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Saturday, February 16, 2019

MTN Hammer VPN Free Browsing Cheat (2019)

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Another amazing MTN Free Browsing Cheat is here again. And this time is more easier. You don't actually need a file to get it done.

Few days ago, we talked about MTN 0.0kb Free Browsing Spark VPN For (February) 2019, which is currently trending.

Today, i'll be introducing a new free browsing VPN app for free Video Streaming, Download and all access to your favorite websites and blog. With the


you can accumulate upto 500MB data a day. The HAMMER VPN is crapped with 100MB/Day. After exhausting the data crapped in a particular server, you can equally switch to another server. Insn't that fun?

  • You need an MTN sim with 3G or 4G network
  • Download Hammer VPN apk Here
  • Having done that, lauch the app. When it opens, Do not edit User ID and password. Leave them as default.
  • Now, for the first box, you can select any Free server. eg Free.server-8.
  • For the second box input 8080 and 9201 for the second.
    As you can see in the screenshot below.
  • Finally click Connect then wait for some minutes until a key shows at the top of your notification bar.
  • You are done
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