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Sunday, May 12, 2019

8 Jobs You Can Do To Make Money After College (WAEC) 2019

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The 2019 WAEC Examination Is gradually coming to an end. To be precise, It will end In fifteen (15) days time. In this my article, I want to talk about 8 jobs you can do to make money after college.

I noticed that college students of now adays are able to boast of money only because they still go to school and allawance Is given to them. Fact, not every child has the opportunity of getting allawance everyday. Talking from experince, not all my friends comes to school everyday with a penny. We all come from different backgrounds of life and all hands are not equall.

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You will read about 8 jobs you can do to make money after college both online and offline. My researches on how to make money online started over four (4) years ago when I had my Junior Secondary School Certificate Examination (jss3). After my JSS3 exam, I was worried because I will soon vacate school which Is my only source of pucket money.

I heard few people saying they would start saving money because after WAEC they might not have money as they normally would. Well to me that Is a good Idea and I Intend to play along even If I have limited number of days to complete my exam.

Over the years, I tried some online jobs like Surveys and blogging. I took to Survey because I thought blogging has a lot of stress and Investments (Money). Perhaps one thing I noticed Is that Surveys are not always available and due to this effect, I never made $1. In conclusion, If you reside In countries like Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa , I'll be honest with you. Don't waste your time In joining any survey panel because It works well for citizens In USA, Canada, Philippines and other advanced countries.

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Initially, I didn't want to blog because I'll have to update my blog atleast once In a week and the cost of data is not friendly.

Earlier today on facebook, an Indian guy wrote this. Here In India, we get 180GB data for only $5 and It last for 90 days. When I saw this, I was amazed and I wish this could be possible here In Nigeria.

Like I said earlier, the 8 jobs you can do to make money after college can either be online or offline.

5 jobs you can do to make money online after college

  1. Blogging: Blogging In Nigeria Is very profitable. A blog Is a journal website In which articles are published. Is a typical example. To be frank with you, most bloggers In Nigeria make about N7,000 every week from their blog. You might have heard about the most popular blog In Nigeria. Before you can start blogging, you should discover your Interests first before you begin write your blog.

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    You can make money blogging by placing Ads on your blog, advertisements, writing reviews, selling your own products and promoting a particular company product. This can fetch you good penny.
  2. Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate Marketing Is a form of marketing In which a person will promote a company's product. You will notice some Konga banners are displayed on this blog. Yes, that Is Affiliate Marketing. You get paid when a buyer buys any product using your affiliate link or banner. A certain commission Is always paid to the Affiliate. So share your Affiliate link with friends and families. Tell them to use your link to purchase items from your affiliate website. Having a website or blog Is a good idea, you can place your banners so you make It know to your readers.
  3. Fiverr Is one of the world's largest market place for freelancers. If you have any skill In writing, graphics, web design, programming, social media then this website Is good for you. On fiverr you can write articles for bloggers and get paid. You can do a logo design services or sell ebooks you wrote. There are amazing ways you can earn from this website perhaps I will not go Into details of it now.
  4. Ghost Writing: Ghost writers must have attained some degree In writing. We all have been taught about letter and article writing In school. A ghost writer writes article for another brand. It could be for business owners but mostly bloggers who are really too busy to update their blog. Ghost writing job is an excellent way to make some penny for yourself. You can search this keyword on google (write for us and get paid), you will find some ghost writing jobs you can do online.
  5. :Youtube Is one of the most popular and used video platform on the Internet. A lot of people from different walks of life have made It through Youtube channel which they run. YouTube Is opened to all ages and races. A YouTube channel known as Ryan Toy Review Is owned by a 6 year old boy. He made massive penny from reviewing toys on his channel. It was recorded that Ryan made about $11 million from hes channel.

3 jobs you can do to make maney offline after college

  • Graphic Design: Graphic Design Is the skill of text and picture combination on magazine or books. Graphic Design can be a way of expressing one's thoughts and feelings about something. Graphic Design Involves Logo design, cards like birthday and wedding cards, banners and what have you. You can get graphic design jobs on
  • Poultry Farming: If you are really Interested with this, you can get a huge some of money. You can start rearing day old chicks. since one cost N240 Naira. Way back In 2018, I could remember we reared some fowl In school due to the project we have In Animal Husbandry. Before you can venture Into this, you should see an expert who will educate you on It. Choose the breed that Is best for you. Did You Know? That the average fowl lay about 260 Eggs In a year. Poultry farming Is Indeed a great way to make money after college.
  • Teaching: You may say teaching Is not your type, but truely I say to you, I know a lot of people who taught In some private schools before they got admission In the University. Few of them are still teaching at this moment. You may be very good at a particular subject and perhaps you want to share that knowledge with others, Apply for teaching jobs In your area. Or you can take evening lessons and get paid. This Is brilliant right? , yes Indeed.
  • I'm sure you will surely find the one that Is best for you. Kindly share 8 jobs you can do to make money after college on social media. A lot of students would like to read this. May God help all WAEC candidates and success Is ours Amen.

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