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Monday, May 20, 2019

MTN 0.0kb 24clan VPN Pro Free Browsing Cheat (May) 2019

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What's up readers? I'm back again with another free browsing file for MTN users. 24clan VPN pro Is not a new browsing file as It has been around for some time now.

Requirements And Fact About 24clan VPN pro

  1. You need an MTN sim card which can either be a 3G or 4G network sim.
  2. An Android phone.
  3. Due to the massive number of users, you are likely to face some network disconnections.
  4. 24clan VPN pro files are not unlimited, a server Is capped with 50MB data per day depending on your sim card.
  5. Download 24clan VPN pro application from here directly

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Settings For 24clan VPN Pro

Having downloded 24clan VPN Pro, Install and launch the application. You need to select any MTN 0.0kb free server.

Click connect and wait until It connect around 10 seconds. You can now start browsing.

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