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Monday, June 3, 2019

How To Enable Dark Mode On Google Chrome For Android And Windows 10

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Did you know that you can enable dark mode on Google Chrome? well It's very possible. Google chrome has a dark mode feature, this feature helps to turn off light mode on chrome.

Google chrome's dark mode feature will help from straining your eyes at night. My article will teach you a simple way to enable Google chrome's dark mode on both Andriod and Window 7.

how to enable dark mode on google chrome (mobile)

  1. Open Google chrome on your android device. To know If you can enable dark on google chrome, make sure you have the latest version of chrome Installed on your mobile device.

    Just Incase your chrome's version Is not (74), visit google playstore to download or update.

    Having downloaded the latest version of google chrome, click on the three(3) column dots at the top right hand side. My Image below will explain better.
  2. Now scroll down to settings. Its the second-last option from the list.
  3. Locate Dark Mode option, this Is just before the Advanced label.
  4. From there you can now turn on dark mode feature. Your Google chrome Interface will change automatically.

how to enable dark mode on google chrome on windows 10

  1. Update your google chrome browser If It's not up to date. Dark mode feature Is only available for chrome (74)
  2. Locate setting on your windows. By clicking the start button, you will see the gear Icon.
  3. From here, click on the personalisation option from the system settings
  4. Now select the dark mode option. Chrome will automatically change your browser to dark mode. You can now explore the Internet.
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