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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

GTA vice city Cheat Codes for pc

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Game lovers and my fellow blog readers, something nice Is going to happen today. Without wasting time, I want to talk about an awesome, sophisticated and animated video game In which most of you would have played on a Pc(personal computer). I'm talking about GTA Vice city. This game did not only come with the embedded features within It, perhaps It also came with Cheat codes which can help you pass numerous stages In the game. GTA Vice City for pc only requires speed and accuracy In any mission given.

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GTA vice city cheat code for pc Is something you will find fascinating. Speaking realisticly, my friends and I usaully make use of these cheat codes whenever we are playing GTA vice vity.

One of GTA vice city's cheat codes which I like using to make my game play more fun, Is (Pedestrian Riot). Pedestrian Riot code makes pedestrians/people walking on the road to fight each other.

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GTA vice city cheat codes for pc (personal computer)

  • comeflywithme - your car can fly
  • Green light - All traffic lights become green
  • maima traffic - Traffic will move faster
  • seaways - cars float on water
  • Grip is everything - Improves car handling
  • A hair dress cars - You get a pink car
  • A pleasant day - Nice weather condition
  • A lovely day - Great weather condition
  • A bit drieg - Cloudy weather condition
  • cats and dogs - Rain begins to fall
  • cant see a thing - fog
  • Life is passing me by - Use this to speed up game
  • fight fight fight - pedestrian riot(people walking on the road begins to fight each other)
  • Nobody likes me - pedestrian will attack you
  • Our god given right to bear arms - pedestrians will have a weapon
  • On speed - makes you walk faster
  • Chicks with guns - Bikini women with guns
  • cant take it anymore - you will commit suicide
  • Thugs tools - Thug weapon
  • professional tools - professional weapons
  • precious protection - full armor/protection
  • Leave me alone - Decrease wanted level/ If police were after you, they'll leave you alone
  • panzer - spawn a tank
  • Travel in style - spawn a bloodring banger
  • Get there very fast indeed - your car becomes faster
  • Get there amazing fast - fastest car
  • bigbang - all the cars around you will be destroyed. Make sure you are far away from all vehicles.

Thats all lovely readers and gamers. I hope you really love this article GTA vice city cheat codes for pc? kindly Invite your friends to this blog so they can also benefit. We can also help you embed your youtube videos on this blog at cheap price.

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