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Monday, April 22, 2019

How To Backup Instagram Photos And Videos On Google Drive

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Whatsup readers? today's article Is on how to backup Instagram photos and videos on google drive. Obviously Instagram Is also one of the world's fastest growing online community and It has really grown drastically since It's inception. There Is need for us to backup Important files, you may still need them In the future. Google Drive Is an online storage that helps to store almost everything, like music, videos, documents/files and what have you. Kindly sit back and relax because I am about to show you how to backup Instagram photos and videos on google drive.

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how to backup Instagram photos and videos to google drive?

Instagram photos and videos backup works with Google Drive. Having known this, you should have google drive application Installed on your device. So you should download and Install Google Drive application here.

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This Is how to backup Instagram photos and videos to drive

  1. You have to visit this URL: ifttt simply means if this then that.
  2. Once the website loads, signup for a new account. Otherwise bypass the signup process by using your Facebook or Google Account. as shown below In the screenshot provided.
  3. Having created your account successfully, goto your account dashboard by clicking on the user Icon on the right hand side.
  4. Once you click on the user Icon, a list of options will appear In a dropdown menu, select {New Applet}.
  5. Click on "this", and select Instagram as your trigger channel.
  6. IFTTT will ask for your permission to access your Instagram account. Type In your account username and password.
  7. From the next page, you will select a trigger"Any new photo uploaded by you", having selected your trigger, click on create trigger button.
  8. From the next page, select "that" button, "View All Channel" from here, select google drive as your channel.
  9. Activate your Google Drive channel and give IFTTT the permission to access your Google Drive Account.
  10. At the moment Google Drive Is activated, close the tab, then select Google Drive as your action channel.
  11. Now select "Add file from URL" as your action. Then click on Create Action.
  12. Finally, you should click on the "Create Recipe" button. Save your new Recipe and Turn It on. Booom you are done.

How Do I Backup My Photos And Videos?

Anytime you upload a new photo or video to Instagram, they will automatically backup to Google Drive

Kindly share how to backup Instagram photos and videos with Instagrammers and on other social media platforms.

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