subscribers will surelly Increase over time Including your views and eventually boost your earning.

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