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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

App Review: How To Chat Without Internet Via Bluetooth

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Exam time now. But I'll make sure I update my blog as I normally would. FansnikBlog present's how to chat without Internet via bluetooth.

What Is Bluetooth Chat

Bluetooth chat application that enables two people communicate with each other by sending short messages and also Images through bluetooth technology.

Bluetooth Chat application Is developed by Glodanif and I'm happy to tell you that bluetooth chat app now has over 100 thousand downloads on google playstore.

Having known the power of bluetooth chat application. I'm sure you would like to explore with the app right?. click to download the app here to access bluetooth chat app.

how to chat without Internet via bluetooth

  1. Now It Is time to setup your bluetooth chat app. After you have successfully downloaded and Installed your bluetooth chat application, launch It.
  2. Fill In your name and choose colour then tap save button to proceed.
  3. Make sure the person you want to chat with has his own bluetooth turned on then tap Scan.
  4. After a successful comfirnation from the second person's phone, bluetooth will display a pairing request on your screen. Tap pair so you can connect with the other person's phone. Once It Is confirmed successful, then you can now begin your chatting, sharing Images and emoji's.
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