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Saturday, July 27, 2019

Latest 9Mobile HTTP Injector VPN Browsing Cheat

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Hello my fellow blog readers. Behold, I present to you Latest 9Mobile HTTP Injector VPN Browsing Cheat. This 9Mobile HTTP Injector VPN seems not to be FREE like others. Lets see the requirements and how to Install and configure the new 9Mobile HTTP Injector VPN browsing cheat.

Requirements For 9Mobile HTTP Injector VPN Browsing Cheat

  1. 9Mobile Sim card 3G or 4G network will do
  2. An Android phone
  3. Use your default 9Mobile APN settings like that.

If All this materials are available. You are good to go.

Now, subscribe to 9Mobile Social Media Only plan Simply dail *200*3*3*2*3#. It cost N350 Naira and It's valid for 1 (one) month. To cancel auto-renewal, dail *343*5*0#..

DOWNLOAD: Latest 9Mobile HTTP Injector VPN Here

UPDATED 9Mobile Config File here (config file Is valid till 26/08/2019)

After downloading the two files above, Its now time to Install and Import so you can start browsing.

How To Import 9Mobile HTTP Config File

Install your newly download 9Mobile HTTP Injector and Lauch It. When It opes, click on the Paper Icon as you can see above the top-right corner.

Tap on Import Cinfig, now locate the 9Mobile Config File you downloaded earlier and click on It to Impot.. Finally, click Start and wait for It to connect and you can start browsing.

Things To Note

  1. You will be given 2.2GB data for 1 month.
  2. You can do multiple subscriptions
  3. Browsing speed is not that fast
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