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Friday, May 24, 2019

Smart Way To Create UAE Paypal Account In Nigeria For Sending And Receiving Funds

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Welcome to, a tech driven blog Indeed. In this my article, hopefully you will learn an easy way to create paypal account In Nigeria. which can allow you to send and receive money/funds worldwide.

I could remember when I created my first paypal account way back In 2018. I was proud of my paypal account and myself equally, not realising that my effort was of little avail and my account was a limited account.

Did I just say my paypal account Is limited? yes because I can only receive funds/money with my account and I cannot send funds. The reason why my paypal account Is limited Is because I created USA paypal account which can only receive funds In Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa (SA).

How To Create Paypal Account In Nigeria

If you have created a paypal account In the past with, your account will be limited If you reside In Nigeria.

  1. To create a paypal account In nigeria ,that can receive and send funds, you will use which Is the UAE (United Arab Emirates) paypal account.
  2. Before I further my writimg, I would like to share this article with you.

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    UAE paypal account Is very easy to open. You do not require any VPN to bypass restrictions. One good thing about UAE paypal account Is that they are not very strict with their policies unlike USA paypal account.

  3. Having known the right URL to use, go ahead and click signup. After that, paypal will ask you to choose an account type. Your account type could either be a Business Account or Personal Account.
    I go for business account because buying items online, sending and receiving of funds Is a form of business.

    Both account's type has the same function and features. However you can switch to any account type of your choice later. It Is very easy.

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  5. After selecting your account type, make sure you select United Arab Emirates as your country. After that type In your first name, last name, your valid email and any password you want to use.
  6. Continue with your registration from the next page. Fill In your date of birth. (Must be real).Select passport number and add any six digits number there. In the PO BOX section, put In 18004 and select your city as Abu hail and your state as Abu Dubai. Input any UAE phone number. Just Incase you don't know how to get UAE phone number, search Google for UAE phone numbers and use any one.
  7. After that, you can now complete your account registration by clicking on the verification link which will be sent to your email address. Having done this, you are done creating your UAE paypal account In Nigeria which can send and receive funds/momey.

how do I get my paypal account number

Your paypal account number Is what you will use to send and receive funds/money online. Your paypal account number Is the valid email address you used to open your paypal account.

how to link a card with paypal account In nigeria

After your registration Is completed, you need to verify you paypal account by linking a credit or debit card with your paypal account. Perhaps not all cards work. Some bank credit card may not work for some reasons. For some reasons my GTbank mastercard never worked. The reason was because my account was not registered for online banking and also It was not upgraded.

To link a card for verification, login to your newly created paypal account. Having logged In, goto wallet then select link a card. Put In your card details as you normally would. Then link your card.

After linking your card. Paypal will redirect you to your card page. Verify your card by clicking on the card you recently added.

Finally, your bank will send a Four(4) digits code. Most times, It may take upto 24 hours for the code to arrive. Whenever your bank sends It, use It to complete your verification. After that, your bank will deduct $1.98 from your account. This will happen so as to comfirm you are the owner of the account.

After your account Is verified, this Is what you will see.

If you do not get this message, It means your account has not been verified.

Having a paypal account Is a good thing to do. To be specific, Almost every business and shops online now require paypal for making purchases and receiving funds. If how to create a UAE Paypal Account In Nigeria was a useful article, kindy share with friends.

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