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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

9 Jobs You Can Do As A College Student In USA And Nigeria

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It is true that no good thing comes very easy. Before I started blogging recently, I spend almost an hour each day sourcing for ways to make money online. To be specific, there are hundreds of ways in which one can make money online. Perhaps, only a selected few works.

There are some factors you should consider first before you begin any online job. One of the factors include: Your Location/Area in which you reside.

In this article, I will be talking on how to make money online as a college student in USA plus Nigeria.

9 legal Jobs To Do Online As A College Student In USA And Nigeria

  • YOUTUBE CHANNEL : Since the inception of youtube in February 2005, youtube has been transformed from a media aspect to a money making platform so to say. In 2017, Mark Fischback (A Youtuber), made $12.5 million from running a gaming channel. SUITBLE FOR : People who love to be on camera, people who can talk, people who are creative plus creating video capable of change the world around them.
  • AFFILIATE MARKETING : Affiliate markeing is a type of online based business in which you will provide a link to a business, by doing so, if buyers purchase an item or product through the link you provided, you will be paid certain commission. SUITABLE FOR: People who have the ability to promote products/Items on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Also people who have the ability to market products online, plus good decision making skill
  • AMAZON ASSOCIATE: Amazon Associate Program is another form of affiliate marketing. It is a good source of income for people who have a website or blog. With Amazon Associate, You can place product banners and links on your blog or website so as to allow consumers buy products online with your link. This job is SUITABLE FOR: People who have interest in investing their time in online business and also for people who have knowledge in website and blogging.
  • COPY WRITING: Copy writng is simply the method of writing contents or promotional advertising materis. A copy writer is responsible for the texts in advertisement, website/blog, signboard, fliers, email and so on. SUITABLE FOR: This job is specifically suitable for people who have: Wide listening skill, good vocabulary, people who can write very well, people who have good research skills and many more. If you possess any of these skill , you are good to go.
  • BLOGGING: A blog is simply a journal that is regularly updated on the web. It involves a person or even a group of people writng some article which they have full knowledge of, also publishing the article on the web so as to get acrossed to a large Audience. SUITABLE FOR: People who are great thinkers and writers. Having this qualities in side of you, automatically qualifies you for the job
  • ONLINE TUTOR: Online Tutoring, is simply the process of teaching students some specific informatin online Let's be practical here, some students especially in USA, are studing a course online. All you need is to pick a subject you are passionate about then you lecture and get paid. SUITABLE FOR: This job is suitable for people who have affinity towards teaching other people and also people who have the mind set of changing people's life with the most effective educaion they requure.

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  • GHOST WRITING: Ghost writing is typically the method of writing for someone else without acknowledging your presence or ownership of what you have written. A Ghost writer simply write for other people without the writers name or identity been mentioned in what he/she has written. Professionals such as Bloggers, Authors and Publisher employ Ghost writers due to lack of time to put to their undertaking. SUITABLE FOR: This job is practically for people who can write and people how have the ability to write Stories, Emotions, Feelings, Facts, and Thoughts on a piece of paper with beauyuful sophistucated words along side with it.
  • GRAPHIC DESIGN: Graphic Design is the ability to display sophisticated plus fancy packaging or advertisement on bill boards or on their unique websites. Graphic design plays a vital role in capturing the attention of people to a brand. SUITABLE FOR: This job is tailor cut for creative individuals like Painters, Artists and Designers who can bring out their innovations and ideas while designing for a brand/company.
  • INSTAGRAM MARKETING: Instagram marketing is another form of Affiliate marketing in which you promote products/items on instagram. The product you want to promote on your instagram profile totally depends on you. You can promote products like Books, Electronics, Clothes, Computers and so on. There is no limit of what product you are willing to market. SUITABLE FOR This job is suitable for people who love to use instagram and also people who have the talent of photography and photo editting.
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I hope with what i have written, needs would be meet. Start any of thses jobs today just like i started Blogging recently.

Drop you comments below, Thank you.
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