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Monday, April 15, 2019

How to buy data and airtime with your PayPal fund

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Have you ever thought of buying Airtime or data online? Well your thoughts may be right. I'm going to show you a simple way to buy airtime and data with your paypal fund.

If you do not have a paypal account then you should go and open an account "".

  1. Because paypal enables you to receive and send money from any location In the world.
  2. With paypal accpunt, you can buy Items online from big online store's of the world.
  3. You can pay your bills with paypal and also buy domain names.
  4. With paypal account, you buy data and airtime, that's exactly what I going to show you below.

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Having known the usefulness of paypal account, lets now see how you can buy data and airtime with paypal fund

Using the same method which will be provided below, you can topup your friends In Overseas country and you can also pay their bills with your paypal fund.

how to buy data and airtime with paypal fund?

  • OVERSEAS Topup:
This website Is aimed at both local and International top up. You can topup your friends In other countries. To use this service, you should signup at
  • Aftet you have registered, from your home page, click on get started.
  • Type In your phone number or any number you wish to send the airtime to, then click on GO
  • From the next page, select the network type either MTN, Airtel, GLO or 9mobile.
  • Having done that, choose the amount at which you want to purchase.
  • To pay for the airtime, choose paypal as the payment method and you will automatically be redirected to paypal website. Immediately your paypal fund Is deducted, you will get your recharge card.
  • This same method Is also used to buy data subcription from overseastopup

JUST In case you encounter any error In, you can use

I hope you like my article on how to buy data and airtime with paypal fund. If so, comment below If you have any question to ask.

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