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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Easy Way To Get a USA number In Nigeria For Free

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My beloved blog readers, happy new month indeed. Today I decided to share this wonderful article on easy way to get a usa number in nigeria for free without paying a penny. This sounds cool right?.

You might need to get a usa number in nigeria for your international calls and messages. To be realistic, most of us have siblings in overseas and there is need to communicate with them more often.

Did you know? that with this usa number you are about to create, you can use the number to open a whatsapp account?.

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Kindly take your time to read carefully so you won't miss any step. You would also read about how you can use the usa number to open a whatsapp account.

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easy way to get a usa number in nigeria for free on Groove IP

  1. Groove Ip application gives free usa number from any location. Follow this steps and you would be successful.
  2. Download Groove IP application here
  3. Download a VPN application to bypass restrictions and detections. preferably, I'll sugestest tunnelbear or gecko vpn
  4. Do not launch the groove ip until you connect any of the vpn to usa.
  5. Having connected to usa, launch your groove ip app and signup with your email account of any type (gmail, yahoo or hotmail)
  6. Once your account Is verified, you will be prompted to put any Area Code so as to get a number from that state. I do use 205 to get numbers from Alabama, USA
  7. Select any number of your choice and you are done. Congratulations, your number Is ready to use.


Make sure you use your usa number for calling or logging onto the app on daily basis or once In a week. Failure to do so will make your usa number reassigned to another person.

easy way to get a usa number in nigeria for free with Textnow application

With this awesome application called Textnow, you can get a usa number that Is highly secured and private.

  1. Download tunnelbear vpn or gecko vpn application. Having downloaded it, download Textnow application here
  2. Launch the Textnow application and tap "GET A FREE PHONE NUMBER" and signup with your registration details and proceed.
  3. This application requires your location so your number can be granted, so your area code should be 205 or 251 which is the Area Code for Alabsma, USA.
  4. You can get other area codes by searching google
  5. Once you Input an Area Code, a list of numbers will be listed for you. Choose the one of your choice and that's all.
  6. Make sure you keep the number active by calling or log onto the app daily to prevent your usa number been reassigned to another person.

How to use your usa number to create a whatsapp account

I have seen a lot of comments on other blog, people complain a lot about their usa number not working on whatsapp. well I have solution to this.

What you only need Is GB whatsapp(Whatsapp business). This Is because the usa number doesn't seem to be working for whatsapp messenger.

Download your whatsapp business app here

Having download whatsapp business application, switch your phone to PLANE MODE so that you won't use your sim card. Then finally connect Wifi to your phone then create your whatsapp account.

For some reasons mine never worked with my normal data connection so I uesd wifi all the way.

I hope you love my article on easy way to get a usa number In Nigeria without a penny. Kindly share this article with your friends. Thank you.
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