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Thursday, June 27, 2019

Easily Create Lesotho Paypal Account That Can Receive And Send Money

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Honestly speaking, I created three(3) UAE paypal accounts for different people today. Eventually, almost all the online businesses and paid survey panels now reward their workers and customers with paypal funds. Creating a paypal account that can receive and send funds Is not tasking as you may think. You can easily create a lesotho paypal account which can receive and send funds In Nigeria and any other country...

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Getting Started With Lesotho Paypal Account

After creating your UAE paypal Account with this URL (, you must use this same URL when logging Into your UAE paypal account.

To successfully create your Lesotho Paypal Account, you must use this URL ( . And also after creating your account, you must use this same URL so that your Identity won't display as Nigeria.

Having known all this, you are fully set to get your lesotho paypal account working In a minute.

STEP1: Having visited paypal website with that link, click on Get Started to create a business account.

STEP2: Enter your valid email address. Make sure you use gmail or a custom email and not a yahoo mail. A custom email may look like this which Is usually gotten from domain name providers.

STEP3: From the next page of registration, you will enter all the Informations about you or your business.

Enter your valid email address. eg

. Enter any password of your choice and enter your business name.

PHONE NUMBER: Change the country to Nigeria and Input your phone number. Do not add +234 and omit 0. Just like this, 9070830919 Instead of 09070830919.

Input your business address and your city/town. For your city, you can add any city name you want. eg Kubwa.

After that, leave other boxes empty perhaps you will leave your primary currency as USD Dollar and simply agree to Paypal terms and conditions.

From the next page, paypal will ask you more about your business. Simply select INDIVIDUAL and select Nigeria as your Nationality. Choose your Identity option, eg National ID card number or any other option that will work for you. When creating UAE paypal account, you can use any six(6) digits number as your ID number. eg 424809. After that, enter your Date Of Birth and click submit.

Paypal will send your an email, that email will contain a verification link, click the link to verify your lesotho paypal account.

Congrats, you have now successfully created a Lesotho Paypal Account that can send and receive funds In Nigeria...

At this moment, your paypal account Is still limited. It can only receive funds but cannot withdraw to your Nigeria bank account. Perhaps you can sell paypal funds to those who may want to buy and collect cash In return.

How To Link A Card To My Lesotho Paypal Account

You cannot just link any Nigeria bank card with lesotho paypal account, even UAE paypal account. For some reasons my GTBANK card never worked. Just try linking your card with lesotho paypal account and see If It will work. Normally some banks card do work for paypal. GTbank, Firstbank, FCMB just to mention a few.

If you use UBA, kindly work to your bank and request for AFRICARD. Make sure to tell UBA you want your AFRICARD to be Internationally high. For those who use GTbank like me, just walk to your bank with your National ID Card. You can Use NIMS (National Identity Management System). GTbank will upgrade your account so that It will work with paypal without getting any error. You can easily enroll for NIMS. Locate any center In your Area. Its actually free beacuse Its a government programme. Go with N100 so you can pay for Lamination.

It looks like this..

Having gotten any of this, you can now go back to your paypal account and link your card.

NOTE: When linking a debit card to your paypal account, paypal will deduct $1 from your account. This is just for verification and for the code paypal will send to you. After three(3) business days, paypal will refund your money back to your account.

I hope you have learnt how to create a lesotho paypal account which can send and receive money In Nigeria. For more updates like this, kindly subscribe to our blog.

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