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Thursday, January 3, 2019

How To Start Instagram Marketing And Make Money Online

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This year is going to be a great one for most of my blog reader's across the globe. took the world by surprise and it has grown drastically since its inception. Early last year(2018), we wrote some sophisticated and legal post about Games, How To Make Money,Online Browsing Cheats and lots more.

When one year wraps up and another is about to begin, there are some few words you will begin to hear. Most of you would have heard so many people say to others or ask themselves, "What are your new year resolutions?" or "What are my new year resolutions?". As someone that reads and make good use of facelika's content(s), one of your new year resolutions should be "How To Make Money Online Legally In 2019". This might look difficult and awkward to some people, perhaps when you start it begins to look pretty much simple.

In this post, you will be learning how to Start Instagram marketing and also how to make decent income from it in 2019.

Now before i proceed, let me introduce Instagram as a social networking website.

In recent years, Instagram has become one of the world's most used social media network with over 500 million monthly active users across the world. Further more, it also became a favorite social media channel for many brands.

This year should be the year you cash into instagram's popularity and make a living out of it, no matter how small. If you put time and more efforts together, your instagram account can fetch you serious income online in 2019. isn't it great? .

  1. I am interested, how do i know if i am good to go?
This business is suitable for people who love to use instagram and also people who love to take photos. If you have these features in you, then you can take a move into instagram marketing.

  1. What Skill Do I Need To Have Before I Venture Into Instagram Marketing?

  • You should have the ability to take good and quality photograph's.
  • Ability to edit photo's more professionally using photo editor's like PicsArt.
  • You should have the ability to edit high-quality photo's or wallpapers using softwares and tools such as Canva and Befunky and so on.
  • You should have the sense of creativity and imagination to create appealing photo's.

HOW TO GET STARTED: To get started, you need to have an Instagram account, a nice and attractive profile picture and impressive biography. You should have all these data correct because they define and tell people who you really are.


  • Select A Niche/Topic : Before you can venture into Instagram Marketing business, you need to select a niche. Let me just say your (Specialization). The best way to find a profitable niche is to discover the things that interest you the most or those things you love doing and you are really good at them. For example: If you are the type of person that have love and passion for fashion and lifestyle, and you also like to be updated on latest fashion gist's, you can start an Instagram account in which you will have to share Trending fashion styles, tips and tricks on fashion and lifestyle trends with your audience/followers.
  • Fill Up Your Instagram Biography Correctly: Your biography is the first place your audience/followers would look at. So define it well. It is the root element of your Instagram Marketing Business. You can add one or two liner discription about yourself, also a link to your website or blog, emoticons also helps to make your Instagram marketing more exposed and catching to your audience when they see it.
  • Before you start posting images and photo's of your products or items, kindly make a research to know and see what people like most in the particular niche you have chosen, your research also will help you discover the type of images and photo's that will be appealing to your audience. This will enable you get the right audience you targeted or aimed at. It will also boost your marketing stream plus more followers you will get.
  • Post Regularly: You must post images regularly. This is to ensure your audience stay updated. Do not post all your images at a time. Post them in different hours of the day. If you are too busy to post as many images as possible, you must post at least one image everyday.
  • Use Only High-Quality Images: Your Instagram account should be seen as a brand. In other to make your business boost and to get the targeted audience, using only high-quality images with the best effects is the key. There is no point posting low-quality images. Posting low-quality images tends to decrease your Instagram account value. Using high-quality images builds a long lasting visual impression into the minds of your audience and followers. Nowadays on the internet, people get distracted by what they see. High-quality images have tendency of catching the eyes and grabbing the attention of the many casual internet users who can discover you only by your high-quality images. Thus, this can increase your account followers.
  • Use Relevant Hashtags: Hashtags is the most dominant features of instagram. When the hashtags are used properly,they will help your instagram post get to millions of people who might be interested in your Niche/Topic. Carry out some research about hashtags in your niche. You will find great benefits and why you must add them to every single post on your account.

How To Monetize My Instagram Marketing Online Business?

The following are the best ways to make money from your Instagram account. .
  • Affiliate Marketing:Affiliate marketing is one of the jobs you can do on Instagram eapecially when you have gathered a few thousand followers. This type of affiliate marketing is quite different from the ones in which website owners and blogger operate. Affiliate marketing on instagram is simple and totally different from other marketing channels such as blogging and video marketing. Simply get the image(s) of the product you want to sell or promote and simply add the URL: Universal Resource Locator of your affiliate marketing into your biography and caption to drive sales through your link/URL.

Read Also: How To Start Affiliate Marketing And Also Make A Living From It.

  • Sponsored Post: Sponsored post is also a way to make massive income online. This system has been adopted by bloggers over the years. When you have a strong connection and engagenent with your followers/audience, you can write sponsored contents/posts for them and help them advertise it on your Instagram account. A sponsored post can simply be an Article or Press release. Sponsored contents/post are usually written to promote a product or brand. They usually contain high-quality images or a video highlighting a product or brand. Sponsored posts helps to create awareness within your audience. While you sponsor a post or content, make sure they are relevant to your audience and also your personal self on Instagram. Your Instagram can help you connect with them and to also sell
  • Sell Your Images: If you are creating and editing photograph professionally, then you can sell your images and photo's to get cash. A lot of individuals ,blogger and brands like new creative photograph. You can find them to sell your snap
  • Sell Your Instagram Account: If you already gathered a million followers on Instagram, and you want to leave Instagram to start another business totally, you can sell your Instagram account and get paid.
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