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Sunday, April 7, 2019

how to customize whatsapp with different themes

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Few months ago, I watched so many youtube videos on how to customize whatsapp which different themes. I spent hours every night on these video tutorials but all to no avail. All the video tutorials were In Hindi language and I hardly understood what the youtubers were saying.

Perhaps I have found what I was looking for anyway. Few days ago to be precise, I wrote about easy way to get a usa number in nigeria for free. If you read the article, I talked about GBWhatsapp which Is also known as (Whatsapp Business). It seems to be the only whatsapp application your usa number can work on.

In these tutorial on how to customize whatsapp with different themes, you will need GBWhatsapp. Just I case you have uninstalled It, you will need to Install It again. Before I proceed, I'll like you to know some of the amazing features GBWhatsapp Is embeded with, but unfortunately, the nornal whatsapp does not have them.

Amazing Features Of GBWhatsapp

  • GBWhatsapp whatsapp has this cool feature which Is called DND Mod. DND simply means "do not disturb" and this feature Is very helpful especially when you do not want people to see your messages with double blue ticks. DND mod Is also useful when you are playing your favorite games on your phone or watching videos and you do not want to get disturbed with messages. After you enable DND, whatsapp will not consume your data. It would behave as If you have disabled your Internet connection.
  • Another good thing about GBWhatsapp Is that It has the ability to download whatsapp Status In just a click. To download any status, click on the 3 column dots then click download. But unfortunately, In normal whatsapp, you will go through a lot of steps just to have a status downloaded.
  • Since the Inception of whatsapp, her users have been using It to send files like Videos, Music and what have you. It seem very unfair when you cannot send a particular video to a friend on whatsapp Only because of Its size. Whatsapp allows her user to send files with maximum of 16MB but GBwhatsapp can send files that are up 50MB In size. cool right?
  • Message Scheduler: This feature Is useful to those who want to send a message to a particular person, at a particular date and time. Just like Birthday wishes and event days. You only need to write the message you want to send, set time and date and It would be delivered to the person just In time.


  • Able to send APK and ZIP files directly
  • Enables you to copy text on Images
  • Custom Chat
  • Anti Revoke
  • Able to secure chat with a paasword
  • Ability to hide Online status, Double blue ticks and Status Online

how to customize whatsapp with different themes

  1. Firstly, Download the latest version of GBWhatsapp apllication Here
  2. Create your account by using your phone number as you normally would.
  3. You will notice that GBWhatsapp Interface Is quite different from normal whatsapp.
  4. Having Installed GBWhatsapp, launch the application. When It finally opens, click on the 3 column dots at the top right hand side As you can see snap shot below, then select >>OG Setting then >>Theme
  5. There are over 50 themes there select any of your choice and Apply it.
  6. Below is an examples of different themes.

Conclusion: I hope how to customize whatsapp with different theme was helpful? kindly Invite your friends here.

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