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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

How To Install Chat Flow Widget On Your Website - Messaging

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Bloggers, webmasters and website owners who wish to Increase user experience on their website or blog can Install chat flow widget on their web page.

chat flow widget allows website visitors to Interact with the website owner on messenger, whatsapp, email or through phone calls.

You should Install this widget to Increase your website or blog functionality and user experience.

Installation of chat flow widget Is pretty much simple and fast.

how to Install chat flow widget on your website

  1. Visit this URL That Is the home page for chat flow widget generation.
  2. You will see the messaging apps select your choice. You can only select two(2) chat apps If you are using the free button. To select more than two(2), you would go pro by simply paying $0.99 .Also you can add Image/Icon on your chat flow widget when you go pro.
  3. Customise your chat flow widget by entering an Agent Name. Ageny Name Is a name your visitors would see, Including you. As you can see mine, Its Frank Chuks.
  4. The next step to follow Is to choose your widget color and widget position. If you want chat flow widget to display on the left or right hand side of your webpage, then select Its position.
  5. Input other necessary Information and click the Get Button Code.

Having clicked get button code, chat flow will send you an email on the valid email address you used. The email message would contain the chat flow script code. Copy It.

placing chat flow code on your website

I'll simply use to explain this process.

Login to your account and go to theme, EDIT HTML

Once your theme section opens, place your mouse pointer anywhere In the HTML, On your pc or laptop press (ctrl + f) A search box will appear. Now use the theme search box to search for (/body). Get your chat flow widget script code and Place this code right before the closing tag of your website.

Then save. Boom you have successfully Installed chat flow widget on your website.

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