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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

9Mobile Data Bonus Offer | Get Free 7GB Data (July)

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Obviously, It's been months since I wrote about 9Mobile. Today 9Mobile has released an exciting bonus data deal for all 9Mobile users.

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How Can I Get My Free 7GB Bonus Data

It's very simply. Just buy your normal monthly data subscription of 1GB data and above and your line will automatically be rewarded with Free 7GB Data.

In other to get the free 7GB data bonus, you must purchase 1GB data plan with this code *200*3*1# then your line will be credited with 7GB data upon activation of your 1GB data subscription.

What Can I Use My Free 7GB Data To Do

Your 7GB free data can only be used to Stream Videos between the early hours of 1AM to 5AM. This offer Is valid for 1 month and note that this offer will not work If you purchase 9mobile 1GB for N200.

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