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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Glo 1.2gb For N200 Special Data | Offer

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Glo recently released her 1.2gb for N200 special data offer for 2019 and It has grown drastically since its Inception. Glo offers her customers a wide range of data no matter how much you may have. Obviously, Glo Is the grand master of data In Nigeria. Perhaps, I have heard so many people complain about their network services which Is believed to be very poor In some areas precisely. Let me be frank, I have 2(two) Glo sim cards but I have not used both of them since last year due to the network Issues which I cannot contend with.

Things To Note About Glo 1.2gb for N200 special data offer

The Glo 1.2gb special data offer works on all smartphones, iPhones, modems and even on your laptop.

Glo 1.2gb special data offer can be used any time of the day(both day and night), It all depends on you.

The special data offer Is only valid for 3(three) days. It works perfectly on all devices and also all glo sim cards are eligible for this special data offer.

You can freely browse through your favorite websites and blogs with this special data offer and I can power any application on your device!

How to activate Glo 1.2gb for N200 special data

As you would normally do for any data subscription purchase, simply pick up your device and follow this steps below!

  1. Dial (*777#) to access the data subscription menu
  2. select option 1
  3. From the next page, you will select option 1 once gain
  4. Select option 5 which is special data offer menu
  5. Then enter 2, which Is for Glo special data offer.

By using this process, you have successfully activated Glo 1.2gb for N200 special data offer.

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