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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

How To Do Keyword Research | SEO On-Page Practices

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I am very sorry for late updates on fansnikblog. If you are conversant with my blog, I always say I'm writing Exams. In other no to waste your time, Let me go straight to the main topic of today. how to do keyword research.. A lot of people on facebook and whatsapp have been asking me how I do my keywords research, So I decided to write on It fully right here. Before I started blogging, I read so many articles about blogging. When ever I want to go Into something new, I make sure I have full details of It. During my blogging tutorials, I always com across use relevant keywords. At first I had no Idea of what that means, perhaps I found out after some months though. Getting keywords for your blog post Is very easy and fast. So lets get started.

What Is Keywords Research

Keyword research simply means getting keywords (phrases) people usually use to find Information on search engines like Google. The only way to get relevant keywords for your blog post Is by using keywords research tools

When you find relevant keywords for your blog post and you target them well, your blog Is likely to be among the list In Search Result Pages (SRPs). Just like this Image below..

The main purpose of using keys In our blog post Is to rank on google search pages. If you have multiple pages on your blog which have the same content or you goto another persons website to copy contents for your blog, you will run the risk of getting penalized by Google. Not only that, your search ranking will SUFFER.

Now I want to show you how to get relevant keywords for your blog post and also how to target your keyword(s) phrases.

Firstly, you will look for a very good keywords research tool. There are so many of them on the Internet. We have...

  1. Google Keywords Planner
  3. Chrome Extension
  5. Keywordtool
  6. Ubersuggest and what have you.

To be frank, most of my keywords researches are made using Chrome Extension. This Is the first keywords tool I used and It's one of the best. I wrote a full article on how to Install keywords everywhere on yandex browser.

ALSO READ: How To Install Keywords Everywhere Chrome Extension On Yandex Browser

But for the purpose of this article, I will use to give you a step by step guide on how to do keyword research.

You do keywords research In other to find relevant keywords for your blog post. You will look for keywords people search for, but not known or used by many websites. Recently on Facebook, an Indian boy shared screenshots of he's blog ranking first on google. And someone commented and said "That Is not what we call ranking because nobody search for this keywords". What this mean Is that the search volume of the keyword(s) he used Is not frequently searched for or even used by few websites.

how to do keyword research

  1. Visit Locate the search box and type In any keyword you want to target.
  2. The keywords I want to target Is (how to do keyword research). When I did my research, I descovered the Search Volume Is only 590. So what do I do next, copy the keywords along with the numbers, paste and search Is on google.
  3. As you can see, when I search the keyword, Only three(3) websites have used and targeted the keywords very well. That means I can write my own article and also rank on It.

How To Use Keywords In My Blog Post

  1. I use the keywords In the fisrt paragraph of my blog post rapped with the bold tag (keywords here) or Italic tag (keywords here). In this post, I rapped the keywords with the bold tag. When placing keywords In the first paragraph of your article, Your first paragraph must contain atleast 100 to 150 words.
  2. Use the keywords ONLY ONCE In h1 tag and In two or more h2 tags depending on how lenghty your article Is.
  3. The keywords must be In your post title/description. This Is Really Important because It helps In getting users to click through from search engine result page to your website.
  4. Add the keywords In the last paragraph of your post.
The keywords will show up In my post URL structure, In my post title and In my post description.

Notable Quality Of Easy To Rank Keywords

  1. Scarcity: Use keywords that are frequently searched for, but not used or known by many websites
  2. Focus On Long-Tail Keywords: eg Buhari On A Trip To London..One of the ways through which I get traffic to my blog Is by the use of long-tail keywords. This Is one of the best SEO tactics you should adopt.
  3. Use keywords Above 300+ seaches a month and avoid keywords that have less than 14 searches a day
  4. Now you should take a look at your competitors website and find out If they are targeting the keywords correctly. Check If your competitor uses the keywords In HTML, (Shows as the blue link title In google). If It Is not there, then obviously that website Is perhaps unaware of that keyword(s) and does not know to target It.
For every 100 words you write, between 3 and 7 of them should be keywords.
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