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Saturday, July 27, 2019

6 Best Online Businesses You Can Do Without Spending Money (2019)

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Do you wish to start a business perhaps you are worried about the cost. Many people loose hope on a business Idea they pucture on their mind because they think they can't afford to start the job because It requires huge Investment. But wait! what If I told you that there are actually many online businesses you can do without spending any money. You can become your own boss and earn big money online by doing simple jobs. I want to share this article on 6 online businesses you can do without spending money. I equally use one of this jobs tactics which I will mention below.

6 online businesses you can do without spending money

The online business Ideas I will mention below are legit and easy for anyone to start. You don't actually require any skill or qualification to start them. Just pick the one that will work best for you and stick to It.
  1. Become A FreeLance Writer: Becoming a freelance writer Is one of the best ways to make cool money online without spending any money. In this age we are In, the demand of freelancer's are very high. Firstly, you only need to be passionate about writing and boom you're right there. There are so many opportunities on the Internet for freelancer's..

    To be candid, In the USA and other Advanved countries, an average professional freelance writer makes over $40,000 - $70,000 per year writing. You do not need anything other than your efforts and passion. Freelance writing Is Indeed a great way to make enough money for yourself online.

    This platforms listed below are the best anyone can use. As a freelance writer, you can earn big with any of this websites.

    • Fiverr
    • Upwork
    • Textbroker
    • iFreelance
    • Writer Access
  2. You Can Become A Social Media Influencer: Are you an active member of the world's biggest social media platforms such as facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and what have you. Do you have huge followers on any of this platforms? If yes, you can become a social media Influencer because you have all It takes.

    Few days ago, I wrote about how to promote your products on Instagram, that Is one way you can earn through your social media accounts. By promoting your products, courses and also affiliate marketing. Take advantage of your social media accounts and earn big.

  3. You Can Sell An E-Book (Electronic Book): This Is also related to freelancing. Here, you will write on a topic you are passionate about and you publish It as an E-book. You can convert your written articles Into a PDF file and you sell to people. You can also place your e-book on big onine stores like Amazon, Ebay and what have you.

    You don't really need to aquire a skill before you can do this. Everything Is all about Interest and passion. There Is no specific E-Book you should write on, Just pick a subject you know best and which can also solve people's problem's In some way.

  4. Lets say you are good a creating and designing websites with wordpress, and you write an e-book on how to start your own website and make money online, If people eventually find your book useful, It can fetch you millions of sales. You can also promote your e-book through your social media accounts. The more people know about your e-book, the more they buy and more money comes to you.

    There are some platforms you can use to market or sell your e-book. I'll just mention few of them. We have

    • Kindle Direct Publishing
    • Google Play
    • NOOK Press and iBooks Author
  5. Start A Youtube Channel: Youtube Is one of the best platforms that can fetch you lots of money online. You do not need ti spend any money on this. Your personal computer, laptop, Camera or even a good smart phone can get the job done properly. Make videos people will like and make that your NICHE.

    You can make any type of video for your channel. It can be Comedy, entertainment, Lifestyle, Gaming, Tutorial and many more. But did you know that Gaming Videos Is recorded to have the highest views on youtube. So look for your passion and create quality videos.

    There are many ways to earn from your Youtube channel. You can place Google Ads, You can promote Affiliate products You can advertise people's product and channel on your own channel and make huge profit from youtube.
  6. You Can Start Affiliate Marketing And CPA Marketing: Affiliate marketing Is an online based marketing In which you will promote someone else's product. It can be a brand. You promote their product and you get some commissions.

    There are so many affiliate marketing companies on the Internet. Below are the Best Affiliate Networks you can signup with and start making money: Clickbank, Shareasale, Amazon associates, Konga affiliates, BuilderAll and many more. The only difference between Affiliate Marketing and CPA Marketing Is that, In Affiliate Marketing, you get paid only when you make sales through your affiliate links or banners you display on your website or blog. While In CPA Marketing, you get paid when you make sales, Install Apps, take Survey and some other simple task you do.

  7. You Can Start Blogging:
  8. Blogging Is the only way I make money Online. Blogging Is the only online job I know best. Is a good example of a typical blog. A blog Is a website In which you publish articles or journals.

    You can earn huge money from your blog by placing Google Adsense Ads on your blog, You can promote your Affiliate products with your blog, You can sell your e-book on your blog, you can advertise people's product on your blog and get paid.

    Blogging Is an opportunity for you to explore your writing skills. Write articles and publish It on a blog just like am doing right now.

I hope you found my article 6 online businesses you can do without spending money useful. Simply find the one that fits your Interest and lifestyle then stick to It. Making money online require time, patience and passion before you can earn. Do not rush anything. When the time comes the money will surely come.

Drop your questions and comments In the comment section. Thank You and also share this article on social media.

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