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Thursday, January 10, 2019

3 Ways To Embed Twitter Feed To Your Website Or Blog

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In this tutorial, I want to show webmaster and wapmasters as well as bloggers who manage or own a website or blog, how to embed twitter Feed To your website or blog

How To Embed Twitter Feed To Your Website Or Blog

Now , to embed this twitter feed to your website or blog
  • You should visit When the webpage open's, you will see a box where you are going to enter the twitter URL of what you would like to embed in your website/blog. As you can see in the screenshot below!
  • For example, lets say you want to embed your twitter profile in your website, you will get your frofile URL. Something like

Having gotten your desired URL, a new page opens. You will choose the customised design by specifying the height and theme (dark or light) and link color which maches your website. With these twitter embed features, you can also add Share buttons, follow button, mention button and also message button to your website.

Having selected your customised design, you will have to copy the HTML code given to you. You will paste the HTML code in your HTML section. And you are done..

This is how your embeded twitter feed will be displayed on your website. Try it now

With this tutorial I hope you can now learn how to embed twitter feed to a Website or blog.

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