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Friday, June 14, 2019

Top 5 Killer Affiliate Marketing Tips You Should Try In 2019 | June

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Exam time Is here perhaps I will still write as I normally would... Affiliate Marketing has always be a source of online revenue for bloggers and website owners. But funny enough, you can actually engage yourself In affiliate marketing even without a website or blog. My article will teach you top 5 killer affiliate marketing tips you should try in 2019. If you are new to this business, don't worry because I'm going to explain all what you should know.

Before I begin to talk about the top 5 killer affiliate marketing tips , I'll briefly explain what affiliate marketing Is all about just Incase you are new to this business.


Affiliate marketing In a simple term Is when you promote a companies/brand products through links and banners. You will look for a suitable company In which you will promote her product. There are so many affiliate marketing websites on the web. I'll just mention a few of them. Clickbank, Amazon Associate, Whogohost affiliate, BuilderAll affiliate, Konga, Jumia, AffBank, Jvzoo, Bluehost Affiliate, Domainking Affiliates and what have you. This companies will pay you some commissions to promote their products either on a blog, website or by sharing of links If you don't have a website or blog.

What Are Affiliate Marketing Tips

Affiliate Marketing Tips are those tactics you will use to draw more people to buy products through your affiliate link. There are numerous ways to get people who would buy products through your link.

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Some years back, an European guy was telling me on facebook how he made It through affiliate marketing. He Introduced me to BuilderAll affiliate. He told me how himself and his mother struggled to live a happy life but It wasn't so easy for them, but when he started BuilderAll affiliate, his life changed In the second year because he had a lot of people buying products through his affiliate link.

I just hope my top 5 killer affiliate marketing tips would be of great Impact on our business.

First, you shoud have a community after building your community, you will then build a trust with your community. You must build trust with your community because It Is the key thing to do. People must trust you. People must know who they are dealing with and who their referral really Is. You can't just expect people to buy product through a link they aren't awear of.

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Top 5 Killer Affiliate Marketing Tips

  1. You can market an affiliate product throug a website or a blog. All you need to do Is let your readers know about the product you are promoting. Place your affiliate banner In the HTML section of your website so your readers can click through. Your link too Is essential. You can place your affiliate link In-between your blog post.
  2. You can promote your affiliate product by getting a banner designed by a good graphic designer. Your banner will contain some Infomation about the product you are promoting. Your banner simply gives people full details of you and your products.
  3. Youtube Is also a good place you can share your affiliate product on. Youtube Is opened to people from all walks of life. By making a short video about your product, you stand a good chance of getting more people to buy through your link.
  4. Sharing your affiliate marketing links On popular forums like Warriorplus forum, Nairaland forum and other popular forums can be a good Idea. Give a little discription about the product you are promoting or people will only pass by. This forums have over a million visitors each month so there are chances of earning more money.
  5. Your families and friends are just simply the best place to get started from. Even If the four steps above didn't favour you, your families and friends can't.
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How To Monetise Your Affiliate

Monetisation Is actually very simple. All you have to do Is make sure people buy products/Items through your affiliate marketing link.

Create a facebook page for your product to gather a wide range of audience.

Banners are essential though, get a very good banner designed by a professional graphic designer...

Wrapping up top 5 affiliate marketing tips

If you are sourcing for ways to make money online, you will always see affiliate marketing among the list. Don't spam with your link. And finally promote a product that pays you about (10%) commission. I hope you love my write-up!!. Drop your comment If you have anything to say about this article because I would Iike to hear your thought.
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