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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

How To Create Quality YouTube Videos | Video Marketing (July 2019)

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Last week, I wrote an article on top 10 tactics on how to Increase youtube subscibers.. People will not subscribe to your channel If you do not give them what they need. Today, I want to show you some unque tactics which you can follow In other to make a wonderful youtube video that will attract more people and also make them to subscribe..Make sure you plan your videos before shooting and also use good gadgets to film It If truely you want a better result.

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Lets take a good look at youtube, It has really grown drastically since Its Inception. Making Youtube videos Is one of the best thing you can do to earn money. Now lets see how to make wonderful and attractive youtube videos which can actually attract more people to your channel ..
  1. Make research on the video you want to make. Take a look at your competitors videos, study how they film and what they film. By doing this, you will have something more meaningful to shoot on.. It does not mean that you are copying them, but you are just learning from them to make your own video better .. Same thing applies to bloggers like me, before I wrote this post, I made some research on It so that I can produce something meaningful and lenghty to my readers across the globe.
  2. Use standard camera and gadgets for your videos. Make sure you use tripod so that It doesn't shake or move unexpectedly. You know this would look so unprofessional and boring to your audience. Before I started blogging, I was planning of starting a youtube channel, but one thing that held me back were filming materials. I lack all necessary gadgets, so I gave up and started blogging like am doing now.
  3. Know who your audience are before you film. Same applies to blogging. You need to know your audience/viewers and also the type of videos they like to watch. You can't go around making random videos, this can drive away your audience and perhaps you will end up loosing subscribers on the long run. Take as a youtube channel. Here we focus on tech, reviews, online wealth tips, video markerting and what have you. You will never see us write on Fashion, Health or Food. That Is not our Niche and our visitors may not like It.. Obviously, short video comedy attracts more views because It target young people. They are easy to share with other people.
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  5. Try to speak clearly and directly to the camera. Try to memorize your script before you film. You should do this to avoid Stammering when speaking. When you Stammer, It does't look professional, It can bring am Impression to your audience that you don't know what you are saying. Writing a script or an outline for your video Is a good Idea. This Is optional and It's upto you. Go through the script over and over again, you will find something that does not fit the rest. Just edit them.. Writing script totally depends on you, lets say you are making a videos of yourself playing Video game, you don't actually need a script for that exercise..Practice your script before you film, thats the bottom line.
  6. When you are taking selfie or pictures of yourself, you take multiple shot and at the end, you delete the ones that are not beautuful. Fact!..Same thing applies here, take multiple shots of your video, then later choose the best.
  7. When I started blogging Intially, I had some amount of views on my articles, but people do not comment after reading my posts. Perhaps, I now get decent amount of comments now on my articles. So what am I saying, tell people to like and share your videos and also subscribe to your channel. By doing this, your subscribers will boost on the long run.. Asking people to like, share and subscribe may not work well If you dont give them what they want.
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